Coffeeshop Amsterdam
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Haarlemmerstraat 44, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Valentino bencek - 2 weken geleden
Great weed, friendly staff. Guy working there recommended excellent product
PreggyUK - 3 maanden geleden
Small selection of the finest, very friendly staff and clean. Didn't accept card but has a cash machine that charges
Pascal Prünster - 5 maanden geleden
Very friendly staff, and tasty greens
Kirk H - 6 maanden geleden
Excellent place Lovely people good atmosphere Excellent weed
Alex Dolye - 6 maanden geleden
Very comfortable and roomy! Excellent table service and products.
David Ko - 7 maanden geleden
Staff are amazing. Legit the only highlight of my disastrous layover in Amsterdam. They also had sum solid bud at decent prices. The red velvet space cake was one of the tastiest edibles I have ever tried. 13/10
Alex Brodsky - 7 maanden geleden
Great coffeshop, with nice priced hash! King hassan is my goto. Friendly staff too!
Maya - 8 maanden geleden
No doubt the best coffeshopp that I visited in Amsterdam, the staff are very friendly, the smoke room, which is actually a pub (loved it), is very nice, and the price is absolutely the best! Also, the weed is great! Definitely want to go back!
Andrew Lam - 8 maanden geleden
Red velvet space cake was incredible! Might have gotten a bit too high but that's my problem not theirs haha
Gary Green - 9 maanden geleden
Grest coffeeshop always worth a visit when in Amsterdam, one of the best milkshakes in the dam and good quality menu
Kevin C. - 10 maanden geleden
According to several "top 10", this coffeeshop is one of the best of the city. The personnal was very friendly and helped us in choosing our strain (a 'Choco' something). We didn't use there but in the close café of the same brand. It was a very good moment.
Baklava 030 - 11 maanden geleden
shoreline kush + green crack were banging! pricey but nice and strong indicas
Gary Belbin - 1 jaar geleden
The best hot chocolate in Amsterdam & the weed is good too
p y r u v i c a c . i d - 1 jaar geleden
ah i had the most pleasant experience there. they are extremely hospitable and knowledgeable of their products. i got recommended Jala and boy were they right. during these trying times it was a real delight to have such a fun and kind staff to interact with, made my day!
Nicolás Eugenio H. - 1 jaar geleden
It is a very nice place; and it has a wide variety of cannabis types to choose!
Tim Ringdal - 1 jaar geleden
Simply the best shop in Amsterdam Centrum by far!! Clean nice flushed weed. You can easily SEE it's WERY good quality grown, even if not a pro. ❗
Morgan O Callaghan - 1 jaar geleden
This place is A1. Staff are very nice Try the choclate milkshake inside its banging
Nikki Bates - 1 jaar geleden
Best coffee shop I found in the 8 days I was there,the weed here is superior and the indoor seating area comfy and cosy.plemty of options of drinks and the service fantastic and friendly,if a little rushed at times.
goldi - 1 jaar geleden
Went here two years ago for the first time and immediately fell in love with the store. It didnt changed at all! Still very very friendly people here which make you feel like a welcomed guest at anytime. The quality is A+ in my opinion. The home blend and Super Silver are a must! Go to the top floor and try to get a table at the edge of the building so you can have a view on the street and the people passing by!
nico - 1 jaar geleden
Went here two years ago for the first time and immediately fell in love with the store. It didnt changed at all! Still very very friendly people here which make you feel like a welcomed guest at anytime. The quality is A+ in my opinion. The home blend and Super Silver are a must! Go to the top floor and try to get a table at the edge of the building so you can have a view on the street and the people passing by!
Ash H - 1 jaar geleden
Best coffeeshop in Dam
Temur Urakov - 1 jaar geleden
Great location, great staff and most importantly great buds.
Amir Redzic - 1 jaar geleden
A big big choise of plants my advice is to go here cuZ, you have to see this and taste some od plants these guys have. Congratz to this coffeeshop and till next time !!
Callum S - 2 jaren geleden
By far the most modern and welcoming coffee shop in Amsterdam. Staff were really helpful in telling us what would be best. Will definitely come back.
Saverio Guardato - 2 jaren geleden
In Amsterdam is the first coffeeshop to visit. Always the best quality always every product strong and very very compact fresh and no dry. For me 1 of the best from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. I love it.
Lewis Broadfield - 2 jaren geleden
Great location, friendly staff, good products
Kay Gee - 2 jaren geleden
Staff was friendly but we didn't have a good experience there. My friend wanted something relaxing and the staff recommended half a brownie. My friend ate about a quarter and despite the small amount experienced extreme heart racing, physical shaking and mental aggitation when it kicked in. It looked like a full blown panic attack to me. So scary to watch. Not sure what they are putting in their brownies but it certainly wasn't relaxing. We felt that the staff didn't give us the right information.
Kentaro Rios - 2 jaren geleden
This place is great, they have the best layout and a great staff. Nothing but good experience’s here. The only thing that would make it better is if they had Blue Dream. I would recommend this shop to my friends.
Clark Butler - 2 jaren geleden
I would like to say...thanks dude n dudets of the coffee, it was are first time in dam, and we used the shop every night we was there after we found you, chilled out and the weed/hash was amazing!!....thanks guys really thanks got some stickers of yours for my shop!! See you again soon x
Jannis F - 3 jaren geleden
Its really one of the Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The Service is great the strains are great and the Quality is very very Good. Thanks to Amsterdam genetics There are a Lot of special strains and the prices are fine Too. See you next time Edit: Was there again Last week. You really should try the G13 Amnesia it was the last and this time very awesome!
Led Ledu - 3 jaren geleden
Quality weed and welcoming staff. Great value for money. This is basically one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. BIG UP!
Darran - 3 jaren geleden
First time in this coffee shop wasn't impressed weed wasn't great felt uneasy being in there. Far better coffee shops about with better weed and a more relaxing environment also had to buy a drink when I just bought weed but didn't have to in other coffee shops just seems another way of getting extra money from customers I'm an experienced smoker and know if i need a drink to bring my sugar levels back to normal. Will not be going back
Tracy Deards - 3 jaren geleden
My most favourite coffee shop...staff are great especially the young slim lady with the very short blonde hair (she's just the loveliest) the space cakes are amazing from here, I'm not a smoker & I find it hard to find edibles that get me really high (these do the trick 100%)
aiden killeen - 3 jaren geleden
Best I've been too, staff are really friendly and extremely helpful, polite and respectful. And they love a bit of banter. Great selection and proper quality.
Peter Sleeckx - 3 jaren geleden
Shop was very busy. It is preferred that you first buy your weed or hash and then simply select a table and sit down. The waitress will come to your table and the bar people don't like it if you order at the bar
Katia Savina - 3 jaren geleden
UPD: Sorry, didn't have time to write a full review. I didn't like that you have to order at least something to drink to stay here, no matter you've already bought a joint. And our company didn't like the joints because it seems they are half-tobacco. We weren't said about that. Thus, everyone is smoking tobacco here and I really don't like its smell.
Roman Battaglia - 3 jaren geleden
A pretty good place to hang out. They had good drinks and lots of room. Staff were pretty friendly too.
Hux Trauma - 3 jaren geleden
Nice place with tasty grass. Sure I'll come back for another jollo. I recommend
A A - 3 jaren geleden
So I got cursed out by the guy behind the counter when I asked for his recommendation (taller, black gentleman in his mid 20's). I work for a major MMJ publication in the US and look forward to writing about my experience here. Product = 4/10 and Experience = -1/10. Keep up the good work guys (sarcasm).
Worldirection Bot - 3 jaren geleden
One of my favourite coffeeshops. Lots of seats. Great weed and hash selection and kind staff
you're all so gullible - 3 jaren geleden
Not a bad coffeeshop. Good selection of veg at decent prices. And you also get table service.
Georgios Diakonitakis - 3 jaren geleden
Nice interior. That's it. The guy in front at the counter was very impolite and disinterested. The prerolled was so bad, we had to open them and roll it our self. The filter was the problem. To thin rolled. Across this place is another one. We will try that one next time.
barbu theodor - 3 jaren geleden
2.40 euro a tea and you got a FREE STROOPWAFEL and they also have good banana block from the fridge. One of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. 6/5 stars
Alica - 3 jaren geleden
It literally took the waitress 45 minutes to take our order - after reminding her twice - and 53 minutes in total to get it... the worst part was when she actually took the orders of the other guests next to us while ignoring us. Nice people where you buy directly though.
Marcus Stempa - 3 jaren geleden
Loved this place. Good staff when They arent stressed out. As for the strains, they smelled/looked good but I was already too medicated to tell. :)
Joseph Picard - 3 jaren geleden
Definitely the best quality/price of the area! The weed is really strong, and their hash is great too! Should definitely prioritize this place if you just want to buy!
Darius Visockis - 3 jaren geleden
Got my good stuff here and with my mini bongster spend some good time inside. I literally loved whole experience. Don't know, just try you won't regret
Jeremy Davie - 5 jaren geleden
Classy, and not classy for a coffee shop. Well, okay, classy for a coffee shop, but still nice. Friendly staff, and seems like a very busy place.
Sophie Rohrssen - 5 jaren geleden
Great place, lovely chill atmosphere and pleasant staff! Can seem crowded, but planty of space on 3 floors. Prices were good, and nice selection of munchies too.
Matt Jacobs Jr - 6 jaren geleden
Amazing selection of trees and delicious brownies. Very relaxed atmosphere and very modern interior. Less touristy than Bulldog locations and Greenhouse. Very knowledgeable staff.
Fabrizio Caracausi - 6 jaren geleden
We probably been to every coffe shop in ams, but this place was our favourite. We ended up coming here three times in three days. It's airy and spacious, lots of natural light and relaxed music playing in the background. The staff can be a bit too picky at times if you don't stick by the rules however it is for the benefit and enjoyment of all guests. It also serves as a deterrent for the more 'animated' crowds keeping the ambience relaxed and quiet. As per the quality of the produce, although not the best we've tried in during our visit, it comes short second of Grey Area, our favourite buds but least favourite spot to enjoy them.
Oscar Fornier - 6 jaren geleden
Easy atmosphere, wide selection of top-quality weeds and hasj, to fit your days temperature
FreedomIsTheGoal - 6 jaren geleden
Nice and fair personal. They show you the weed weigh it in front of you and let you have a testsniff. Awesome personal and very comfortable. Enough space to sit but its a little too dark in there
discostu420 - 6 jaren geleden
im a frequent guest of cir=ty very regular they have the nest many of imes and i have been to all. this is not me doing this and reviewing from one yar n amsterdam your talking a decade consistently most potent cannabis & great service.PEOPLE STOP BITCHING ABOUT SECURITY AND HATS THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE IN EVERY SINGLE SHOP FOR EVEN WINTER CAPS IT COMES OFF YOU WALK UP WITH IT OFF OR PULLING OFF YOU WILL BE RESPECTED SHOW IT GET LEARN THE RULES AND HOW IT WORKS OR DONT COMPLAIN.
Constance Macé - 6 jaren geleden
Never have I seen a place where the security person is so aggressive, nor have I ever heard the F word shouted at quiet potential customers before. It seems that this place is a very elitist cafe, and its staff (at least the security gard) sees a danger in every single person. Insulting, humiliating, i don't think anything justifies treating people like they do.

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