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Stratumseind 25A, Eindhoven (Centrum)

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Dispositivo Iphone - 1 maand geleden

I love the shop and the worker's , all nice sometimes the hash come a little dry but not all the time , good quantity and good quality. Best coffeeshop in questions of price/quality.

ayoub haraz - 2 maanden geleden

They be taking prerolled joints the same type from different drawers , i buy 6 joints 1 is good and 5 trash , and the filters are supposed to be for free but no they pretend its finished so they can sell u their products

Jassiel Escalante - 2 maanden geleden

very good attention and kindness surrounded by many places where you can later have a drink 100% recommended

Voltis Agolli - 3 maanden geleden

I bought Virginia Virginia one was the best one, but the name of the 1st to Virginia you have to help us to find a real name but I’m already high so I don’t know but we know that it’s similar to white widow the song thank you can you help us please thank you first heard you know, I’m a drink a beer and smoke smoke

Tilman Benecke - 5 maanden geleden

Very friendly very fast and a good selection. I especially liked the Dutch tea made from sativa. the teabags were rolled well and I had a lot of fun climbing the stairs of this smoking house. it reminded me a bit of the incense smokers from the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Danylo Bilokha - 6 maanden geleden

If you are coming first time to them the high chances they will sell you some fake or low-quality product. I asked specifically for pure, good quality product that makes you high but what they sold was completely out of sync with that. Totally ruined the night, very disapointed.

Niko Dinno - 6 maanden geleden

Coffeshop itself was okay, all tho you can’t smoke inside, only roll. Downstairs is a place where you can smoke if you buy drink, which is actually as expensive as the bud itself… after I got scammed with drinks, upstairs security ape who saw me come in before and buy stuff didn’t let me in to roll other coffeeshops bud.

Elizar Dimitrov - 7 maanden geleden

At first glance the shop is cozy, the staff is very polite. However, the product I bought from them, edibles, was with very low quality. Very disappointed…

Francesco De matteis - 6 jaren geleden

DJ DEMEY - 6 jaren geleden

Wish was little bigger because the music is great here. But had a great time

Dave Oliver - 6 jaren geleden

JsJ JsJ - 6 jaren geleden

No stars...as i will let you know how this fair's out in 5 weeks...this place has been closed on my previous trips to Eindhoven..Looking forward to the experience..will update then.


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