Coffeeshop Ruthless Amsterdam
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Hoofdweg 174, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Ben Meecham - 1 maand geleden
Lovely little coffeeshop, I'd Highly recommend
Balázs Mészáros - 2 maanden geleden
Excellent quality, amazing product range, low prices and nice, polite people. Be careful, this is not the leightweight stuff like in other, fancy places.
Lucia 1484 - 4 maanden geleden
great weed, fair prices and nice staff
M - 5 maanden geleden
delicious and strong space cakes, i recommend the chocolate cookie.
Gabe Stattic - 9 maanden geleden
Good prices..weed is good.
Viking Warrior - 10 maanden geleden
Good service on time :)
Aleksandar Banjac - 11 maanden geleden
Good place to go. Work from early morning hours. Staff is very friendly and was nice to hangout there between flights :)
Susan Welland - 11 maanden geleden
Very nice staff! Even gave me a lighter for my candle
Michael Weber - 11 maanden geleden
This is a very good coffeeshop in Amsterdam West. You can choose between a lot of weed and hash and You can joy indoor and outdoor with some drinks. The prices are also very good because they serve mostly local people. The service is very kind. At all a very good secret location.
Ben Dover - 1 jaar geleden
Cool staff and pot
Tijn Vaandrager - 1 jaar geleden
This coffeshop is fine if you are looking for some weed. They have got some pretty nice indicas and sativas for a reasonable price. But when it comes to the hash, this shop can do way better. All their hash costs over 10 euros per gram, wich is ridiculously high for the it's quality. When I asked for a nice light hash they did not have any. They only have 3 different strains of hash. Personel is very friendly though, they always help with your choises. There also is a cigaret machine here, which is very nice.
Moritz Pindorek - 1 jaar geleden
Nice staff and decent weed for a good Price, extra + for the Mastercard Payment option!
Edv Vardo - 1 jaar geleden
They say “The best You discover at end” and thats my story with Ruthless. I smoked weed from almost, or even every coffeshop in XXX past 2 years, and the quality of stuff here its literally stunning
Jose Carvalho - 1 jaar geleden
Good people good reception good quality 5*
Кристина Г. - 1 jaar geleden
Really cozy and good products. Suggested
Alessandra Gallione - 2 jaren geleden
Very relaxed atmosphere, and good stuff, more like being at friend house than in a shop..
EL Barnie - 2 jaren geleden
Can Recommend. Very Good Quality!
Patrick Sanctuari - 2 jaren geleden
Friendly staff. Excellent, good quality, even on pre-rolled. Inside it‘s not so tempting, but for takeAway it’s perfect.
DAB Craft - 2 jaren geleden
This place is pretty nice, there's a smoking area inside, and membership required. Prices are decent and friendly staff.
Der Zug-Fan - 2 jaren geleden
Very nice atmosphere. Calm, a little bit outside of downtown Amsterdam, but easy to get to. Less stressful then the ones near the main station. I enjoyed it, I can definitely recommend it if you're into that kind of stuff.
fuego pueblo juanaz - 3 jaren geleden
Friendly People,very good Weed.
Ivan Hutik - 3 jaren geleden
Nicest spot, arabic experience, good coffee and of course sweet grass..
Deepak Marathe - 3 jaren geleden
Friendly people. Good for hanging out. Coffee available.
ALFS BROKANS - 3 jaren geleden
An alright place to smoke some weed in the morning.
Graham Smith - 3 jaren geleden
good prices good quality one i vist quite regular
Musab Alrasheed - 3 jaren geleden
Amazing place great stuff and nice smoking area
Kris Gran - 3 jaren geleden
Ok place. Ok stuff. Stop by, make your own decision.
GoogleUser Alex - 4 jaren geleden
Stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice smoke ;) Parking space can be problematic if going by car.
Albertone T. - 4 jaren geleden
Fantastic ( low kush and low haze) low price ❤️
Maddy Councill - 4 jaren geleden
Really tacky atmosphere. Bouncer on the door. For the tourists who want to feel edgy.
Pirogov Mihai - 4 jaren geleden
Very nice. You may be a bit intimidated at first but it's very nice and relaxed. Good if you want to disconnect for a bit

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