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Coffeeshop Key West II

Stationsstraat 9-11, Zandvoort

Coffeeshop info

  • Monday 07:00 - 01:00
    Tuesday 07:00 - 01:00
    Wednesday 07:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 07:00 - 01:00
    Friday 07:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 07:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 07:00 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.hunters-coffeeshop.com/
  • +31 23 573 0861



paul ab. - 3 months ago

...blonde girl behind the bar.... That's why I'll be back there soon.... Atmospheric and subtle... I like her humor...*

Dragon Monkee - 4 months ago

First place that I have come across that allows card payments which is a great function. There waa lots of selection and most of was really good quality, anything that wasnt great they refused to sell which is a sign of good quality control.

Aziz Adil - 5 months ago

Chill music, friendly service, prices are a bit cheaper than Amsterdam, and they have a touch-screen games screen on some of the tables which is good fun!

Murat Furkan Dilber - 5 months ago

Very good music, nice atmosphere. You can sit comfortably inside. The products are beautiful. Then you can go out and watch the view against the ocean.⛴️⛴️⛴️⚓️⚓️⚓️

Clinton Ashworth - 7 months ago

I'm reluctant to hype Hunters Coffeeshop up as it may get over full like the other Coffeeshop we visited. At Hunters we could smoke inside and there was plenty room. No fuss and pleasant.

Paolo Mancin - 7 months ago

Good vibes! Staff top

DOUBLE G - 11 months ago

Nice personal . Nice weed. nice atmosphere

john connolly - 1 year ago

Very friendly staff nice coffeeshop only open for takeout this time which was a shame would recommend to anyone and will be happy to go back again when next in Zandvoort

Matteo Gisler - 1 year ago

Amazing staff!

Niklas SGE - 1 year ago

The best Coffeeshop in the Netherlands. Good job guys

Robert R - 2 years ago

This is Zandvoort's "second coffeshop" - tucked away on a backstreet, no terrace - and it's changed hands a few times in the 8 years I've lived here. If they could relocate, it would be a license to print money, but in the current location it's a retailer's challenge. Hunters is now part of an expanding chain and are competing *very* strongly with Yanks on price and quality, as they can't compete with Yanks/TamTam Beach bar on location. Well worth a drop-in if you are looking for a great takeaway.

Lets Go - 2 years ago

Nice people and nice dope

Christopher Aeneadas - 2 years ago

Hunters is the only big franchised/chain koffeeshop in Amsterdam. Each location is a bit different, but similar. Seating is cozy. Lights are low but not dim. Like most koffeeshops, it is clean-adjacent... you can't really keep a koffeeshop spotless due to the nature of the business. The product is better than average. Not stunning. Prices are a bit higher than average. The only offensive prices are the Dutch-sourced product, which are absurd. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, but a bit distant. I've been about 30x to various Hunters' locations over the last two years. Only once was I given bad advice by a budtender who misidentified a hybrid as a pure strain. They give gifts with a purchase. I have at tin can collection I'm building up from them. Good stuff that almost makes you forget the premium you are paying. Their edibles are meh. Yet they are standardized, and presumably safer than the Russian Roulette with food poisoning you play at non-chain koffeeshops. I've never got sick there. COVID, of course, has all of their seating closed off. Pre-mandate, masks were hit and miss.

Michael Cockayne - 2 years ago

Verity is the spice of life

Mert aladag - 2 years ago

Was my third time there :) very good stuff For fair prices.. definetly comin again

Lel Lol - 2 years ago

I would’ve gave no star at all because the girl at the counter was being really rude when I couldn’t show my ID, as if I‘m not old enough (23y/o) to visit a coffeeshop. I offered a picture of my ID and they wouldn’t accept that, because police wouldn’t accept it. If you’re too scared of the police showing up and If you’re that rude , you probably shouldn’t run a coffeeshop at all. Never going there again. Also too expensive, not even worth a look on the pricelist

jeremy_h - 2 years ago

Looks really neat and professional, great variety of strains and friendly staff.

Lukas - 2 years ago

A Coffeeshop near the Zandvoort train station with Gametabels inside and also a good Atmosphere friendly personal and amazing Stuff. It's worth a visit.

Tommy Cockney - 3 years ago

Nice coffeeshop could do with some updating to the interior, very friendly budtender great coffee & some well trusted Hunters Lemon Haze..

Tommy TheYid - 3 years ago

Nice coffeeshop could do with some updating to the interior, very friendly budtender great coffee & some well trusted Hunters Lemon Haze..

Felipe Thcjusz - 3 years ago

Is Hunters now good place good weed

Łukasz Malinowski - 3 years ago

The best wax I ever smoked! 80 % THC best I ever tryied

Cantaragiu Andrei - 3 years ago

Nice People,great place to find happines!

Dennis Graumann - 3 years ago

Very good Shop

Jim Hoppers - 3 years ago

Cool place but expensive if you want the really good stuff.

Marleen Meyer - 3 years ago


Dario Memè - 4 years ago

Nice coffeshop in Zandvoort , super quality and cheap price !

Jan Heiniger - 5 years ago

look and feel of a sportsbar

Abraham Mathew - 5 years ago

Friendly staff. Decent selection of bud. Not much in the way of snacks and drinks. Very open space and kind of has a casino floor feel to it.

Miriam Feldhamer - 5 years ago

Very nice place and great prices

Phorty Phore - 5 years ago

Hired some scooters in Amsterdam and drove out here. Great little find with very friendly staff. There is a pool table to keep you occupied also

Joseph Wyeth - 7 years ago

Good :)

sedpp mayaer - 7 years ago

Ich war neulich im la paz coffeeshop und muß sagen dass das weed dort extrem komisch war, jedenfalls hat es ganz komisch gestunken als ob es mit irgendwas behandelt wurde. Lieber ins Yanks gehen, dort war alles Top.

stephen carney - 7 years ago

Been visiting Holland and it's many coffeeshops for over 20 years...this is THE BEST I've EVER been in.Staff friendly and whole place had good atmosphere everytime I visited and I visited as often as I could!!:-)cheers folks hope to see you again...SOON

Wasma H. - 7 years ago

Dunkel, chillig, aber vor allem: ES LÄUFT ;) grüsse an den Mann hinter dem Tresen ;) "I got my Bills, i had to pay, so i work work work every day..."

A Google User - 14 years ago

very welcoming place to go to chill out. did not find until day before coming home but will go in first night next time. excellent


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