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Baarsjesweg 239, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.boerejongens.com/
  • +31 20 810 0025



Fabio Peis - 1 maand geleden

Looks like a pharmacy, smoking not allowed ok weed is good but not a funny place at all, everyone too serious to be a place where to enjoy, budtender looks angry and never smile

Hakim Chaara - 1 maand geleden

Basically one of the best places in Amsterdam for their purpose. Good quality from Amsterdam Genetics seeds

Fábio Inácio - 3 maanden geleden

I really recommend. Really nice staff, very friendly and very good communication. If you come to Amsterdam please give it a try if you looking outside centrum. Very good

Julius - 4 maanden geleden

Best shop in Amsterdam. Very nice edibles and hash. This is the quality everyone’s wishing for.

Julia - 5 maanden geleden

Quality is beyond expected, though the price and customer service could be better. Overall the best weed I've had so far. Super silver strawberry x blueberry haze mix made me leave this dimension, recommend trying it out outside of the city or in a relaxed place, avoid consumption inside a coffeeshop if at all possible. Remember to take off sunglasses and hats.

sen Aj - 6 maanden geleden

This is possibly the worst customer experience I have ever had. The ‘bouncer’ in front of the coffee shop shouted and behaved extremely aggressively to my friend and I. This is all because he asked me to take down my hoodie and I decided to instead stand outside on the street and wait for my friend . According to him my decision to stand outside instead was disrespectful to him. This is my neighbourhood coffee shop and I have never caused any trouble here, I did not feel I deserved to be humiliated for no reason.

avid - 7 maanden geleden

Space cake (or call it Brownie) is delicious and packs a punch. 'Amnesia Haze Pure' is a must try! Quality ingredients and a fair price.

Sai Kumar - 9 maanden geleden

Quite possibly the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam in terms of quality to price ratio. If you are looking to hang out and smoke there itself, I wouldn't suggest this place as it is very generic and corporatish.

Tex Trix - 9 maanden geleden

Cool place with probably the best edible bars. Really sweet, though. Staff very nice.

Melvin La Salle-Poujoulat - 10 maanden geleden

The quality of the products are top notch, a great selection of hash if you are into that. Edibles are the best in the Netherlands for sure, you have to try the Red Velvet. The service is hit and miss, sometimes I go and bud tenders are really nice. Other times the person behind the counter couldn't really careless and is almost rude. I know what I want so I'm really quick but I imagine that it's not so nice if you have questions. They only do cash or Maestro so be prepared.

J M - 10 maanden geleden

No menus, staff just ask you what kind of smoke your into. Didn't feel welcomed when I walked through the door, guy looked at me like "yeah?" I'm like "menu?" He says "no menu tell me what you want" Which then led to the purchase of some lovely green magic which got me heavy boned. Staff member warmed up a little but still, maybe welcome some through the door with a "hey what's up what you looking for" instead of letting them stand there for 30 seconds and being like "yeah?"

Sofia america - 10 maanden geleden

This place is great. The aesthetic is quirky n different to other stores but products are still the same and the staff is knowledgeable about them

Luke Sykes - 10 maanden geleden

Very good selection of weed and hash, the blue choco smoked super clean, customer service was great (bud tender gave me his lighter as I was short 50cent for one)

shimbo som - 11 maanden geleden

Used too be really good you know! But now it's just any coffee shop I think Cali flavours r wining shout the plug in dam next time your there

Joneau Travel - 1 jaar geleden

Went today, the staff was extremely helpful and as soon as they realized I was an American they where very helpful and patient. They did not try to convince me to buy anything just because I was the tourist. They treated me no different than the regulars that walked it. I sat down head my coffee and was back off without pressure to hurry up and eat. I don’t have anything else to compare this with but I’ve been living long enough and traveled long enough to know what poor customer service feels like.

John Cabrera - 1 jaar geleden

Had high expectations of this place with the amount of recommendations this place gets. The staff feel stuck up and too forceful and try to rush you despite it not being busy. Really disliked how the menu is turned off until you get to the counter. You can't even navigate the menus as the budtender controls it and you can only see whichever menu you asked. The bud is average at best and for some reason, they only do cash.

KuKoRuso - 1 jaar geleden

There's an employee called Markus who attended me extremely well, great person, knew what to recommend me and did his job superbly. As well as for Youseff, both gave me the sensation of feeling at home. 10/10

Frodo Baggins - 1 jaar geleden

Had a very strange encounter today with one of the sales guys at boerenjongens Amsterdam West. I went up to the counter, tried to look at the menu when out of nowhere the sales guy deactivated the menu screen. When asking him if I could see the menu again, he looked at me without saying anything for about 5 seconds before aggressively telling me that he had expected to be greeted first before doing business with him. Very strange fellow, I had said hi but he had not heard it because of the mouth mask and a big plastic screen that covers the entire front desk. This guy definitely made me feel uneasy and unwelcome and I strongly question his sense of customer service as I had not experienced anything like this in my 10 years of living here and going to coffeeshops all over the city. What a shame.

Alex Ilies - 1 jaar geleden

Their products are TOP ! Nice menu and GREAT hash collection. If you're a hash lover, this is your place! Don't go to the central one because it is always crowded. Take a walk and enjoy the city and visit their less crowded one. You won't regret it.

Fabrizio Simoni - 1 jaar geleden

Not always have good product ,A lot of image, little substance.

Millennium Falcon - 1 jaar geleden

Very friendly staff. Helped to find the best weed based on the need. Unfortunately, no smoking or rolling inside due to Covid.

Paul Marcano - 1 jaar geleden

Great shop! One of the best in Amsterdam. The staff is kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. They all speak Dutch and English of course. They have a good selection of both edibles and strains. The Red Velvet cake is amazing in its own right. 10/10 would recommend

Fabian Ebert - 1 jaar geleden

One of my best 5 in da whole town. Very good quality... Many strains... Friendly and good informed...

daniele pillon - 2 jaren geleden

One of the best coffeshop in Amsterdam. Great service and real high quality. The hash blocks are just amazing

Moritz Pindorek - 2 jaren geleden

Weed quality is going down but still decent, also the brownie today was pretty dry but still okay.

Caterina Ripamonti - 2 jaren geleden

Bif it a queue the last couple of times I was there but it's very fast. The guys inside are very professional, there is now a plastic glass between you and them and it's all covid proof. The guys are knowledgeable and the product is amazing. I always go there

Marm L. - 2 jaren geleden

Dear readers, I usually leave nothing but Five star reviews. So due to the great reviews on this website I’ll go ahead and said I’ve gotten out of my way several times to ride my bike and come here. The first time : got hit on by a person at the desk , another time I’ve gotten asked by the security guard if I knew how to read because I needed a lighter and it was in front. Today I ride km to get there and the man IDs me, (folks I am 35 years old). I am going back home empty handed. Never again!

Annetta Xavier - 2 jaren geleden

Both girls and boys are simply beautiful and kind and generous. Love the interiors and the excellent quality service. A good nice competitors definitely deserve to this place

Floony - 2 jaren geleden

Good store with friendly staff, solid selection, good quality and clean atmosphere. Your current homegrown sketch is absolutely amazing, I hope you will have it on the menu for a long time to come. The only Blue Orca crossing I saw on my last city trip. Also the hash is always of excellent quality. And even if I'm a lover of the old specialties: the introduction of the blocks resembles a paradigm shift in the scene.

Anna Stolyarova - 2 jaren geleden

Ask for White Choco Prerolled on brown

Kristina - 2 jaren geleden

Did you guys have the space cake in there ?

Bpoint - 2 jaren geleden

Best supplyers of Amsterdam,best quality,best price,stuff very friendly

Mohammed Rajib - 2 jaren geleden

Wow! Just WOW! Best bud anywhere except another boerejongens

法比布 - 2 jaren geleden

Prerolled products as well as space cakes were really worth the money and kicked in just right! The shop itself looks very professional. Come here for an experience different from the usual shady coffeeshop around the corner.

N As - 2 jaren geleden

The absolute best! Professional, polite, helpful and great bud.

Golden Guide - 2 jaren geleden

Exceptional weed. Well informed staff and friendly. Dress like scientists which is pretty funny. Highly recommended you pop in here to get some quality weed.

Chris Georghiou - 3 jaren geleden

The service was very professional, but a little rushed. The store is a out of town, and frequented mostly by locals. The weed quality and selection is exceptional. And i rank Boerejongens in the much disputed No.1 place to stock up.

Alyx Harper - 3 jaren geleden

Of all the shops i visited during my time in Amsterdam, this was my favorite by far. This shop is a bit of a walk from the center of the city, and so worth it the shop has a dispensary feel. Very clean and professional space, the staff is quite knowledgeable and you'll never be disappointed with a product. Staff answered the questions I had, and their product menu was very clear and informative. Also, they have the best Amsterdam Genetics rolling papers available in a little vending machine. I went out of my way multiple times to come to this shop, and I will absolutely be back whenever I am in Amsterdam

Yuus van der Heide - 3 jaren geleden

Amazing quality weed here. Definitely a recommendation if you really want to feel it GOOD. Fun staff, always in for a nice chat. Geat prices for the great quality.

Conrad - 3 jaren geleden

how on Earth do you pronounce the name of this place?!? Either way great quality stuff. Space cakes are out of this world. Staff is super cool and helpful. One of the few coffee shops that don't have a wierd creepy vibe

Geezerus - 3 jaren geleden

What a really disappointing experience. I was hoping that this place really stood up to everything I had seen online from reviews and from Instagram. I walked through the door like an excited child in a sweet shop. To only be felt rushed by the bud tender who had about as much enthusiasm as a wet tissue. Asking what he would recommend to then have the menu pointed at. I already knew about the brownies which I ordered and enjoyed. The only thing that left a bitter taste in my mouth was the guy serving us, It was like every question was too much effort to answer. I had seen an Amsterdam Genetics hat online I wanted. I asked for one to be met with these are all we have. Nothing like try our other stores it was pretty embarrassing as I had bigged this place up to my two friends who were also not impressed. I won't rush back when I'm in Amsterdam to be made to feel like that again.

Peter Aerts - 4 jaren geleden

Not all menu available. But still has plenty good strains

Tejan Timblo - 5 jaren geleden

Buy good grade & quality with staff that are super funny and friendly. Only drawback is that there is no place to lounge and relax with a smoke, only buy the merchandise, roll and then sadly leave.

yericho reenis - 7 jaren geleden

Eden Seven - 8 jaren geleden


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