Coffeeshop De Tulp

Kamperstraat 39, Zwolle

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Tjarco van der Voort (TJ) - 1 month ago
Nice staff and they sell good product
Eric Paddinge - 9 months ago
Average Shop with Average Quality Products Pricing is ok
hubert dabrowski - 10 months ago
Best weed
Marcin Jakubowski - 1 year ago
Very good shop
Gabriel B - 1 year ago
Beautifull place !
Ikke Zelf - 1 year ago
One plus point is they are open on Sunday (even 25 and 26 dec) but that is as far i go with praising. I understand the weed is okay though i only buy hash. And there they go not beyond one kind wich now is Shiva a usualy good hash sort but also expensive as its €15 per gram so dont expect to be there with €5. A couple of months back the only sort hash was polm so clearly its a usual thing that they would rather sell only weed, a shame.
zoki zoki - 1 year ago
Very Nice... when I'm coming here.. always the people is so kind..also on streets...✌️
Nico Martinez (MyBN) - 1 year ago
This shop is downtown and very easy to find. It has a decent selection of weed but only one sort of hash. The interior is nothing special. The quality of the hash sold (polm) is decent.
Honza Svasek - 1 year ago
Good stuff, nice salesmem
purple_ Haze - 1 year ago
Best coffeeshop ever
Valentin Ivaniv - 2 years ago
the weed looks okay, the service is good. There are only 4 strains and none of them have cbd. That is why i give them only 4 stars
Joona - 2 years ago
Very friendly and helpful staff. The boutique is nice and really cozy. Products have been the top quality so far!
Daniel - 2 years ago
Nice cosy herb shop, good looking lady always serves you a top quality pot, you will never leave unsatisfied that's for sure. I recommend this
papp francisc - 2 years ago
Not recommended bought last week the worst weed I ever had, it had 0 effect, it almost made me sick, what a 40€ scam. Strange thing, bought a couple of times in the past and it was good, but not now. The only +, the owner gave me a joint of white w, so that would be 40€ for a w w joint. And a lost customer for life
Daniel Walker - 2 years ago
What a brilliant coffeshop the weed was perfect . The service also perfect . I have visited many coffeshops all round the world this is up there with the best.
Francesca Bertucci - 2 years ago
Very nice people, they give you all the information you want. There is no smoking room. Must try: blue cookie.
von Majzel - 3 years ago
All the best, were here 3 times in 3 years. Always great :D
frank - 3 years ago
best pre-rolled joints in town
Marco Polo - 3 years ago
....•••°°°ooo0O○0Oo°°•..:: ST0NED ::..••°°OOoo00○0Ooo°°°••...
Johnny Xxx - 3 years ago
Good stafg
Cesar Dominguez - 3 years ago
Worst weed world
simon meakin - 3 years ago
Great coffee shop
Marius Piksrys - 4 years ago
Wojtas Adamowicz - 4 years ago
great haze ;)
Cosmin-Mihai Serbu - 4 years ago
Cool. No smoking place.
krystian wierzbicki - 5 years ago
Fany place but small asortyment just 3 sort of weed and 3 of hash
Canna Kiwi - 5 years ago
Good little shop, not a big selection but all good to high quality. In my opinion this is the best spot to buy cannabis in Zwolle.
Sebastian Tulej - 6 years ago
Polacam mila atmosfera w tym coffeeshopie ????
Ras Raza - 6 years ago
Maaike Maaike - 6 years ago
Lekkere koffie. Heerlijk gebakje erbij. Bediening en aankleding er gezellig. Aanrader voor het hele gezin!
Dorus Zwienenberg - 7 years ago
was eecht leuk tering high bruur
A Google User - 10 years ago
best CF in this area

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