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Dizzy Duck
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Trompstraat 210, Den Haag (Centrum)

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  • Maandag 10:00 - 22:30
    Dinsdag 10:00 - 22:30
    Woensdag 10:00 - 22:30
    Donderdag 10:00 - 22:30
    Vrijdag 10:00 - 22:30
    Zaterdag 10:00 - 22:30
    Zondag 10:00 - 22:30
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • https://dizzyduck.nl/
  • +31 70 346 7137



Theo Manusaride - 1 maand geleden

Favourite spot in The Hague. Friendly people, good quality products, very nice experience overall.

Recycle Warrior - 1 maand geleden

Best shop in town. These people know there business. Great service and a lot of know how there. I like to know what I am smoking since I only smoke for medical reasons. All coffeeshops can take an example to this shop. The possibility to see what's in your weed and even the fact it's all tested and I can see those complete results back online makes me a very happy smoker indeed. Five stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nico Thurman - 3 maanden geleden

the forbidden fruit x zkittles was awesome. friendly staff. nice location and setup, just know there’s no where to smoke/roll. also really liked that they put the bud in little branded glass jars rather than the baggies you usually get.

Unicorn1979218 - 3 maanden geleden

Amazing place to buy marijuana It felt like I was elsewhere in another country very good customer service when you don't know what you want to buy, sellers will show you what the weed you want to buy looks like, what it smells like and advise which product is right for your requirements. I will definitely visit again when I am in the region.

Dogus Aslan - 4 maanden geleden

Mimosa is a must try. They let you smell it before buying and they give you free rolling papers and filters. Friendly people

Quentin O - 4 maanden geleden

Super friendly staff who is advising you a lot. The menu is incredible, having very high quality flowers.

Peter Burgers - 5 maanden geleden

They let me see and smell the weed before i bought it, and removed the stems and sugar leaves before weighing. The budtender gave me a lighter, paper and tips for free. Super friendly staff, absolutely top notch service! If you're in The Hague and looking for weed, this is the place

Natalia Nordheim - 5 maanden geleden

We've had a very good experience in this shop. The man working there was super friendly and knowledgeable, he answered all our questions and the design of the shop is awesome. We felt very comfortable and will come back for sure next time we'll be in den haag :) Recommendation: Try the brownie, it tastes amazing!

Altiel Maltiel - 5 maanden geleden

BEST! Just go there! So fresh and perfect quality weed. They really care. Also big humanity. They help you with everything. Best weed in NL for me.

Rockoftobi K - 5 maanden geleden

wonderful shop, very nice workers, good customer service (they put away the stems), you can also ask them about the City or some cool locations or Restaurants. The weed is very good Will come back

Better Shwerpy - 6 maanden geleden

Great weed quality with a qr code on a bag. When you scan it, you get a detailed description of your weed batch. For the quality, the price is normal.

Daniel Massamo - 6 maanden geleden

Nice coffee shop. Cool atmosphere, there is a reason the locals are willing to stand in line at Dizzy.

Mervin Brand - 9 maanden geleden

Best shop in the Netherlands. Good weed for a fair price and the budtenders know a lot about weed. The vibes are gear

juan pablo latorre - 1 jaar geleden

Excelent service and Quality! the staff is friendly and will try to assist you in any way you need! totally recommended!

Guide Mike - 1 jaar geleden

Best shop in Den Haag! white amnesia is amazing! Also got some nice amnesia hash! Love good weed for a fair price? This is your shop!

Simone Vapori - 1 jaar geleden

Very nice and patient employees, always ready to help you find what you want. Very nice weed, maybe the best in The Hague and if you like hash, the very only good choice is Gelato Sorbet but ehy, good hash is way more rare to find so, chapeau!

Ivan Kovacevic (Anhangel) - 1 jaar geleden

Great place. Only take out but this is only place in Holland I have found cheap stuff that actually gets you high. They got ATM Machine INSIDE the shop. What else you need in life?

Omar Bhatti - 1 jaar geleden

Super nice staff. Great weed and good quality deals at good prices. I pass by 6 other cofeeshops to shop there. Best in the Hague for sure

D - 1 jaar geleden

Great, friendly and helpful staff; amazing and frequently changing assortment of high quality cannabis strains; and a very nice place to hang out, nice and cozy - edit/update: if it weren't for covid of course.

Rio Windster - 1 jaar geleden

Thé best coffeeshop in The Hague. Hands down. Wide assortment of strains (and constantly varying), staff is knowledgeable and you get a qr code to check the specifics of the cannabis you buy.

Lollipop - 1 jaar geleden

Great product and nice customer service, just the menus are hard to read, but that's truly my only complaint, I'd recommend you to give this place a try!

Timothy Lowtan - 1 jaar geleden

They have organically bred strains that taste better and smoke better They have strong but affordable strains such as Whit Amnesia (Cup winning strain)

Buitenlander's Groef - 1 jaar geleden

What you find on google reviews are absolutely accurate about this place great PR, subject matter expert, no fuss gave excellent tips and recommendations , it actually worth time and money! Good stuff good people ❤️ Peace

Kay - 2 jaren geleden

Best shop in the hague. Perhaps a bit more pricey compared to some others. But the quality is unbeatable! Also a lot of variation and strains from different countries! The employees are all great and chill to talk with :-) Better not come by car or be prepared to search for parking for a while.

FroJo u know the deal - 2 jaren geleden

Top shop

Dan O'Brien - 2 jaren geleden

Pricey, off the beaten track but quality. Really good quality

RaptusGnu7700 - 2 jaren geleden

If you are searching for some good Weed, the Dizzy Duck is the Place you want to go to. The Weed you buy here might be the best in The Hague. They've got a nice Team and they're very helpful and kind.

onur lmkn - 2 jaren geleden

Best coffeshop in town .. people come from all around holland to try these products just go they have the best believe me.. shout out to the budtender who helped me what a great dude real smokers!!

Paul Horn - 2 jaren geleden

competent and friendly staff, great variety and fair prices

Sneadsel - 2 jaren geleden

Helpful staff and amazing product. One of my favorite shops in the hague

Craig BTC - 2 jaren geleden

Great place! Some of the finest weed in the area, you can even scan the packet to see the breakdown of tests and percentages to make the perfect blend and purity. There’s usually a queue outside for good reason, it’s worth the wait. Plus the staff are really friendly and helpful :)

Ser Clon - 2 jaren geleden

The best coffeeshop in The Netherlands. I can’t wait to go back. Take care Dizzy Duck team.

Daniel Scott - 2 jaren geleden

Friendly staff, large menu and reasonable prices. Usually get a free pack of papers and a lighter, though not always. Can get quite busy at peak hours so sometimes they're low on stock. It's worth the wait though.

Taysir Hadi - 3 jaren geleden

Incredible weed selection, staff, atmosphere, music, beverages and everything overall. It’s a couple minutes walk from the very centre and easily accessible. Overall, a great vibe & a fantastic place to chill with some serious quality weed. A must-see for true lovers of weed!

Ebony Wilson - 3 jaren geleden

They refused to accept my and my friend's Australian driver's licence as ID even though we are both clearly over 18 (my friend even has thick facial hair!) I only got carded at two other marijuana establishments, though I visited a number of them, and never had any issue with my driver's licence as ID. The staff member who refused the card was also very rude. I was really disappointed in this place as it had come recommended

Jessica Schmidt - 3 jaren geleden

Dizzy Duck has a great selection. The staff is very friendly. They give good advice and know what they’re talking about. The shop is located in a quiet residential street so please do respect the neighbors when you visit and don’t stay in the street forever. There are many parks in the area where you can hang out.

tilmster101 . - 3 jaren geleden

place was crowded. seller gave me hard time when trying to make a purchase. told me i needed my passport in order to buy...first place of many coffee shops that told me this. I am 24 so I don't look young...so i went down the street to another coffee shop that accepted my driver's license, they also had a better atmosphere. won't ever return to dizzy duck

lee scammell - 3 jaren geleden

Great weed.. isolator hash very good.. Only downside they don’t take visa or MasterCard! Nearest atm is good 10/15 walk. So bare in mind..

Tiffany Brophy - 3 jaren geleden

Small shop with many visitors. It’s very popular for a reason. We used to go to Amsterdam to get cannabis because we couldn’t find the same quality here but then we found Dizzy! Great bud! Really, it’s superb. We have tried many other typical places in The Hague and this is the best. The parking is tricky and the shop is small if you are just coming by to make a purchase but in my experience that is pretty typical of The Hague for most stores. I found the people working there to be professional and helpful.

Wi Ha - 3 jaren geleden

Seller scamed us with weak weed! Me and my friend visited the shop for trying out some weed. We are totally beginners and told this that black guy (seller). He was quite annoyed about us as we asked about different weeds sorts and how the effect will be...So this guy gave us something strong and said it's good for newbies. The Sort he gave us was called "white shark"...We were high about 4 hours and you can still feel it the day after...Its like you went hard for partying and day after you are death...

vivek iyer - 3 jaren geleden

Plenty options and great reception! I Recommend a visit.

Actionless Loveless - 3 jaren geleden

Nice place in quite surroundings, personnel is always helpful and friendly.

Boa unkwow - 3 jaren geleden

Very nice people here and nice place to chill and relax with youre smoke very good strains dreamsicle has a very nice high and kick nice choice a lot off strains must check it out

Jef Adriaenssens - 3 jaren geleden

Highest quality kush in the Netherlands, much better than that tourist weed from Amsterdam. If your a true stoner come check this place out they have various phenomenal herbs which have even won cups. Only downside is that it is extremely expensive and you do end up paying for the high quality.

Noppix - 3 jaren geleden

Friendly knowledgeable staff, big variety of products. From my own experience, they have good quality and good prices. My coffeeshop of choice.

Grigori Akimov - 5 jaren geleden

Constant quality & atmosphere since 2010 (my first visit)

David Venning - 5 jaren geleden

Very nice, friendly and knowledgeable man behind the counter. He showed us different strains and took his time to serve us, answering all our questions. Once we had made our purchases, he went in the smoking room at the back and found us a seat. Propa nice bloke and top quality weed, along with great prices. I shall return 100%.

Sun and Moon Organics - 5 jaren geleden

Fantastic knowledge by staff and even the pre-rolled joint was amazing! Thank you very much!! Great selection also :)

Alexander Yordanov - 6 jaren geleden

Went bad after two joints. Granted, I hadn't eaten anything that day and the joints were rolled with the strongest weed they had. But either way, I went bad and the staff was very helpful. You guys deserve a ten out of ten for that. Be sure to expect me to come back with a fuller stomach. Also, an important thing to note. In a lot of other shops you need to buy something in order to go into the smoking area, here you don't. And the prices are a lot better than those of other places. Definitely a 10/10

B Steel - 6 jaren geleden

Very friendly & helpful staff. No stuffy attitude. They'll take their time to go over anything with you. Also really great that they put real effort into keeping the neighbourhood clean and tidy and regularly "comb" the area, picking up litter that may/may not have been left behind by customers. They have a genuine interest in keeping the immediate vicinity respectable and tidy, and noise & trouble-free. But now it's time to finish off the interior remodelling work, guys. You're nearly done.

Richard Salinas - 6 jaren geleden

Very nice chill spot, a lot to select from. PlayStation with big screen tv to play and friendly staff

Ross McCardle - 6 jaren geleden

Friendly, relaxed, airy, chill music, good coffee and a PS4. Nice spot to spend a couple of hours.

della ugr - 7 jaren geleden

Very relaxed atmosphere inside there. I tried moroccan enemy of the state and it was absolutely good. I hope to return there

bright daniel - 7 jaren geleden

The best variety....A modern environment to stop and smell the flowers lol

colin elcome - 8 jaren geleden

While I'm living in Den Haag this is one coffeeshop that I'm glad is in the neighbourhood. Good weed, very nice staff and a nice cup of coffee :-) The atmosphere is great as well. Definitely worth a visit.


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