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Sky High Coffeeshop
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Van Karnebeekstraat 41, Zwolle

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  • Monday 08:00 - 01:00
    Tuesday 08:00 - 01:00
    Wednesday 08:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 08:00 - 01:00
    Friday 08:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 10:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 10:00 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.coffeeshopskyhigh.nl/
  • +31 38 423 0273



Michał R. - 4 months ago

Fine place. Young lady with black hair sold me exactly what I was looking for - I've needed something to chill up and watch netflix - got some blue cookie :D Dank u wel ;)

GoodSick (GoodSickMusic) - 8 months ago

Nice vibe! Nice staff, to bad they dont weigh the grams.

vlad matei - 8 months ago

They offer a great selection of weed and hash. Prices were lower than expected and the staff was overly friendly. I even accidentally started to roll a joint in the back and the security dude approached me in a respectful and kind manner and asked me to roll it in the front of the store (house rules) which I gladly accepted given the elevated level of politeness and friendliness. Any time I'll be in town I'll make sure to visit this shop. I left a happy customer. Keep up the good work guys! If all stores had staff like this the world would be a better place, respect.

Sergejs Guisk - 10 months ago

Okey ,so today I was disappointed about trusting this shop ,I don't have any more willing to go there, cus instead 1 g they give u 0.70 or less ,I was curious at the moment I looked on my bag of Cookies OG and realised that I have to put on scales and booom ,surprise mutherfuxker!

Corvin Wittmaack - 11 months ago

The best coffeshop in Zwolle, hands down. First of all is this shop larger than the others and has many tables and board games for you inside! The menu itself is large and shines with fair prices. If you want a cozy coffe shop please do yourself a favor and check this spot out

Victoria Tarasov - 1 year ago

Good staff and good quality . come and enjoy

Akane Chan - 1 year ago

Amazing customer service, good prices

Eric Paddinge - 1 year ago

low Quality products to begin with unfriendly staff to begin with lowest Quality products and Service in Zwolle to begin with my advice: a no Go

Simonas Rimonas - 1 year ago

Good quality, price, a lot of asortiment. Every worked is polite.

Julijan Tarasov - 1 year ago

If you are looking for good stuff, great atmosphere, place to drink coffee and lit it up, you are in the perfect place. Thumbs up

picikoo riza - 1 year ago

Verry good shop,weed always fresh and good quality...comparing price and quality i can say its really the best one

_malwa Em - 1 year ago

Good stuff, nice crew :)

Sounds for live SPRlab - 1 year ago

Not so bad but mill

Nicholas Osbourne - 1 year ago

Excellent and really Cool Dutch Coffee Shop. Very good! Nick

Ousman Kurang - 1 year ago

urla3333 - 1 year ago

Best weed ever

Tomek Iwb - 1 year ago

Good coffe shop i Can recomend it

Michał Cybulski - 1 year ago

Polecam ! I recommend !

Hommam Ghannam - 2 years ago

So far so good

sar casso - 2 years ago

Gorilla Glue and Lemon Kush Hush soo tasty soooo strong :D i think best in zwolle

Nicolo Carrera - 2 years ago

Great little place right near the library

FutureVegeta - 2 years ago

Decent price, good service and most important a good product.

Darren Hodge - 2 years ago

Menus, pre rolls! Just perfect

Simon Bird - 3 years ago

Great friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable staff

Robbin Veld - 3 years ago

I love the price/quality of this shop. They have lots of strains and there's a nice smoking area in the back!

Maciej Bożydar - 3 years ago

Nice bar where u can get rest, watch tv, play chees or play billiard.

Kristian Mulder - 3 years ago

Best coffeeshop of Zwolle if you want to just hangout play some pool while getting high

Norwensley Daal - 3 years ago

It's a great pleace. There's a cafe in fron where you can get something to drink and a wonderful inside smoke area in the back with a pool table and tv. I've been to 4 cannabis stores on my vacation all around Holland but non surpace Sky high

Anwar Virgil - 3 years ago

A good place to get your herbs

Ursache DUMITREL - 3 years ago

A good place, very beautiful. Enjoy it!!!

Viva Energia - 3 years ago

It was a good and cheap place with many good persons inside :) !

Big Mike Wise - 3 years ago

Chill atmosphere. Good prices.

Arek0090 - 4 years ago

Not bad place. Good weed and nice prices. But inside is a little bit too dark.

A Google user - 4 years ago

Too many stems, sometimes bad product quality.

Danger Murder Terror - 4 years ago

Brutal coffeshop, amazing prices & quality! Sky High!!

Justin House - 4 years ago

Best coffee shop in zwolle

Cosmin-Mihai Serbu - 5 years ago

Not nice. Also scammer seller.

Auke-Jan Weening - 5 years ago

Not the cheapest, not the greatest and there's an agressive atmosphere. But yeah, you can buy weed here.

D N S (人のパス 希望の賢) - 6 years ago

this is my first coffeshop in Netherlands. i love it...this local, peoples inside, cool guard, cery amazing weed... hmm. all in one!!! grass in coffeshop: (+\-) -northen light, -santa maria, -bubblegum, -silverhaze, -big buddha cheese nad other

Jessy Boer - 6 years ago

Zwaar gezellig .. Leuke mensen. En als het niet tussen hoort jah dan heb je pech wahahahaha

hannes emmers - 7 years ago

Beste coffeeshop altijd goeie wiet :)

Adam Matuszak - 7 years ago

Good job guys

kampie kmp - 7 years ago

Willennium Limited - 7 years ago

Ik kom bij de sky al ruim anderhalf jaar. En ik moet zeggen dat het een echte afrader is. De volk daar is agressief, als je daar iemand aanstoot aan de rij of als je iets laat omvallen krijg je al gelijk gedonder terwijl ze al zien dat je het wilt op pakken. Ik ben er laatst gewoon uitgezet omdat ze dachten dat ik ''nepgeld'' gaf. Puur omdat in mijn briefje van 5 een scheur zat en ik had het dichtgeplakt waar duidelijk de watermarkering te zien is. Een andere barmedewerker heeft me dus aangeboden om er even naar te kijken en natuurlijk praatte ze gewoon met de grote suikerbaas mee. Daarnaast is het briefje van 5 nog even rond gegaan bij een drukke tafel. Ik ben uiteindelijk naar een andere shop gegaan en ze namen dus wel mijn 5 euro aan terwijl ik expres vroeg of ze even kunnen controleren of het wel echt geld is. Bovendien zijn 5jes Amnesia het MINIMUM wat je ever kunt krijgen. Goed gedaan jongens, weer een klant minder!

Lukasz Zyla - 7 years ago

Nice :)


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