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CoffeeShop Funky Munkey

Marnixstraat 333, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Maandag 07:00 - 01:00
    Dinsdag 07:00 - 01:00
    Woensdag 07:00 - 01:00
    Donderdag 07:00 - 01:00
    Vrijdag 07:00 - 01:00
    Zaterdag 07:00 - 01:00
    Zondag 07:00 - 01:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • https://www.instagram.com/coffeeshopfunkymunkey2009


Kyriaki Anemozaly - 1 week geleden

Great indoors, with big windows next to water. Nice collection of weed and great coffee.

Sadia Waraich - 1 maand geleden

One of our favourites esp for the blueberry haze. Staff are great and friendly, and love chilling in there. Also has a tiny outdoor space.

Strongercheese - 1 maand geleden

Super chill place they have outdoor chairs and tables and good buds ☝️

Paweł Turoń - 1 maand geleden

Normal prices, clean and neat with a nice music.

john doe - 2 maanden geleden

Nice and chilled with good menu. I always pop in after 1e hulp they got a pool table and a nice view.

Michel Koenig - 2 maanden geleden

We tried couple of coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and this one really got me. Beautiful atmosphere, right next to the water, nice places for sitting (and even lying i think) and also good brownies. Staff was also super friendly

E - 3 maanden geleden

Friendly staff, awesome location and views, and the stash is always

Humam Behnam - 3 maanden geleden

Extremely helpful and professional, really know their thing

Olga Abramova - 4 maanden geleden

Very cool and cozy coffeeshop with possibility to drink tea and enjoy smoking. However, one disadvantage is impossibility to pay by card

Aleksandra Motylińska - 4 maanden geleden

Nice vibe, with nice view on the canal

ירין סאלם - 7 maanden geleden

Lovely place, nick people!

Chloe Clancy - 7 maanden geleden

Really nice place. Nice hot chocolate, game of chess and great weed. Would highly recommend

Aina Magnusson - 10 maanden geleden

Best coffeeshop ever, good place good menú nice views

Bong Fu Fighter - 10 maanden geleden

Best shop to relax on the canals . Also good effordable weed and very friendly staff . Pink Lady strain Was awesome indica smoke

Mike Ball - 10 maanden geleden

Nice chilled atmosphere, good products available, views of the canal at the back, chess table ready to play, plus the staff are really nice too.

Edv Vardo - 11 maanden geleden

Well I was shocked they have nice selection of joynts (like bubblegum or white monkey) and they are not disgusting like on the town. They are open since 8 im morning. They accept pin and have snack and place to stay during the rain

Always High - 11 maanden geleden

Serious quality for the price you pay, honestly loved that a young guy was White in the face looking ill outside, quality advertising, will definitely return again and again.

Philipp Beach - 1 jaar geleden

Love this place to hang out and relax! Best staff from whole Amsterdam!

richard humphries - 1 jaar geleden

10/10 very gud choice n very good prices for quality full grams as well blueberry haze for me was out ov this world n the do-si-dos was unbelievable atmosphere was very chilled n very friendly staff definitely be visiting again

Vladislav Volgin - 1 jaar geleden

You have to buy a drink to smoke inside The rest is wonderful

angelocean365 - 1 jaar geleden

Danny was real cool and accommodating. Sat by the window and veggied out for a few hours listening to a great hip hop mix. Super chill vibes, great greens, and the prickly pear tea was on point!!

Francesca Bertazzo - 1 jaar geleden

Great customer service! Amazing product- super nice vibe & atmosphere. Great Amsterdam location!! Would recommend 1000%

Rüdiger Brantzen - 1 jaar geleden

Best strawberry banana I ever taste

Nicola Brierley - 1 jaar geleden

Nice relaxing environment. Staff are really friendly and helpful. Love the latte here.

Berzerk - 2 jaren geleden

awesome coffeshop

C Fassi - 2 jaren geleden

Nice, smooth Coffeeshop. Not crowded!

still ravin - 2 jaren geleden

Small coffee shop didn't visit this time but last visit was good nice staff with a pool table

Edmund Garvey - 2 jaren geleden

Mind stairs when walking down dont be drunk or you know .Grabbed preroll but smaller bigger kick .I thought they were filters but a misunderstanding very polite English Gentleman fine about it as anyone I have met over here on my 1st solo trip

stratulat dorislav - 2 jaren geleden

Great atmosphere and very friendly staff, although there was only a pisoar and not an actual toilet

kayla Elliott - 2 jaren geleden

My husband and I popped in and ended up staying a while ☺. The atmosphere is nice, the vibe is chilled the music... had it's moments, but being open minded. Great coffee and very friendly.

Mihai Giurcau - 2 jaren geleden

Stay high, all the time ⌚

Will Barrett - 3 jaren geleden

One of the best Coffeeshops around. friendly staff/service, atmosphere, size, product quality and also has chess and a pool table. Highly recommend for any heavy time smokers

Sam Roche - 3 jaren geleden

Nice place. good products. friendly and competent staff

Fran Aragao - 3 jaren geleden

Very lucky to find this pearl dead on arriving to Amsterdam! Great place amazing staff! Watched here the epic comeback from Liverpool to Barcelona!! Top!

Alex Alex Alex - 3 jaren geleden

This place is well cool enjoyed playing pool here and just enjoying the passing canal.

Nicola Dibenedetto - 3 jaren geleden

Cool coffe with a big pool table at the center of the big room with couches and chairs around square wooden table. Good weed too.

Вадим Гайдукевич - 3 jaren geleden

One of the prettiest coffeeshops. There is also a place to play billiard. Very cozy sofas. And the price is also very pleasant. The staff will give you recommendation. But be ready to show your ID

John David - 4 jaren geleden

super friendly staff.. lovely atmosphere. great music.. bit steep on prices.. but very good quality. Lem haze 10/10

Nate Dogg - 4 jaren geleden

Man this is the best place in dam just to chill uninterrupted views of the canals good music & cheap drinks plus the weed good too some strains you wont find anywhere else

mehdi Harrat - 4 jaren geleden

Very nice CS ! Pool and tv match ! Very welcoming team inside ! Not full of people! Just near 1st Hulp ! Weed is very good !

True Stark Soldier - 4 jaren geleden

One of the best coffeeshops in the Dam to visit with a canal side view that you can enjoy smoking a joint playing chess or the pool table. Then there is the large TV on the wall showing sports, TV and music video channels. Their extensive menu includes great hashes and weeds for reasonable prices. Snacks and prices are fair. Staff are friendly and helpful. Comfortable couches and chairs make it worth staying for a few hours. A local coffeeshop for locals and tourists, worth leaving the tourist trap of the city centre for.

Tony M - 4 jaren geleden

This place is excellent however their was about 20 seeds in the shoreline we got. Not fun going through that. Didn't say anything to the tender as I didn't want to really make a fuss about things. Always a nice place to enjoy. Good view over the water


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