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The Rookies Coffeeshop
Nu open

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop informatie

  • Maandag 08:30 - 01:00
    Dinsdag 08:30 - 01:00
    Woensdag 08:30 - 01:00
    Donderdag 08:30 - 01:00
    Vrijdag 08:30 - 01:00
    Zaterdag 08:30 - 01:00
    Zondag 08:30 - 01:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.rookies.nl/


qwer12324567 - 4 weken geleden

Some reviews say touristy, it's Amsterdam! I chatted to someone from Brasil, 2 girls from Italy and the whole place is amazing!! Top weed, really nice hash, not overpriced drinks and no hassles. The staff are mega friendly too! Highly recomemded (I'm there now)

Philip Downey - 1 maand geleden

Place is such a buzz down memory lane. First shop I was in back in the day, and still going strong. I miss the pool table.

Alex Serban - 2 maanden geleden

Another coffeshop we a had a great time smoking! If you are a dog person is even better, there is a sweet german shepard chilling with you as well

Friday's Flicka - 2 maanden geleden

Really friendly staff and had a simple 2 star weed and just perfect for a nice Amsterdam afternoon buzz.

Robert Blanchard - 2 maanden geleden

Chill af and stylish yet comfortable lounge. Also top cannabis products. Definitely on my list of must-visits for a return trip

F. HERR - 4 maanden geleden

Very good Coffeeshop, good place, the waiters/waitresses were here to answer any question. I loved the atmosphere and the products. I recommand it

Amish Patel - 4 maanden geleden

This is one of my favourite coffee shops in amsterdam

Alessandro Merelli - 4 maanden geleden

The first Coffeeshop I visited in my first to trip in Amsterdam and my favourite ever since. There you can find an informal place where you can enjoy fine weed, soft drinks and some food. Don't miss it!

Chirag M - 5 maanden geleden

Amazing friendly coffeeshop. Very comfortable and good atmosphere. They have a good range of selection and staff were very helpful

jacob goldshtein - 5 maanden geleden

Excellent w33d, excellent drinks, excellent atmosphere . Laid back atmosphere, music is great staff is friendly and attentive. Service is good. I do not have enough good things to say about this place. Could spend hours

Camila Fernandes de Souza - 5 maanden geleden

Stayed in Amsterdam 4 days and went to The Rookies every day, best coffee shop in the city! Not too far from the city centre, great atmosphere and incredible staff, great variety of things to smoke and drink, if I'm ever in Amsterdam again, I will definitely be there again!

D M - 5 maanden geleden

Great shop close to Rembrandt square, lovely staff and clean space. Speedy table service too. Would come back again

Brandon Thompson - 6 maanden geleden

A very chill atmosphere to enjoy a joint and a cup of espresso, brewed perfectly not bitter at all. Leo was very friendly and helpful. Needless to say I will be heading back very soon.

JACK HESS - 6 maanden geleden

Ok selection. The employee I dealt with wasn't friendly and was of very little help. He seemed like he didn't want to be there. There are much better coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Mick - 6 maanden geleden

Both Leo and Micky were awesome, fantastic coffee and service. I'd absolutely go back again.

Al wee - 7 maanden geleden

Great atmosphere. Nice list if available drinks hot and cold. Great choice of flowers and hash as well as flower and hash pre-rolls.

chewy_rc - 8 maanden geleden

Well worth a visit, really cool guy behind the bar and great coffee and the weed is good too. Highly recommend!

X X - 8 maanden geleden

You can spend nearly €200 on weed here but don’t expect to sit down and enjoy it at rookies unless you’re also going to buy 2 beverages. Not thirsty? Then according to the manager, you’re not welcome here and get out. You’re better off spending your money where your business is appreciated.

The Warrior Workouts Unconventional Fitness - 9 maanden geleden

This place is ... Wonderful. The staff is super friendly and I felt incredible. the paintings and the walls ...so Wonderful

Shane Wallace - 9 maanden geleden

Love Rookies. The best in Amsterdam. Great staff.. friendly. Fun place to hang out..

Dylan V - 10 maanden geleden

A really nice place with really nice sellers, it's a little bit expensive but the atmosphere is great!

Juan Alejando Zerpa - 1 jaar geleden

The best coffee Shop with the best weed and staff in Ámsterdam, lovely lounge to have good time, drinking coffee and smoking your favourite strain

Iris Homer - 1 jaar geleden

Cozy. Good weed too. Nice staff and pretty good coffee.

Bliss Vision - 1 jaar geleden

The first to walk in and the last to walk out :) Great place. Good vibes. Very clean and fresh. Nice music playlist, rich selection of warm drinks (ginger tea, hot chocolate, chai latter etc… ) Highly recommended

R M - 1 jaar geleden

Nice place to sit down and smoke a bit. The only down side is the lack of vegan options when it comes to drinks (but they have a nice ginger and mint tea, I would definitely order this again). The staff is attentive and friendly, mostly. Had a nice time there.

Sandro Barnà - 1 jaar geleden

Amazing place to relax and smoke in good company, really liked the lights and waiters are polite

Johannes Sturm - 1 jaar geleden

Nice nh clean shop, great service and good weed (mainly tested their indicas) :)

Cris M - 1 jaar geleden

Nice place ,good service, very good music. Recommended!

Bayloz - 1 jaar geleden

Very nice place to drink a coffee while smoking. They are cool with strangers. The only thing that I foun bad was the choice of prerolled joints. If your tired to roll buy your joints somewhere else. Toilets were very clean !

Olena Yatskiv - 1 jaar geleden

Nothing to add here - just cool place with awesome people

Henriette Thiele - 1 jaar geleden

One of the best coffee shops we went to. Try the blueberry muffin it’s great

Nick star - 1 jaar geleden

This place is truly amazing! I bought a space cake and a joint both were good quality and taste. The prices are perfect.

Mohamed Ossama - 1 jaar geleden

Great place .. Peacful atmosphere

johnythefish - 1 jaar geleden

My close friend Michal (Slovakia) always really wanted this original Rookie's Coffee Shop CAP from Amsterdam. Do you think he will like it?

Pavel Syrovátka - 1 jaar geleden

My close friend Michal (Slovakia) always really wanted this original Rookie's Coffee Shop CAP from Amsterdam. Do you think he will like it?

Anna Young - 1 jaar geleden

Nice selection to smoke, enjoyable atmosphere, I found the music a little loud. Good coffee!

Kevin Downes - 2 jaren geleden

One of my fave places to chill. Great drink selection and reasonable priced

chillmikee - 2 jaren geleden

Nice Staff, hot stuff, good and relaxed Music. Clean and good separated Tables. Free Herbal Tabacco!

Nathalie Joy Balfe - 2 jaren geleden

Nice and airy feel, chilled out, good music

Sinéad Brennan - 2 jaren geleden

Nice place, really clean and laid out well for social distancing. Nice weed too. The lady working at the drinks part was really friendly, sadly don’t know her name. She asked us how to spell something at one point

Anthony - 2 jaren geleden

Nice little place a stones throw from museum district... Nice selection of green and hash... Would definitely visit again on my next trip... Quite alot of seating aswell which is a bonus.... Because its not in the main section of cafes its not as busy as the others

Harry-Dean Corfield - 2 jaren geleden

Great selection of products and plenty of cozey seating. Very welcoming vibe where you can get lost for hours. If you’re looking for somewhere warm and inviting this is the place for you! Friendly waiters will serve you at the table for drinks. For weed head up to the front counter where they have everything from Bud to Skins. Great hot choc Fairly priced too!

Chris Gray - 2 jaren geleden

Best coffeshop in Amsterdam without a shadow of a doubt. Would love to see the menu change next time. but regardless you can't fault this place. After the renovation its amazing

Gray Family Scotland - 2 jaren geleden

Best coffeshop in Amsterdam without a shadow of a doubt. Would love to see the menu change next time. but regardless you can't fault this place. After the renovation its amazing

Jack Perry - 2 jaren geleden

My favourite coffeeshop out of the 8 or 9 I've been to. The weed is great, staff are sound and the atmosphere is good. I'd 100% recommend this place. Plenty of nice restaurants near too for when you get the munchies.

Scott Crawshaw - 3 jaren geleden

Comfy seating. Decent weed menu.cold and hot drinks. Pineapple express was

Wildwood Dryad - 3 jaren geleden

Excellent products and service, with detailed descriptions of their wide range - helpful for the neophyte - also great hot chocolate and cream. Prices were quite reasonable, especially considering the quality offered. I really enjoyed my visit, and returned several times, as I found it was better than other coffeeshops in the area. Table service for drinks was fast and friendly. It's often quite packed at peak times but you can usually get a seat, and some people don't stay long, so not too hard to get a table. Recommend!

Juana Martinez - 3 jaren geleden

This is the best place in Amsterdam!!! They have the best iced coffee, they recommend you the best for you and not the most expensive ones! And even the most “expensive” it’s a really good price comparing to the rest of coffe shops! And of course they have a really good quality of weed! you can have a great time at this place! I mean it! I never let reviews but this place made me! :)

Luk Tszkwan - 3 jaren geleden

Definitely love this place

Oly Edwards - 3 jaren geleden

A great coffeeshop for any time of the day. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and the products rarely disappoint. They've refurbished over the last year or so, and the new decor looks great. They've also expanded their menu. A trip to Amsterdam is never quite complete without dropping into The Rookies for some Amnesia Haze.

Michael Cummings - 3 jaren geleden

Hand down the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. The staff are very friendly and the atmosphere is great. The music was also perfect. The free chocolate was huge. I’d grab a handful and the lady behind the counter would say ‘go ahead and take the whole bowl!’ The Rookies is far by far better than the bulldog coffee shops. If you’re in Amsterdam, make sure to check this place out.

Abby Williams - 3 jaren geleden

Very surprised by the good reviews. Asked for a recommendation and the staff had 0 patience even though there was no one else waiting to be served. Another guy wondering around constantly pestering you to buy drinks. Also saw they were rude to others. The one nice guy even said “oh he’d usually would have lost all his patience by now”

fairy opi - 3 jaren geleden

Really nice place, cool decor and the staff are so lovely. Prices for weed is slightly higher than some but there's a good range. On a quieter steer, fake tobacco stuff provided. Highly recommended

Amir Luzon - 3 jaren geleden

I'm a long time customer for 3 years so I have seen the place going through changes. We go there usually once a week to hang out. Weed: pricy but they have good quality. Everyone knows the Champagne Haze. Really recommended. The place has gone through extensive renovation. It's looks awesome! Lots of space inside and better ventilation. Great for groups! Food: none (except for space cakes) Drinks: wide variety of choices, prices are on the high side. Staff: super friendly, they appreciate their returning customers. I will be back for sure!

Erin Amber Leonard - 3 jaren geleden

Literally my favourite cafe in Amsterdam! Very relaxed environment. The staff are so friendly and happy to go above and beyond to make you comfortable. The prices are fair and the weed is good. The hot chocolate is even better! This was our first port of call every morning. Thanks so much to the team at Rookies for an amazing time, each and every time.

Richard McCavery - 3 jaren geleden

Still my favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Had had quite a slick refit since I last went and for the better. Very nice and clean. Great service and staff.

Rusty Masero - 3 jaren geleden

It's much nicer now they have had a refurb. The service is great and the staff are fabulous. A nice and comfy coffee shop to chill out in. Our favourite.

Betheny C - 3 jaren geleden

Was our main smoking place, prices were good, different strains to try and very lovely environment. I wouldn't ask them too mainly questions because we had a couple of staff members laugh at us.

Walter MERA - 4 jaren geleden

Best coffee shop in town. The Asiatic gentlemen in the counter is the best (I'm sorry I forgot your name) thank you very much for your recommendations. Only cash.

Moe Hos - 4 jaren geleden

One of my favourite shops in the area! Nice mid menu and the place looks like a pub but no alcohol, the staff are nice. Cool hang out and relaxing

Jenn Cliff - 4 jaren geleden

First and last place me and the bf visited in Amsterdam, Aug 2018. They'd just had a redesign and the place looked fantastic. The staff are super friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming and inviting, unlike some other places you may find. Overall, great green and great tea (they do loads of hot and cold drinks). Will visit again when we come back!

debbie ezeogu - 6 jaren geleden

The waitress and the man serving cannabis at the front where very friendly on the 13.04.16 @ 1pm. Nice atmosphere nothing like bulldogs relaxed diffinately will return again next I visit Amsterdam.

Laurent Grima - 6 jaren geleden

Really nice laid back coffee shop. I really loved the soul music there. It's not really suited for large (>5) groups.

niccolo malo - 6 jaren geleden

Really really cool staff, perfect environment to chill. The rooms are quite big and offer lots of seats so you can eazy chill there with a group without worrying about space issues. The music is allways good always

johnwuils - 6 jaren geleden

Wonderful staff. Great selection of strains. Nice clean rooms at the hotel also. Highly recommend.

James Southworth - 6 jaren geleden

Quality service, good atmosphere and good prices. Give you the option to round your weights down or pay the extra. Clean, good music and nice staff.


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