Koffieshop Pasja

Bredaseweg 123, Tilburg (Oud-Zuid Tilburg)

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Владимир Видановић II - 2 months ago
Nice "kiosk" type place, the workers are very kind and polite, they helped me to chose strain. Must visit store
Madda Vibez - 2 months ago
What did u do to lemon hash? I got 5g and it tastes really chemical and disgusting. The same with all the "tasty" weeds. Classics are good.
Jonathan Speer - 2 months ago
I bought one of most expensive joints, with the intend to get knocked out. Unfortunately i got disappointed. The taste was like smoking a cigarette and I got just a little bit high. After that I decided to buy a space cake in order to give it another try but just nothing happened. The quality is very disappointing and the two stars are only for the friendly bouncer.
bakator 4 - 3 months ago
The superpolm is car tire-flavoured, why would you even sell this?
Master Luster - 10 months ago
Nice little coffee shop with very good quality weed and affordable prices. However, you can only pay with cash and there is no space inside to sit and smoke. You can sit and roll your joint inside, but that's about it. They have very good options such as very flavorful fruity strains or a deal 35€ for 5 grams of shiva. Overall, one of the best coffee shops in Tilburg.
Mesh A - 10 months ago
Best price in town for hash and good quality
Radboud Voesenek - 1 year ago
Perfect weed, not to expensive, not cheap. Perfect staff and a fast service. One bad side, no pin. But who the F cares right?
Tim Van Horenbergh - 1 year ago
They sell commercial weed of dubious quality and origin badly trimmed and almost no effect. I think it's not properly flushed or cured and tastes of strange chemicals.This was the Lemon haze 8%thc max I think and must say really disappointing. The hit and miss with this shops quality is 50/50 some rare thimes you get lucky and they have some good weed here but more often just very commercial cannabis. Friendly staff though but we come for the weed not the staff. Tip to the owner buy in bether grade weed ask 1-2 euro more per gram but it's al about quality these days. Bio and +18% rare strains find those and you can compete with T'oermalijn for example. Oh yes readers stay away from t'oermalijn that's al my weed there at least the glass jars ar
Tomasz Wróbel - 1 year ago
One of beast coffee shops in Tilburg. I would recommend for everyone.
Lion Maker Studios - 1 year ago
Good prices.
Gemma Donohue - 1 year ago
Good selection
Adrian Wałasiński - 2 years ago
High quality
Justunkaaugustyn afadabada09061995 - 4 years ago
jaKayka - 5 years ago
Kamil Wisniewski - 5 years ago
is close to my living place
Paweł Sobczyk - 5 years ago
maria starlight - 6 years ago
This morning I did visit Coffeeshop Pasja. I wanted to have some hash. Did ask if medical cannabis patients did get discount, I should ask the boss, he was not there at the moment. Enjoy the view.

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