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Kerkstraat 39, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.facebook.com/coffeeshopthedolphins/
  • +31 20 774 3336


Drago S - 3 weken geleden

The place is nice, but staff is not! Unfortunately i had a terrible experience, especially with the young woman who forced us to leave the coffeeshop just after having bought a gram of hash and a cappuccino.. after 20mins i couldnt finish my joint in peace. Other staff im sure are good, but not the one i met. At least the stuff is good

Moritz Weidner - 3 weken geleden

The dolphins was the coffeeshop i lived the most. They have huge variety of weed and also have an amazing chilling lounge. The staff was very nice!

Chris Kaleel - 3 maanden geleden

I love it first one I went to on my trip. It's small which is nice not to big great staff and awesome selection

Philip Downey - 3 maanden geleden

A really unique coffeeshop in Amsterdam won't find another like this. Check it out. Great menu with some old school strains. Friendly helpful staff and a good drink selection.

connor b - 4 maanden geleden

What can I say? Amazing! The staff are just lovely and attentive. The seating downstairs is extremely cosy. I would 100% recommend trying the hot chocolate.

Rafael Romani - 4 maanden geleden

Please go downstairs. This coffee shop is a hidden gem. Always very comfortable, good items and nice staff.

Luca Italiano - 5 maanden geleden

Quite possibly the worst coffeeshop I've been to. I was meeting a few friends from a trip who had a head start on me and had already been seated, I walked in to meet them downstairs and was immediately stopped saying I need to buy weed and a drink, I responded by saying I want to make sure my friends are downstairs first... She wouldn't let me go down! I proceeded to buy a coffee, her attitude was awful, huffing and puffing as I didn't get something "easy". When she served it, I asked for some sweetener and she responded with "anything else? bring it down for you??" The lady working with her, grabbed me some and apologized on her behalf.

Mr Oranje - 6 maanden geleden

Great visuals, underwater theme. One of the originals and one of the best.

Hardeep Ubhi - 7 maanden geleden

What a great place to enjoy Amsterdam's finest. The atmosphere is great. The downstairs area is great to lounge around and enjoy some great products. The music they play is really good, gets you in the right mood. Opens from 8 and all the staff are very friendly

Jasmin E (Jas) - 7 maanden geleden

The decor was amazing upstairs and downstairs has a nice little seating area (steep steps be careful) the staff are lovely and friendly. The lady who served us was very attentive and more than helpful with advice and things to do. The coffee was the best we had. Highly recommend.

Alina Razghonova - 7 maanden geleden

It was a great place to visit, really recommend to try an amnesia pro.

Diana Olaru - 7 maanden geleden

One of my favourite places in Amsterdam, it has an unique design. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Also the staff was very nice. :)

Shantanu Singha - 8 maanden geleden

One of my favourite places in the Netherlands and my favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The staff and the stuff are both amazing and they suggest you the best weed of the day. You can also roll a joint and smoke in the coffeeshop. Try securing the table right at the entrance.

Catherina Vecchione - 9 maanden geleden

Great product and amazing vibes to hang out inside.

andreas karlsson - 9 maanden geleden

Really nice place friendly staff i accidently spilled all the weed when i smelled it but the guy in the bar handled it well had a great time recommend everyone a visit

MaSeK MatoneR - 9 maanden geleden

I think it has one of the best 4€ pre-rolled in Amsterdam. Tabaco doesn't taste old and can see actually green through the paper.

Antony Sanchez - 10 maanden geleden

Beautiful interior, welcoming staff and good coffee.

Master IsReal - 1 jaar geleden

best staff if u r in lucky day and the nice place for chill

יותם נמר - 1 jaar geleden

My personal favorite place in Amsterdam very comfortable and pleasant The staff is amazing and always fun to come back to

D M - 1 jaar geleden

A really unique coffeeshop in Amsterdam won't find another like this. Cool looking under water interior , plenty of tables for guests. Produce itself isn't expensive, can be busy at times. Very chilled timed to be had would recommend spending some time in here

Bart Lenaerts - 1 jaar geleden

Good stuff, friendly staff!

Ariel Vargas - 1 jaar geleden

Best coffeshop in Amsterdam. Great staff, always super friendly and welcoming. The smoking area downstairs looks like a old submarine. It’s an amazing experience too chill there.The products are also of very good quality and fair price.

Simon Wright - 1 jaar geleden

Adding for a wasted friend that visited 20 years ago. He still insists that "WhiteDolphin" sold here around 2000 was the best he's had. He remembers the Blue Dolphin in the window.

Grace O - 1 jaar geleden

Rude lady! Told us not to "fall asleep"

Al X - 1 jaar geleden

This is the place to go before starting your day. Been going for 10 years here, top class products, top class services.

Raffaele Conti - 1 jaar geleden

Friendly staff. Nice strains. Great atmosphere. Edibles are delicious

Dave Robertson - 2 jaren geleden

Rude staff, tourist trap. About as bad as it gets for an Amsteddam Coffeeshop, stay away.

John Martin - 2 jaren geleden

Ghetto and rude! Many better options in the area with lowe prices, higher quality and friendly staff

Alexander Hahn - 2 jaren geleden

Great service great price great coffee great joints

Ali Obrian - 2 jaren geleden


Attila Kántor - 2 jaren geleden

The problem was the employer took it as personal insult that my pal put up his legs on the sofa (cause of the severe pain in his leg) We told him, but as I said didn't show any slight of understanding. Fokin good goods but never go back and can't recommend cause of the reason I mentioned. Rude and very sensitive staff...

von goff - 2 jaren geleden

I was here 10 years ago and always wanted to come back, the place hasn't changed, it was like walking back in time again. Lovely place, knowledgeable staff and a great place to chill in. Keep the good work up guys, see you in another 10 years.

podgemaster 3000 - 2 jaren geleden

Great place. Comfortable seats, friendly helpful staff, good weed.

Bryony Manley - 2 jaren geleden

Female staff member felt she was either 'above' customers or just straight up didn't want to be there. Asked about cakes, she got one pre-packaged out of the fridge, chucked it on the counter without even looking at us. Pre-rolled products are of questionable quality and decor is tacky... I'm just another person echoing of all their poor reviews.

Joey Campbell - 3 jaren geleden

I was here about two years ago. Then it was great. Friendly staff. Fine selection. Cute downstairs area to smoke. Today I was here. The girl was not friendly. Said we couldn’t smoke there unless we bought drinks which we did. Then we were told that we actually couldn’t smoke there at all because there were three of us. There’s enough places around to not have to deal with all of their politics

Johannes Wold - 3 jaren geleden

Extremely nice location for anyone wishing to have a decent, fresh and smooth bud in Amsterdam. The staff is exceptional, and super friendly. I would recommend going there during daylight as we had the most fun going there then :)

Samantha Jones - 3 jaren geleden

Lots to look at. Downstairs is for tobacco smokers. As the name suggests, very aquatic theme. Upstairs coral reef, downstairs submarine. Friendly staff, kept nice and clean. Good, though limited menu and advice.

nope - 3 jaren geleden

Four of us went in on Tuesday lunchtime. Went to buy a 25€ gram of kief. Was asked to buy at least 3 grams for us to sit in. Ironically would have spent over 100€ had they not been so desperate to take in a few more euros right away. Left without buying. The atmosphere was non existent as there were only 2 people there.. don't visit

Innes - 3 jaren geleden

Nice small coffee shop worth finding if ever in Amsterdam and on a weed tour of the city. I would recommended the northern lights. If you go in a large group the shop assistant will ask for most of the group to buy weed and drinks

Sandra Dwyer - 3 jaren geleden

Visited last weekend and was blown away by the atmosphere. Staff were lovely and very knowledgeable, drinks were reasonably priced and I love the underwater vibe. Thank you for your great hospitality. Back in January. Xxx

Ale Whatever - 3 jaren geleden

The best, coziest and friendliest Coffee Shop in Amsterdam! The decor is beautifully ocean-inspired, the menu is small but great and the place just screams for a relaxing stay with a fresh orange juice and a joint. Its by-far our favourite. While other Coffee Shops are dull, dark and sometimes dirty, this one is the exact opposite! See ya next year, greetings from Switzerland!

Stef Schoepple - 3 jaren geleden

This place was one of my favourite stops in Amsterdam when I visited in 2017! The atmosphere and decor is beautiful, imaginative, immersive, and relaxing. The strains available there were varied and well priced, and the food and drink offerings, though limited, were tasty and refreshing and surprisingly health-conscious. The staff are friendly, laid back, and extremely helpful. Honestly, even if coffee shops aren't your bag, this place is worth it just to grab a cool drink in a unique and convenient location around the canals.

Felix Mulder - 3 jaren geleden

A little overpriced and they make you buy an expensive drink to go downstairs! but really nice staff none-the-less with cool and unique underwater interior! Try their space cakes!

Kayleigh Stockings - 3 jaren geleden

Love this coffee shop, one of my favs as i love the whole under water theme. It has very good design and detail. Also the staff were very helpful and friendly and it is reasonably priced.

steven webster - 3 jaren geleden

The inside is nice, however I felt very forced into doing anything by the lady, which compared to my other coffee shop experiences, was very different and unpleasant. The weed they sell is very mediocre, but fairly cheap. If you want a good coffee shop experience avoid this. Especially if it is your first experience.

Beáta Csilla Tóth - 3 jaren geleden

Nice, chilling place with very kind personal . There are TVs on the wall which play funny pictures. Separate nontabac and tabac area. Lovely

Jason Green - 3 jaren geleden

I like this spot. Discovered it first in 2010. Good vibes, nice people, good weed. Dig the downstairs chill zone. Cool shirts!

Daniel Palomares - 3 jaren geleden

This groovy establishment is located in a very central part of the city that deserves exploration. The staff were super helpful in setting up a very clean and "orderly" vaporizer, and they showed me and my girlfriend what to do, and volunteered to clean the contraption. I loved that they were so calm and friendly. The vape experience was really easy and fun. I was very inexperienced so this was nice. The walls of this establishment are a colorful artistic rendition of a marvelous underwater/coral reef "scuba world" with dolphins, fish etc. There are refreshments and snacks to be had for very reasonable prices. I had some exotic soda pop. Take your time here. Relax and take it all in... This place is well-known for a reason, which means that they have a good product, staff and management. I'd love to go back.

Akif Mirza - 4 jaren geleden

Used to be a great place, now there's some angry lady behind the counter who simply scares most people away. Went in to have muffins and hot chocolate, only to be told that we can't sit and have them because muffins are for takeaway only (which is why we bought the hot chocolates) but we're still told that we can't sit despite buying drinks. Disgraceful attitude, you literally see people walk in and then walk straight out after being spoken to in such an unprofessional manner. On the plus side, great decor, great muffins.

BURR GURR - 4 jaren geleden

Have visited this place several times and normally receive great service. One of the female members is incredibly rude pretty much told us to buy our weed and get out, because there wasn't room for us, despite there only being 4 of us, and no one else in the upstairs area at the time. Every other visit has been fine, helpful staff with a welcoming attitude.

Andy Dale - 5 jaren geleden

AVOID Avoid Avoid. Rude staff. Impolite to customers. Just want your money and for you not to hang around. Other shops near by are much nicer and friendlier. The shop decor is just a gimmick to draw you in.

gary naylor - 5 jaren geleden

Very rude staff! If you want visit a place with good vibe and nice people avoid this place! Is a very expensive tourist trap!

ashleigh sell - 5 jaren geleden

Only went in here as loads have recommended there space cakes, and they were delicious ! But the service we got was awful . The lady serving was just rude , and be littling ! We thought we'd have a nice chill out with our space muffin and some smoke. But in the end we just purchased the space cake and left after being made to feel uncomfortable by the worker. GET SOME FRIENDLY STAFF

A Google User - 5 jaren geleden

The staff appeared nice and gave regular customer service but they were very rude. The owner said some comment as I was leaving. Refused to give me a little bit of hot water for my tea which I bought there. Was told I had to puchase again just for more hot water. Interior designs and music/vibe were the highlights otherwise without it, the establishment is run by strict and business minded people.

Jay Eff - 6 jaren geleden

Good shop. You have to pay for weed or hash first then you can buy tea or coffee. Vaporizers for use by requires a ten euro deposit. Yes they are business minded and they have their system. If you don't like it go somewhere else. I like this place a lot.

Craig Hughes - 6 jaren geleden

Great little shop with a good selection of product. Over two floors, tobacco smoking is only permitted downstairs (that includes mixing it), but both floors are beautifully decorated and it was a great place to chill out with a drink for a while

Gayle Martin - 6 jaren geleden

July 2016. They have a couple of cute perky Australian girls working there- they were very nice but too warm an smoky downstairs we were glad to get out of there.

Adam Robinson - 6 jaren geleden

My favourite decorated coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Small menu and a few seats upstairs with volcanos. Buy a drink and go downstairs into the Atlantas themed cosy seating. A must visit spot.

Barry Wright - 6 jaren geleden

Good atmosphere, friendly staff and no overbearing music. Nice and chilled out, just what you want after a hectic day

Charles Floate - 6 jaren geleden

Great with the new rules, the bud is strong but feels more medical than most of the other shops. Drinks were great, limited food range and the best vapes in Dam.

Josh Hubbard - 6 jaren geleden

We were rushed immediately, with the waitress taking no sympathy on the fact we had never set foot in the shop before. She was rude and generally unpleasant. After we were seated, she would increase pressure to finish as soon as possible and it left us unable to relax. There are much better coffee shops

Katie Dondo - 6 jaren geleden

Awesome decor, friendly staff, cute dolphin theme. Excellent place

Mario Atta - 7 jaren geleden

one of the most beautiful of amsterdam .. unsurpassed staff !!!!!!

Vijay N. Dixit - 7 jaren geleden

There is a clear nexus between hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. I saw "Apollo" spring up in each place I was recommended in a chain of destinations. Let's come to the point. Dolphin has a menu and unhelpful girls manning the sales they did not seem to have any idea of the experience their goods give, and are *clearly incompetent* in helping, or willingness to help. Goto "The Noon", it is not too far away from this, and the guys at "the noon", they know the things they sell.

Dan Alexandru Pod - 7 jaren geleden

Personally, it's the first coffee shop I've been in when I first Visited Amsterdam. Loved it and every time I've visited since I kept bringing friends there. It's now all my friend's special little coffee shop. OK - now for the fun part: I can recommend the Northern Lights for a wake n' bake. Tried the Diesel and White Dolphin - not bad. However my weed of choice this summer was their Tesla weed. Now I just need the car that goes with it :P


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