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Waterlandplein 7, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Noord)

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Simon Mercy (NOMERCY) - 1 maand geleden
Prices are really irrelevant to quality they offer
K Stadelmann - 4 maanden geleden
Nice and very friendly staff but totally overpriced products in regards to the quality level. You can find much better places with a much better price to quality ratio.
ken - 7 maanden geleden
I went there few times , and will never go again.
A/B Iorcuzu - 7 maanden geleden
Great Haze strain. Loved it!
Phat2 Tony - 7 maanden geleden
Not very handicapped friendly. I saw this gentleman "standing" in front of me clearly handicapped and, from what I and the security of the coffeehouse, in somewhat pain, standing and waiting in line in the rain in for about 10mins and nobody from the staff offered him a seat inside or even let him go in avoiding the wait. But ok it's Holland what would one expect from the Dutch.
Hamal Said - 8 maanden geleden
Nice and prepared staff, good products, the only thing that i don’t understand is why when there is a small bold guy as security, he never open the door, let all the people touch the door and he’s always with the phone! If this is a security job..
Kris S - 8 maanden geleden
Good strong green. Friendly staff.
David - 1 jaar geleden
Pretty good quality but a bit expensive!
Chantal Vi - 1 jaar geleden
I only buy weed when Antonio is working! he always knows what I want and if he doesn’t have something always gives me good honest advice
Guerico - 1 jaar geleden
The weed is nice, hash too, the customer service is top also in this hard period. Staff really nice and helpful!
Alberto Gueli - 1 jaar geleden
The weed is nice, hash too, the customer service is top also in this hard period. Staff really nice and helpful!
Valerio Coluccello - 1 jaar geleden
only because of a thin and blond boy who does not want to give the top and leaves and crumbs of weed.
David Hund - 1 jaar geleden
Weed is okay, nothing special But the experience is bad. The security man was very unfriendly and behaved unnecessarily strict. I wont come back here. There are better shops in town. Go to best friends, that one is way better!!
Martina Szilagyiova - 2 jaren geleden
Good quality of weed :) only recommend
kaip kam - 3 jaren geleden
Everything nice, menu is nice and cheap :) just open till 23:00 :D
Nathaniel Gill - 3 jaren geleden
Very friendly and helpful staff, great atmosphere.
MrDarkknight68 - 3 jaren geleden
Good choice of weed on menu nice friendly staff
Jaamaan123 Paat - 3 jaren geleden
Good selection. Not the cheapest
solus ito - 4 jaren geleden
easy for a fast drop in. in times of need in the days before now
Filipe Brandão - 4 jaren geleden
Nice weed, friendly staff
Joao Brandao - 4 jaren geleden
Nice weed, friendly staff.
Alicia Mei - 4 jaren geleden
Nice coffeeshop decent prices especially great for taking a break between doing deliveries like I do with Uber :)
scott greenlun - 4 jaren geleden
Dank u so good
Orlando Comvalius - 5 jaren geleden
Goede locatie, vriendelijk personeel
Leon Juan Williams - 5 jaren geleden
Dure wiet
Laurens Tahapary - 6 jaren geleden
A Google User - 11 jaren geleden
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