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Coffeeshop Down Town

Closed indefinitely
Stationsstraat 111, Waalwijk


Edgars Kručāns - 1 year ago

It's closed

Marcelo Lopes - 2 years ago

Really good weed

web sites - 2 years ago


Matt - 2 years ago

Good place chip

Gabriele Bartolini - 2 years ago

You are the best downtown!!!!

Toms Lidaka - 2 years ago

Worst cofieshop ever, bags are prepared before and 70% off time there is not enough weight inside. When you try to point it personal is kicking you out. So if you are in waalwijk beter visit 2nd cofieshop

Tomas Koskus - 3 years ago

Got scammed out of 25 euros because everyone claimed I received the product, which in fact I did not, but they "checked the tapes" so I had to pay double for the same amount. I don't know whether it was because I wasn't native, or they just didn't want to admit mistakes

Evren Crow - 3 years ago

The place, I feel less intimated visiting, easy peasy. No neon signs but Google maps gets you there.

Ivan Hutik - 3 years ago

Nice one..finally I'm back home...

Airborn Martin - 3 years ago

For me - it's good

Pedro Xavier - 3 years ago

very nice cozy place

Roman Ivanovic - 3 years ago

I Am nonsmoker, but friends like this because you can buy joint without dutch ID.

Szymon Jankowiak - 3 years ago

Good place to spend some time

Marc Pinyana - 4 years ago

Good and quiet coffee shop with cheap grass in it. Cheap drinks.

Rockaveler' Pastramo - 4 years ago

Yeah this CS is good, the lady on the bar is sexy ;)

Alex Verhovynskyi - 4 years ago

I just wanted to savor some weed. The personnel helped me for my request. I ordered white widow, and candy kush) And I liked. You should take your id card if you gonna buy smth.

zikos zikos - 4 years ago

Best place for chilling!

Cezary Olszewski - 4 years ago

Nice, so good, the best no have in netherlands better place!

Gytis Valaitis - 4 years ago

Nice girls selling good weed.

Fluffy Bear - 4 years ago

Nice place to chill and have a smoke. Lots of varieties of hash available as well.

Iván Romero - 4 years ago

Love this coffee


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