Stepping Out
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Ritsevoort 30, Alkmaar

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Mesh A - 3 jaren geleden
Best coffeeshop in Alkmaar - good weed - reasonable price - free Wifi - cheap drinks (coffee for 1€) - big shop and many places to set - friendly staff
Tony Perez - 3 jaren geleden
One of the Best places in Alkmaar to visit
Brian Traill - 3 jaren geleden
I really like this coffeeshop. The staff have always been welcoming and the atmosphere is great. The weed is good and reasonably priced. Definitely a place to visit in Alkmaar.
Rachid Groeizaam - 4 jaren geleden
Mooei shop
Max Kasta - 5 jaren geleden
They have a very good and strong haze... Just haze!
Christian Hewitt - 6 jaren geleden
Kastor Troy - 6 jaren geleden
Sunitha De Jong - 6 jaren geleden
jack cawley - 7 jaren geleden
Stepping out is great value for money, my particular favorite is there Big Tops which is a mellow high you can get 1.5 for €12, its in town centre, they always have live sports on, the staff are all very nice and often frequent the store when not working and most importantly is 300m from my house!
Zia Aliyev - 9 jaren geleden

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