Coffeeshop The Jolly Joker

Nieuwmarkt 4-A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop informatie



Samuel Škamla - 3 weken geleden
Great coffeeshop with amazing weed! Definitely recommend to come with friends
Kristine Chappell - 2 maanden geleden
Great atmosphere and good company to be found here!!!
Tomislav Roginic - 3 maanden geleden
Hands down top kakao in town , and other things
Gonzague Martinez Bosc - 3 maanden geleden
My favourite coffee shop in town since 10years, I definitely recommend this wonderful little legend place
Kasra Beyranvand - 4 maanden geleden
It's not just a coffeeshop ! You will never forget memories of Amsterdam after take a break in the Jolly Joker
Joyce Baker - 9 maanden geleden
First time to Amsterdam, always wanted to visit this place. Flight delay gave us literally 24 hrs here and we enjoyed every minute of it! Jolly Joker was a great coffee shop that wasn't intimidating at all. Went up to the bar, ordered a Cappuccino and a pre-rolled joint from the menu like it was no big deal, because it's not there lol. Felt totally awkward lighting it up in a public place in broad daylight, but no one even looked at me, they could care less! "When in Rome... "
Alan Kavanagh - 9 maanden geleden
Best coffeeshop in Europe. The staff are fantastic and so lovely and you can get a real cup of tea. Can't wait to go back
DJ Anton - 11 maanden geleden
We love this place. Always our first port of call. Warm and friendly. Guaranteed quality. ❤️
anthuntram - 11 maanden geleden
We love this place. Always our first port of call. Warm and friendly. Guaranteed quality. ❤️
Yuliet Jimenez - 1 jaar geleden
very bad attention two girls very carefree about the business. In addition to buying joints made only of tobacco and they did not accept me to return them. I started charging the phone and they asked me to disconnect it immediately! without giving me any explanation ... The attention and service is lamentable although the place has good views!
Nicole Morgan - 1 jaar geleden
Great place even though the corona virus. The best brownies ever
soundwaveshadlow - 1 jaar geleden
My new favorite coffeeshop went in there twice morning and night different staff and they where very nice got prerolls there and they where excellent will be back next month and will definitely be going back
Mathis Bobenrieth - 1 jaar geleden
Very bad welcoming in this coffee shop. The seller is not warm to us and talk badly . You also have to buy weed first to get a drink.
rastaman187 - 1 jaar geleden
Super polm was very good and coffee was great too cheap n cheerful...
Christopher Fairbarns - 1 jaar geleden
Great little coffee shop, about 8 tables, all the supplies you need and a very friendly staff!
David Hui - 1 jaar geleden
Little bit tourist priced, but nice vibe and great views from the top floor.
SHM Haulage - Wigan - 1 jaar geleden
The vibe in here is awesome we went in late at night and had a few coffees before bed . Good service pretty cheap and weed is good
Rachael Donaghy - 1 jaar geleden
Brillant staff, nice selection of smoke definitely recommend
Alix Paultre - 1 jaar geleden
Classic coffee shop, lots of light and great views through big storefront-style windows.
Angel Jordan - 1 jaar geleden
Absolutely great place to have your coffee and smoke. Music is on point not to loud but just enough. Peeeerfect! If you are in Amsterdam you have to come through!

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