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Coffeeshop The Jolly Joker

Nieuwmarkt 4-A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Adrian Munteanu - vor 1 Monat

I went 3 times on the same day. Nice place, a little dusty but good atmosphere. I like the fact that they have more variety on rolled than other places. They have a few tables up strairs, when the night start is a quite nice view from there.

Isabella - vor 2 Monaten

That was all in all my favorite coffeeshop in amsterdam!! Cheap, great playlist & very good stuff to smoke. I would definitely visit them often from now on.

Yasmin - vor 3 Monaten

Went to there on a last minute stop to buy some edibles as souvenirs and decided to take one for myself for a fun train ride back home. Let me tell you, those were the strongest edibles I’ve ever had. I ate both half’s of the brownie within a 90 min span, because I wasn’t feeling anything. But then, I was flying though a different dimension with some funny looking people and an ever changing scenery outside of my window. -1 because I was fully tripping and I’m just happy I made it home safely. Otherwise that was a really funny experience.

Morgan MacNeill - vor 3 Monaten

Customer service shocking. Guy behind bar with Afro was cheeky to not only but other customers walking in. I then purchased 3 pre rolled “PURE” joints. I also made it very clear I wanted no tobacco as it does not settle well with me. I then got home to find out they were filled with tobacco and had little weed inside. Messaged Facebook page for them to only to be cheeky. Would not recommend plenty of better coffee shops in the area that will be worth your money and a better environment.

Tian-Africa - vor 5 Monaten

Visited to try some bud at the start of the month the staff behind the bar advised there was no space so it would be take away only he seemed quite dismissive and rude of us so we didn't even feel comfortable even viewing the menu and left soon after had high hopes for this one but found the other shops next door really welcoming and very good bud

M - vor 6 Monaten

Small cozy coffeeshop, one of the oldest with classic strains, nothing special, but nice to visit once. Would have given 4 stars here. Unfortunately the guy behind the bar is a rude english man that is the complete opposite of welcoming people. So I end with 1 star. Will not go there again anytime soon.

Deborah Wymann - vor 7 Monaten

My first coffee shop in Amsterdam and what a good one for me. Very friendly, relaxing, and laid back atmosphere. Their selection is nice and satisfying. Staff are most accommodating and friendly. A must try!!!

Andrei Olaru - vor 8 Monaten

One of the nicest vibes inside an coffeeshop. The music was really nice, with a good taste, and the weed excellent. The staff were really helpful, and the table service really fast. We've ordered one milkshake (which turned out to be huge) and one cappuccino. Coffeeshop offeres smoke places inside and also outside

E. M. - vor 9 Monaten

They were out of stock and apologized. Nevertheless they tried to satisfy my gusto. Nice Shop. Nothing to complain about so 5 Stars

Wargliis - vor 9 Monaten

An old classic coffeeshop in town. Love the atmosphere in here and you can leave behind a note on the walls there for a good memory.

Carman Y - vor 9 Monaten

Love it here, super cool, friendly staff lovely smoke. Highly recommended!

Karen - vor 10 Monaten

Cash only. Bartender working there at the time we went was not friendly whatsoever. We ended up leaving to find a friendlier spot.

john doe - vor 10 Monaten

Hasn’t changed much at all over the years. Interesting looking at the money from around the world. Got some old school strains and nice prices.

Sebastian “Burkie” - vor 10 Monaten

SOORRY, i was wrong for 25€ you get 5 PRE ROLLED ... Not Gramms ..xD Nice prices starting at 9€ for superpolm hash =)

Sara Ellis - vor 11 Monaten

Really nice vibe, went here twice maybe 3 times. Bartender super cool and friendly.

silwat Tajamal - vor 11 Monaten

Great vibes and the interior is so unique. People left little notes on their country's currency. The diversity is amazing!!

stefan boyle - vor 1 Jahr

My favourite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. I usually have a great time in here but my on the 3rd of April 2022 the member of staff working could not of been any more rude if he tried, so much so that myself and 2 friends left after 15mins. We always spend a considerable amount of time and money in the Jolly Joker but not this time.

Arya Yuyutsu - vor 1 Jahr

One of my favourite coffeeshops and the first one I ever visited. It's our go-to spot in Amsterdam the moment we reach there. The open windows stop you from getting overly hotboxed and its location, right in the heart of the city, just beside the Red Light District, makes it a fantastic location to chill, people watch, and feel the vibe of a bustling city while enjoying a little peaceful moment for yourself. The staff have always been super friendly as well, and they have some great pre-rolled options. Don't miss out on sitting by the window sill, sipping on their green tea with a spliff, while seeping in the atmosphere of one of the coolest towns in the world.

Fox “PsycKho” Law - vor 1 Jahr

Cozy and comfy. Very friendly bartender, helpful too. Reasonable prices for such a touristic spot. Of the 6/7 coffeeshops I went too it's the only one that felt right and not like a tourist trap or a dancing club. Will come again here next time I'm in Amsterdam!

Lukas Metzger-Lindner - vor 1 Jahr

Great experience! We spent every of our 3 evenings at this coffee shop. Reminds one of an pub. The guy at the counter was super funny and helpful and if you’re lucky, you can get a table at the top floor.

N. AKHTAR - vor 1 Jahr

Such an amazing place. Will remember coming here with my sisters all my life. Such a fantastic vibe. Will come every time we visit Amsterdam. Can not wait.

Tino A.M. - vor 1 Jahr

Since there is take away the door is locked. There was nobody to help me. After trying to open the door a couple times a very upset person told me in a very rude way to stop shaking the door. I asked him why he was being upset and that didn't help, afterwards when I said sorry. He got more upset and told me he wouldn't help me because I was being sarcastic. Horrible place, do not go there during lockdown!!

Oliver Hoffmann - vor 1 Jahr

One of my favorit coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Really good taste hasch(templeball)

Chris Petryk - vor 1 Jahr

Nice place. Great weed. A real favorite when in Amsterdam.

Samuel Škamla - vor 1 Jahr

Great coffeeshop with amazing weed! Definitely recommend to come with friends

Kristine Chappell - vor 1 Jahr

Great atmosphere and good company to be found here!!!

Tomislav Roginic - vor 1 Jahr

Hands down top kakao in town , and other things

Gonzague Martinez Bosc - vor 1 Jahr

My favourite coffee shop in town since 10years, I definitely recommend this wonderful little legend place

Kasra Beyranvand - vor 1 Jahr

It's not just a coffeeshop ! You will never forget memories of Amsterdam after take a break in the Jolly Joker

Joyce Baker - vor 2 Jahren

First time to Amsterdam, always wanted to visit this place. Flight delay gave us literally 24 hrs here and we enjoyed every minute of it! Jolly Joker was a great coffee shop that wasn't intimidating at all. Went up to the bar, ordered a Cappuccino and a pre-rolled joint from the menu like it was no big deal, because it's not there lol. Felt totally awkward lighting it up in a public place in broad daylight, but no one even looked at me, they could care less! "When in Rome... "

Alan Kavanagh - vor 2 Jahren

Best coffeeshop in Europe. The staff are fantastic and so lovely and you can get a real cup of tea. Can't wait to go back

DJ Anton - vor 2 Jahren

We love this place. Always our first port of call. Warm and friendly. Guaranteed quality. ❤️

anthuntram - vor 2 Jahren

We love this place. Always our first port of call. Warm and friendly. Guaranteed quality. ❤️

Yuliet Jimenez - vor 2 Jahren

very bad attention two girls very carefree about the business. In addition to buying joints made only of tobacco and they did not accept me to return them. I started charging the phone and they asked me to disconnect it immediately! without giving me any explanation ... The attention and service is lamentable although the place has good views!

Nicole Morgan - vor 2 Jahren

Great place even though the corona virus. The best brownies ever

soundwaveshadlow - vor 2 Jahren

My new favorite coffeeshop went in there twice morning and night different staff and they where very nice got prerolls there and they where excellent will be back next month and will definitely be going back

Mathis Bobenrieth - vor 2 Jahren

Very bad welcoming in this coffee shop. The seller is not warm to us and talk badly . You also have to buy weed first to get a drink.

rastaman187 - vor 2 Jahren

Super polm was very good and coffee was great too cheap n cheerful...

Christopher Fairbarns - vor 2 Jahren

Great little coffee shop, about 8 tables, all the supplies you need and a very friendly staff!

David Hui - vor 3 Jahren

Little bit tourist priced, but nice vibe and great views from the top floor.

SHM Haulage - Wigan - vor 3 Jahren

The vibe in here is awesome we went in late at night and had a few coffees before bed . Good service pretty cheap and weed is good

Rachael Donaghy - vor 3 Jahren

Brillant staff, nice selection of smoke definitely recommend

Alix Paultre - vor 3 Jahren

Classic coffee shop, lots of light and great views through big storefront-style windows.

Angel Jordan - vor 3 Jahren

Absolutely great place to have your coffee and smoke. Music is on point not to loud but just enough. Peeeerfect! If you are in Amsterdam you have to come through!


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