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Koestraat 12, Tilburg (Oud-Noord)

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Freqency Psy - 2 weeks ago
Thank you Paul Martinez, i try and really good quality. Good tip and i like your music. Bug hugs from "Argentina" NL ❣️
Maik Henda - 3 months ago
WW super nice super cheap
Руслан Сергиевич - 5 months ago
Good shop
Better Shwerpy - 5 months ago
Great coffee shop. Staff is nice to you and will help you choose if you don't know what you want, they have ready joints, weed, hash, moon rock and many more and all in affordable price and great service.
Nikola Vujovic - 6 months ago
Cool place,good choice of weed! Very plesent stuff!
Andrey Popov - 6 months ago
A good store with a large assortment, you can enjoy the product in the middle of the room
Red Man - 6 months ago
Guys . Its so good i dont even wanna leave this review
Wiktoria Piórkowska AnAva - 10 months ago
My favorite Coffeeshop EVER
Poke Kenzo - 11 months ago
geen goede service, asociale “medewerker. for the best weed you go to a different shop in tilburg “ you can go better to The Afrika of pasja then this ..
Aphony - 1 year ago
Great place for everyone, well quality products, little expensive.
Leo Kvesa - 1 year ago
Excellent value for the price,staff friendly(especially security who was even so nice to give water for my dog) definitely worth coming again!!! Respect
pro100zbonia - 1 year ago
Good place ! You will choose something for yourself for sure!
Janis Balodis - 1 year ago
So far worst coffee shop in area, weed can be good, but also can be absolute dogs-hit.
Damian Stachera - 1 year ago
Not too much good
Sky Sunna - 1 year ago
Super nice people, good service good quality
MARKO PERISIC - 1 year ago
Why would I go there when I don't smoke go figure
Matteo Siliberti - 1 year ago
Cali staff , unique
Lukasz Wojcik - 1 year ago
Very nice coffeshop
KingKillaz SF - 1 year ago
Very nice, one of the best for sure ! Weed is Good and staff very friendly, 10/10 will come back
Vladut Cabiniuc - 2 years ago
Nice staff! They scale in front of you! Weed a bit to dry in my opinion! Girls scout cookies
Kacper Ochnik - 2 years ago
Great store, there is a big variety of strains, all of which are very good.
Ibrahim Kamara - 2 years ago
Nice and Friedly people. Love the vibez
Sandro Ferari - 2 years ago
nice coffee shop good choice lovely staff
Gabriel T. Gosa - 2 years ago
It's a nice and friendly place and good weed.
andrei oprea - 2 years ago
A bit more expensive than the competition but the quality it certainly there to back it off and the vibe is very chill and beautiful
Filip Siedlecki - 2 years ago
New blackberry kush for 14,-e worth a try
Denis C. - 2 years ago
Chill shop and trouble with passports where sorted out without much fuss. If you are a tourist you can buy weed here!
SuP3r_hAzE69 - 3 years ago
-1 week later extra info; I realy like the staff. The tall riendly guy with the glasses, always makes me walk away smiling... such a good vibe... I had to give him credits.... I went back to the shop and they replaced the product with new fresh clean medicin. I hope however they do better checks in the future before selling. -Original; I've tasted pesticides to often,found a rotten nug and yesterday I have seen small black spots inside every nug of my 5gr bagg. I was thinking insects, but with a jewlers-loop you can clearly see its schrapped plastic thrown all over the buds midgrowns, so It would "disapear" to the inside of the nugs... I made butter... never going to risk my money and health again that way. I'm a patient... I've send a mail 12h ago to ask them to check out their stash. No reply so far. My advise; Maximiliaan, Toermalijn and Crackers... I can also tell that Pasja has nice big formations of pesticides clumping together on their weed.. another one to walk straight pass ✌ I'm a joker I'm a smoker I'm a midnight toker
Jaro on Tour - 3 years ago
The best Sugar haze
Emiel van der Velden - 3 years ago
A nice experience, as usual
Hajco Bodewes - 3 years ago
Pretty good weed, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. Good place to smoke a joint.
Sp Ps - 3 years ago
Bad attention by the waiter, she just like to speak to much with friends. A juice and a hot chocolate 6 euros! Wherever you go you max pay 4! If toermalijn is 5 stars, this is the opposite. Good weed tho.
Jerzy Bond - 3 years ago
Good stuff strong weed . You can pay by card.
Bartosz Głowacki - 6 years ago
Ik mag daar weed koopen :)
DoubleU013 - 6 years ago
A Google user - 6 years ago
Jimmy Van Gils - 9 years ago
Jammer van de pas.maar nog steeds wekelijks bezoekje
Piotr Jabłoński - 10 years ago
Coffik na poziomie!

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