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Green House United Coffeeshop
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Haarlemmerstraat 64, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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    Dinsdag 08:00 - 01:00
    Woensdag 08:00 - 01:00
    Donderdag 08:00 - 01:00
    Vrijdag 08:00 - 01:00
    Zaterdag 08:00 - 01:00
    Zondag 08:00 - 01:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • https://greenhousecoffeeshops.com/
  • +31 20 716 3834


SeeYouuNT - 2 maanden geleden

Really cool place, not too far from centraal. Scottish bud tender was the nicest guy(in a city of really friendly people!) And the milkshakes from here are awesome

Lauren Noding - 2 maanden geleden

Super good weed choice and fairly priced for dam. Lots of seating areas but nearly all accessed by stairs so not great for mobility issues. Still, staff were super lovely and knowledgeable. I think it was actually a student bar, nearly all customers were very young. Could do with more comfortable seating. A good choice for taking away though.

Lauren Harrison - 3 maanden geleden

I’ve been coming here for 10 years and who ever hired these nasty young girls should have a word with them because they’re very rude and made me feel very uncomfortable especially the girl with the long messy brown hair wouldn’t leave us alone and she stunk! to be fair none of them look like they've used a hair brush in about a month. Gone completely down hill and defo will not be returning again and neither will my friends!

James - 3 maanden geleden

The place to go for a wide choice, with informed and personable staff. Went there several times

Joe “Iceman” - 3 maanden geleden

Very good weed, and the service was nice too :) I would like to visit it next time again, so much cali strains, they are craaazy

Elizabeth Mckay - 4 maanden geleden

Cool experience if you have never been to an Amsterdam coffee shop but, definitely not my favorite. Sketchy vibes and budtenders weren’t very welcoming. Bathrooms were atrocious. Food and drink service was down for 40 mins so didn’t try any food.

Craig Tallis - 4 maanden geleden

Been going here for years great food staff and chill

Silvi Nunez - 5 maanden geleden

Cool staff, good prices, nice atmosphere. There are several tables and coffee and food options.

Lisa Vc - 6 maanden geleden

Purchased stuff for €230 and got no free gifts as claimed on their website. Disappointed. Nevertheless we like the quality. But that's not how other coffeeshops treat their customers.

Paul Campbell - 6 maanden geleden

Good vibes and a great range of products. Very friendly staff always willing to help with your selection.

Kate Ivo - 6 maanden geleden

Good choice of products, nice staff and a lounge where you can sit and smoke/drink/eat. Beverages and snacks are also available

Hake - 8 maanden geleden

Nice place to chill. A shame about the unhelpful staff - lady with Bowl haircut and fake cookies weed. Real cookies weed is not sold here don’t be fooled

DHRUV BHATT - 9 maanden geleden

I would be back in Amsterdam only for greenhouse! There's one landscape painting of the AMS sea view.... i miss tripping on it. I wish i could take a pic with it...

Madison Kesselring - 9 maanden geleden

Wasn’t too busy and good amount fo tables

Stuardo Ovalle (Dito ́s Tech) - 1 jaar geleden

Excelent experience. Nice atmosphere. Didn't have most of the pre rolls available and kitchen closes early, that's why 4 Star

Skydo - 1 jaar geleden

Just a perfect place to chill smoke drink and eat :) In 3 days amsterdam and over 10 coffeeshops was that the best in everything service, vibe, food etc. I love it and it is my favorite Place in Amsterdam.

Adrian Szczodrowski - 1 jaar geleden

Hey Bar Team thank you very much for your great hospitality today - 10 star service and best French Fries in the city :)

Mario Quadrini - 1 jaar geleden

Have a nice afterlunch in the strain hunters coffeeshop, now they are also collaborating with cookies, one of the best in Amsterdam.

Max Strong - 1 jaar geleden

Excellent atmosphere. Kind staff. Top notch selection.

Ciara Williams - 1 jaar geleden

Management and staff were excellent me and my partner came from Ireland , couldn’t recommend a better place , 100% five stars for me , thank you for treating us very well

Michael Serafin - 1 jaar geleden

Nice atmosphere, good coffee and a very good service by Angie! Thank you so much for taking such good care.

Marit Kallevik - 1 jaar geleden

Friendly staff, great variety of product and good food!

Łukasz Zwoliński - 1 jaar geleden

One of the best, if not best coffe shop in Amsterdam. Quality of weed and hash is amazing, service is super friendly and helpfull. There is small kitchen, so you could eat good breakfest or burger, or drink something refreshing from not small menu of drinks and food. Amazing place i can't recomend more. Maybe only i say is powered by Strain Hunters. With a very resonable prices. Awesome !!!

paolo modena - 1 jaar geleden

Talking about weed quality is medium/good , but cookies selection didn't respect my expectations, (looked a bit dry and aged with really small buds, and for that price should be 100% legit)

Oddbjørn Anker Gulbrandsen - 1 jaar geleden

Nice place, good weed, friendly staff:)

Manon Ates - 2 jaren geleden

Friendly,great merchandice.

S Dew - 2 jaren geleden

Want same wiet but 50% cheaper go to a coffeeshop outside the city center!, this one is over priced, the drinks too expensive.. in short everything ois over priced, you can do better outside the city center, in a local neighborhood shop, this is a tourist trap!.

Chloe Cairns - 2 jaren geleden

Loved it x

Manuel Böckmann - 2 jaren geleden

I like

khin tran - 2 jaren geleden

Always one off my fav coffeeshop to visit.

Nicolae Iva - 2 jaren geleden

..i dont know that well .

Daniel S. - 2 jaren geleden

One of my favorite Coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Really good stuff.

Firas Matli - 2 jaren geleden

Super nice people. Professional consulting. The speak English as a native.

jeremy_h - 2 jaren geleden

Friendly staff, nice strains and very comfortable inside.

Alex Bratusa - 2 jaren geleden

The best coffee shop in Amsterdam, a lot of celebrities were there (photos on wall) and of course the best products in town

Ramin Ghanbari - 3 jaren geleden

Close to the central station, plenty of room to sit and quite nice. Wouldn't call it the best place but no complaints. Would definitely go back.

Jorin Ferzaj - 3 jaren geleden

Oh yea man we passed a great time in this coffeeshop , music was great, and its a comfortable place. You can enjoy a snack and a drink while smoking with some friend. It was a great experience.

Rick Starr - 3 jaren geleden

With pics of celebrities on the wall and banging weed and chilled out vibe. You can't go wrong. Prices are on the higher side but you are paying for the experience and vibe I guess.

Thomas Doherty - 3 jaren geleden

One of my favourite coffee shops has variety of food,drinks and marijuana with reasonable pricing that is tasty fulfilling and satisfying.

Tsara Howell - 3 jaren geleden

Awesome menu's for food & smoking. Breakfast scrambled eggs is fantastic. Fresh toffee cheesecake and other desserts are not to be missed. Thanx Team Green!

Happy Daze - 3 jaren geleden

The last time I was in this coffee shop they had carp swimming under the entrance floor!!!!! That was before I had had a smoke!!! :-) Nice no frills coffee shop (except for the gimicky floor). Have been here a few times & service & weed has been fine.

Jared Alvarado - 3 jaren geleden

Unwelcoming to newcomers. The arrogance was heavy here. Where I’m from in Colorado, Cannabis culture is a very welcoming one. No worries though, there are plenty of other great options in this city! Peace

Hamza Dadabhoy - 4 jaren geleden

Probably one of the best coffeeshop we came across while our stay in Amsterdam. The quality of the hasish was outstanding. We tried over 20 different coffeshops and this place was on top of our list unanimously. The cappuccino was great as well.

bethers bei - 4 jaren geleden

Great vibe.. unfortunately skint by this time but cheap drinks and food looked goood!!

peng 917 - 4 jaren geleden

This was my absolutely favourite coffee shop! The hot chocolate is absolutely banging and the smoke is top shelf material. The staff were all extremely polite and welcoming with a truly chilled vibe. I cannot wait to take the Mrs for a smoke and hot chocolate next time I visit.

Allan Walmsley - 4 jaren geleden

Our first coffee shop stop. The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere gave us a great first impression of Amsterdam. The Koi pond in the floor was a unique addition to this lovely coffee shop.

Chris Duncan - 4 jaren geleden

good food, milkshake was fresh made with ice cream, huge fish tank built into the floor. Amazing choice of weed this is the home of strain hunters

Herodote Jordy MINKALA - 4 jaren geleden

Staying high for some hours here was the best think I could do for my journey.

SK - 4 jaren geleden

Found seeds in the shoreline, the lady serving coffee said mention it to the weed counter which I did the man didn't seem to care at all I gave him the bag and said keep it. don't understand how they can sell that to the public. The staff that run the cafe section were nice and friendly tho

brainiestben - 4 jaren geleden

Awesome place to visit. Great staff, very friendly and helpful. Amazing food, and one of the best selections in Amsterdam.

Gerardo Carrillo - 4 jaren geleden

Absolutely amazing coffee shop. Their food is great and the vibe ia chill. Weed is straight fire.

Joshua Schneider - 4 jaren geleden

Great store. Big sortiment, nice feeling and friendly personal. The best at this store is the hole in the floor covered by glass which is an aquarium. Insane!!!

A Google User - 4 jaren geleden

lovely shop. good and affordable greens menu. Short/whitehaired waitress though was ignoring and not helpful for all of our 4 visits there

Logan Arnaoutoglou - 4 jaren geleden

lovely shop. good and affordable greens menu. Short/whitehaired waitress though was ignoring and not helpful for all of our 4 visits there

Kate Burrows - 4 jaren geleden

Been going here for years, it's the only place I eat when in Amsterdam plus you can smoke some goodness whilst you wait

Noé Palmero - 4 jaren geleden

Pancakes are delicious. So are the milkshakes and burgers! Waiters may sometimes take their time to get your order

Maria Gui - 5 jaren geleden

Was here one Sunday afternoon. There were not a lot of people so a nice "barman" helpede to make my choice and to use the machine. His name was Michael if I'm not mistaken. He was very nice and really took his time.

Mirna Saliba - 5 jaren geleden

Best place to chill eat and drink . Wall of Fame was amazing. Nice spacious atmosphere. Multiple seating areas. Comfortable couches and smooth music. Fish under the floor!

Lutz Brocke - 6 jaren geleden

Very friendly staff. Provided excellent newbie guidance.

Michi Hopp - 6 jaren geleden

Great location! Nice quality! Love the Vaporizer Balloons!

David Spokes - 6 jaren geleden

For such a popular coffeeshop its reasonably priced and actually has comfortable seating

Mi Chelle - 6 jaren geleden

Good weed, good food and drink. Attentive staff, what more could you ask for. Will definitely be visiting again

Courtney Dalrymple - 6 jaren geleden

Looks great inside and the fish tank floor is cool. Hard to get seats but what do you expect. Home of the strain hunters. Rip Franco you are a legend ????????????


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