To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs and will be closed at 8:00 PM. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Coffeeshop de Pijp

Vechtstraat 98, Zwolle

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Assi Dolla - 4 months ago
The best coffeeshop in Zwolle I have never had such good haze kinds The white Choco hash is the best in Zwolle by far I never go to another The bags are made infront of you Please bring back the blue susshi Expensive but absolutely great
Steve - 5 months ago
Excellent service and the best ganja I could get my hands on in Zwolle
Paul Kelly - 6 months ago
Excellent service alot of smiling faces behind the Counter great selection good location very clean and welcoming my opinion it’s the best coffeeshop in Zwolle highly recommended new balance close 2nd njoy
Eddy Mac - 6 months ago
They sell weed, thats burned from the grow lamp. It's not just one or two buds, the whole batch was burned and they know it. To be honest, i've never experienced something like that in a coffeeshop. That's just one side of the medal, it was "Sunset Sherbet" and they want to have 12 € per gram. Everybody makes mistakes, but this was a real scam if you ask me. Keep in mind, that there are people who use it for medical reasons. Maybe i will give them another chance, to see if it was a misunderstanding or if i'm right. The reviews are mostly good, so maybe it was a mistake. Update 10.10.20 It's good to see that it was a mistake or somebody hasn't prove the material. Bought some Lemon Kush and some Gelato 33 on saturday and both are really nice. Also the budtender was a nice guy. Thanks for your request and the improvement.
Luigi Pl4yS - 8 months ago
Best coffee store in the city (tried all of them). Very friendly employees and very good weed
Ahmad - 1 year ago
Nice Staff work there, and they have good stuff :)
Remonn Hilberink - 1 year ago
Super awesome weed, unbelievable good high!! I recommend their moonshine haze at the moment
Kristian Mulder - 1 year ago
Good quality weed very helpful workers who give good insight into the different strains
Sebastian Bemrose - 1 year ago
One of the latest additions to the Zwolle coffeshop lineup. Coffeeshop de Pijp is a nice coffeeshop with a good atmosphere and an excellent selection of both hashish and weed (one of the best, if not ~the~ best), setting the standard for future coffeeshops who'd want to start in Zwolle. Fair warning though; this shop is takeaway only...
Denis Plovier - 1 year ago
Good selection and very friendly staff willing to help and always in for a nice chat. Product quality might be a bit higher.
DJ armoedegrens - 1 year ago
Goeie shop alleen als ik een 10tje haal krijg ik minimaal 0,3G tak/bladeren
Ben Vlek - 1 year ago
Goede keuze aan wiet alles wordt afgewogenwar je bij staat echt top ! Ook kun je hier pinnen
chelsea xx - 1 year ago
Top kwaliteit, en vriendelijk personeel... Een aanrader
Dion Helmich - 1 year ago
Heerlijke kwaliteit voor een nette prijs, goede service en ruim aanbod. Aanrader!
Mark aan het Rot - 1 year ago
Zeer vriendelijk personeel en zeer goede prijs/kwaliteits verhouding! Aanrader!
Jaco Kamerling - 1 year ago
Even een pittstop bij De Pijp in Zwolle gemaakt. Goede weed/hasj en normale prijsverhouding! Ook het personeel is vriendelijk en behulpzaam
Wander Kuper - 1 year ago
Fijne shop, goede wiet die ter plekke voor je word afgewogen.
Died Erik - 2 years ago
een hele fijne shop, zeer vriendelijk word altijd goed geholpen, ze hebben een mooie selectie, wegen alles netjes voor je af, en de qualiteit is zeer op pijl mooie droge toppen lekker stond / high, ik raad deze shop zeker aan als je dicht in de buurt bent !!

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