Coffeeshop Relax | Amsterdam Centrum
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Binnen Oranjestraat 9, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Sneha B - 1 maand geleden
A nice selection for relaxing. Opens quite early, which is a plus point for them, Good location and easy to find :)
neil grunow - 6 maanden geleden
My fav in the green zone of dam .hash cakes NUMBER 1✔
ION BADEA (JOHN) - 6 maanden geleden
Good weed.
Gunnar Sundberg - 7 maanden geleden
Best in Amsterdam. Period.
PF O - 9 maanden geleden
Really nice products with an original packaging
Paloma Durand - 11 maanden geleden
We had a great experience here, very friendly place and they had no problem explaining how it worked and giving recommendations. We'll definitely come again next time we are in Amsterdam!
Mohamed Mohamed - 11 maanden geleden
Good moonrock Tested
Ricardo Schmidt - 1 jaar geleden
Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Great service. Can only recommend it :)
justin davidson - 1 jaar geleden
Super fresh, pungent, sticky icky icky strong strains all across the board! I especially recommend their Amazonia Kush, this was a very naughty treat! that is one of many incredible stains available. Their Amnesia Haze is the sort of stinky kind of bud that you can smell from mild away! Its genetics are incredible and the terpene levels potent and exactly how it was originally designed to be! 10 out of 10 for these guys!
Luca Ruwette - 1 jaar geleden
My favourite coffeeshop, nice interior nice menu, nice cannabis. Love the hashish. Its just great
Filip Rogović - 1 jaar geleden
It was my place while I lived in A'dam, and can't wait to go back there. The stuff is apsolutely amazing, they'll show and explain you everything you need to or want to know about the products. And the products are amazingly good quality and the location is very close to the Centraal Station. All the best about you guys... Tot ziens, ik miss je zo erg
Victoria S - 1 jaar geleden
I love this place for the edibles and the people. The staff is so nice, they offer my dog treats and call him cute names. Their edibles are so decadent and so reasonably priced. I recommend the chocolate bar but the red velvet is so good you will want to eat the whole thing.
Annetta Xavier - 1 jaar geleden
Prerolled joints are available and they can do it for you instantly when you need more weed than tobacco inside. Love the place
Salim Brahimi - 1 jaar geleden
The best spot in AMS
tharxide - 1 jaar geleden
Aggie Elmo - 1 jaar geleden
Very Nice staf good stuff see you next time
cbd cakes - 2 jaren geleden
Favourite coffeeshop the best coffeeshop of Amsterdam.
Sam Bristow - 2 jaren geleden
My favorite of this visit, selections great, loads of cup winning flavours from 2019 Jack herer cup. If you like that sort of thing the relax balls are super good!!! It's a really nice place to chill, good music, great staff very friendly atmosphere, bar for solo visitors and seating for groups but best of all the prices are some of the best you will get and with cup winning strains your not losing any quality.
Howard NICE - 2 jaren geleden
Great coffeeshop my first stop, excellent service great products and relatively cheap. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend!
Chris Cairns - 2 jaren geleden
Great Coffeeshop. A nice light decor, Not too busy and a good selection of weed. The menu is very informative z would definitely return
Gesen Arechiga - 2 jaren geleden
I enjoyed very much these two space cakes, not only they were delicious, they were powerful and the effect lasted about 8hrs! I ate only haft of one and waited 35-45 min when it kicked in. I tried a couple of cakes along but don't have the same effect as these! Really recommend them!
Samantha Fleming - 3 jaren geleden
Coffeeshop Relax was a welcomed pit stop it had everything and more on offer. Good puff and coffee was enjoyable. Our pace in Amsterdam is whirlwind so much to see and so much to do but in here we did exactly what it suggested we relaxed. Chill vibe, lots of space and cool corner windows to sit and watch the tourists swan on by. Loved it and will definitely put a pin in it so we can revisit in the Autumn.
Adrian Pa - 3 jaren geleden
Super weed best price
Samantha John - 3 jaren geleden
Amazing coffee.. chilled atmostphere
Vukman Mrvos - 3 jaren geleden
Great cousy small place with friendly staff ;) loved going there, felt very welcome and the stuff is nicee ;)
Maxime Santa - 3 jaren geleden
thank you for having such a nice place , not alot of tourists, good place to sit down and relax away from crouded place full of idiots getting high in a junky way .
Dominik Patz - 3 jaren geleden
Friendly staff, my choice "91 Krypt DNA" makes me stoned and hungry

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