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Café "de Bakkerij"

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Stratumseind 95, Eindhoven


Sam kearns - 4 jaren geleden

Good place if I remember correctly

Marco Matteucci - 4 jaren geleden

Hoping will reopen soon.

Emmanuel Emenike - 4 jaren geleden

Lovely weed right here, one of the best shops in Eindhoven, recommend for sure!

Deepasundar Ponnusamy - 4 jaren geleden

Nice pub and cozy

Ana Xambre Pereira - 5 jaren geleden

One of my favourite bars in the city. Chilled and cosy vibe. Great mix of people. Good music most of the times.

Santosh Misier - 6 jaren geleden

Seriously one of the best shops in my experience. Performance of reggae artist Rass Motivated. Awesome people, nice weed and a awome setting

Tom Rambo - 6 jaren geleden

Compared to Amsterdam the coffee shops I went to in Eindhoven are really uptight (you'd think it would be the opposite) but this place was alright I guess. It wasn't as stuffy or as clinical as the other places in Eindhoven but still had the intimidating security at the door. Guess it's an Eindhoven thing.

JsJ JsJ - 7 jaren geleden

Excellent coffeshop...friendly staff...and Silver haze is excellent...nice back room to chill out in..and some excellent bands @ weekends..

miguel oliveira - 7 jaren geleden

THE BEST COFFESHOP IN EINDHOVEN !!!! The silver haze was really nice ,thanks!!! when i'll back this will be the first stop for sure!!!! :)

Hesham Askalany - 7 jaren geleden


Han Ruys - 7 jaren geleden

Toffe shop, Vriendelijke bediening en schappelijke prijzen. Geen uitgebreide kaart, maar dat maakt op zich niet uit Laat ook buitenlanders toe. Top

Robin Wijnen - 7 jaren geleden

Altijd gezellig


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