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Coffeeshop IBIZA
Nu open

Hemonystraat 16, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

Coffeeshop informatie



Annetta Xavier - 2 weken geleden
We love to say about your great staff and services. we really appreciate it and hope to visit you again. Keep the gifted work going on
James Gomez - 3 weken geleden
This is one of my favourites coffee shops in town! Everyone here in this coffee shop goes above and beyond to make sure the costumers were satisfied during their stay. This coffee shop is really perfect! Highly recommended!
Maya Smith - 3 maanden geleden
Better have time to rest here. Relax and order your coffee, it is just amazing. Very chill vibe hanging around the place. Definitely a place where I will always stop by!
Lema Brasser - 4 maanden geleden
This place is incredible. It's very hard find a good coffee shop that is big, has great coffee, lots of food options, and parking. This one has all of the above and more! Their are tons of tables inside and it's a great place to work and meet with friends or colleagues.
Cindy Guzman - 4 maanden geleden
Great cozy cafe with a relaxing environment, unique vibes, and extremely helpful staff! Would highly recommend. I come here all the time after class and for study groups.
Abdelmalek Meere - 4 maanden geleden
Nice location for quality brunch. i love this place so much. i had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here. this place has many great reviews for a reason.
Juan Bray - 4 maanden geleden
Love this place! Such high quality coffee and good service. There are good seating options! We come here to hang out or study. I have good experiences here and the workers seem happy to be working there which sets a positive vibe for the place!
Mansur Wiegersma - 4 maanden geleden
I really like the atmosphere, good coffee, and nice interior. This is a good place to study or chill with friends. The drinks and foods were all tasty and worthwhile. If you're up for a fresh place with beautiful architecture then this is a must to visit. They have also a big space for parking. Don't worry about that. Thank you very much!
Madame Tikki - 8 maanden geleden
Nice relaxing atmosphere, not too touristy. Good choices of herb. But they don't take Mastercard and the edibles taste like herb which ruined the cupcake even though it was moist and potent.
Barbara Neal - 8 maanden geleden
Great place for a coffee! Great selection of books and stuff produced by the School of Life. They do regular classes and workshops here on philosophy and life. Really cool spot! The main room is no laptops, but there is a workshop room where you can work away to your heart's content.
John Bonzol - 9 maanden geleden
Great quality, knowledgeable budtenders. A bit more on the pricey side, but it's still one of my favorites. I always go here for sleeping strains, and the quality is consistently good.
Connie Z - 9 maanden geleden
Staff was very friendly and courteous. I was looking for edibles. They sent me around the corner to AMNESIA. This place only had chocolate muffins.
henkkaah joo - 10 maanden geleden
This is my favourite place to go, staff is very friendly. The place is very homely and comfortable and there is a fat cat also, he is the best and so cute
Eilahtan Seyer - 10 maanden geleden
Coffeeshop IBIZA was the first coffee shop me and my boyfriend came into after landing in Amsterdam. There was a lovely selection of choice but ultimately I persuaded my boyfriend to go with agent orange. One of my favourites by far. Lovely staff, great atmosphere and a relatively large fish tank with beautiful exotic fish to keep the mind occupied, would definitely recommend as we returned on our last day and we were NOT disappointed
Larry Read - 10 maanden geleden
walk past and thought Id give it a try... OMG this place is off the chart people are great and mood setting is top shelf! thanks for the great visit
Jo Bach - 11 maanden geleden
A must for every Austrian! Proper couches. Price is middle high. But you will definitely go higher than the price.
Michael Lloyd - 11 maanden geleden
Nice chilled out place to sit and chill out and smoke some nice green ;)
Lucy - 1 jaar geleden
Cool, chilled atmosphere. Quiet and comfy sofas. Good selection of weed.
Krystian Kowalski - 1 jaar geleden
Really good coffeeshop to just chill out and smoke. It's quiet and not so crowded, and the weed is totally worth it's price.
Ryan Marchione - 1 jaar geleden
Decent products. More expensive, then purchasing in the States. However, if you're looking for nice smokable flower, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!
Danielle Eckersley - 1 jaar geleden
I come here everytime, for the Green Crack and you never fail me! Nice chilled place for a lovely smoke too! Staff always nice and relaxed vibe.
Andi Benham - 1 jaar geleden
Staff was friendly and the place had a good atmosphere, chill vibes. I loved the options and bought some Pineapple Xpress, it was very compact so the staff recommended grinding it which I appreciated. The lounge area was nicely decorated and they had a pet; a cute, ginger cat. I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing that I didn't like was the music. It was alright, typical radio music, but I would've preferred some reggae or something more suitable to the establishment. That wasn't really an issue though, everyone has their own taste in music and it didn't bother me.
Jimi Martin - 1 jaar geleden
We took the long way round to find it from the centre! But when we found it the guy was proper friendly and the atmosphere was great. Had the football on as well so we spent a nice afternoon downstairs chilling. We'll be back soon!
Leah Maclean - 1 jaar geleden
Second time in Amsterdam and visited a few times. Lots of seating great for groups of people just looking for good weed or just a quiet smoke. Our favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam and will be back again to visit. Great staff and great products. It also has the cutest resident cat.
laurie paton - 1 jaar geleden
the best. High quality products. The staff is good, but the way this place could relax you, it's unbelievable!
Ryan Burgess - 1 jaar geleden
One of the best coffeeshops I went in. On the outskirts of the city which means it's quiet with the odd few locals in. Chilled upstairs section with comfy couches and a comforting cat wandering about the place. Awesome vibe to smoke your head off!
Christopher hall - 1 jaar geleden
Great atmosphere and very friendly staff. Nice selection of strains, with some world cup winners. and they are well priced. Place is big, so you can coming in groups bigger than four people :)
kenneth brown - 1 jaar geleden
My partner and I were in Amsterdam for 3 nights and visited ibiza coffee shop 3 times. The place feels welcoming as soon as you set foot through the door. The vibe and mood was so relaxing and the quality of the weed was superb. The blue dream and green crack were especially impressive. Those sofas were so comfortable it was like home from home. Have to mention the fella working there. Knows his job inside out and very friendly and outgoing. To whoever owns this place keep doing what your doing because this coffee shop is an absolute gem. Many thanks. We shall return.
Nicole Smovzh - 2 jaren geleden
This is a really chill spot with great vibes and good music. For a bonus they have a cat! Literally a cute orange cat! The space is designed really cool. Different levels, depending on what kind of vibe you want. Perfect place is you want a chill quiet not too crowded place to smoke. Definitely would suggest checking it out.
dazatron banan - 2 jaren geleden
Moderately priced, and very little effect from the product. Would recommend somewhere a bit further outside of the city.
Moath Almndeel - 2 jaren geleden
The best coffeeshop in Amsterdam you feel like sitting home the guy working there is very kind and have a nice sense of humor I will visit again and again
tena frček - 2 jaren geleden
THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. My boyfriend and I were on a trip to Amsterdam and accidentally meet the owner while having beer. Awesome guy with lots of advice. This is the place to come and enjoy your smoke, just chill and recuperate! From all of the coffee shops we visited, only a couple come to mind through the haze (pun intended), and Ibiza is definitely one we will be visiting each time we get to come back!!!
Chronic Jones - 2 jaren geleden
Prices are not the cheapest, but they do have decent deals and their cheapest stuff is pretty good too. Atmosphere is amazing, cute stoned cat, lots of space, different rooms, great music and very friendly staff. If you wanna stay and chill this is one of the best coffee shops to be. Its spaciousness, music, comfort and very cool designs makes you feel like a king while you smoke. If you wanna just buy and go though, you will get great stuff but might pay a bit more than elsewhere. Edit: their coffee is one of the better ones from what I've tried too.
Wayne Page - 3 jaren geleden
Must buy to smoke to enter. Felt closed in and very dark inside. Not one for my must do again list really.
Rodrigo Bastias - 3 jaren geleden
Prices are a little more higher that in other coffeshops. Their knowledge is acceptable however their products are a joke in accordance with their price. Really small joints and weak.
Samantha Fleming - 3 jaren geleden
No 3 tram ride, a short walk along beautiful streets and stumbled across this perfect little oasis of calm. Market close by makes it a find on my last day.
sergio castellaro - 3 jaren geleden
Really nice little coffeeshop a little afar from the center, feels like you're at home smoking a joint. Nice sofas and chill music, perfect to spend a cold afternoon
Prince Areacode - 3 jaren geleden
Lovely coffee shop it's about 1.8 miles from the town centre. Prices are a bit expensiver than in the city staffs are lovely also the music . Good stuff here. Yeah Mon!!!
John Smithobello - 4 jaren geleden
Nice atmosphere - relaxing and feels like home. Brilliant coffee. The staff work hard and in turn have created a nice shop which people will want to return to!
Kayleigh Bates - 4 jaren geleden
Loved this place!! So chilled out and relaxing, I did not want to leave. I felt right at home and the staff were lovely. My first port of call when I return to Amsterdam will be this place. What's not to love?
Ian Whittingham - 4 jaren geleden
Really truly a nice place to just sit back and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. Happened to stumble across the shop by pure chance but happy I did. I've been back three times and always look forward to my next visit.
Nicola Shaw - 4 jaren geleden
Great atmosphere, cool environment and good selection of herbs. Fairly priced drinks too. Very comfortable and relaxed with friendly service. This place is worth travelling to and I would recommend to anyone!
Lauren Harding - 4 jaren geleden
I think the best place away from home. The staff make me feel welcome like a local. The selection of smoke are great! Just been back to Amsterdam for a few days and visited it dialy. It does get quiet busy but be patient, the smoke is worth the wait. It has a lot of local smokers.
Mary Lovelace - 4 jaren geleden
I've been here about three times now and I love this place! I discovered Coffeeshop IBIZA Amsterdam by chance when getting off work one day. That day, I had an AMAZING cookies and cream cupcake with a great cup of coffee. There is a great atmosphere here, friendly staff, and wonderful products. I haven't gotten to try everything but they seem to have a little bit for everyone - coffee, sweets, food I would recommend this place to anyone in the area :)
Tom Roberts - 4 jaren geleden
Awesome. Brilliant stuff and great prices. Also two wonderful and completely different seating areas.. Downstairs is more chilled and laid back with less impressive(but firing) decor, then upstairs is beautiful, with a variety of furnishings that are all pretty elegant to be fair. Our favorite coffee shop.
Gus White - 4 jaren geleden
Great buds, top shelf. Always a good selection as well, and it changes often. Has a big tv where they usually play sports, some board games and arcade games, and plenty of seating space. In a very quiet area so its not touristy as well!
Ashley Wright - 5 jaren geleden
Recently been here a few weeks ago when I went on holiday with my friends. The service here was amazing, the staff where so friendly in helping us trough the menu and explaining very clearly what is best. The atmosphere is very nice and peaceful. I really suggest this place to anyone.
Benjamas N - 5 jaren geleden
A perfect place to relax & enjoy some great coffee in a friendly, modern atmosphere. I've visited this spot on many occasions & have never been disappointed. The menu describes them as 'highly addictive' and they are not kidding. I amazed that the owner remembers my name. They do a healthy business so they should be around for a long time. My favorite coffee shop in the Amsterdam.

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