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Coffeeshop Pink
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Willemstraat 35, Eindhoven (Centrum)

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Lewis Dyne - 1 maand geleden

It’s great, the edibles are good stuff, strong. 1/3 cookie would feel calm and dizzy

Timofei Volkov - 1 maand geleden

Friendly security and staff, quick service :) Friday evenings can be a bit of a wait, but what can you do

yasmin bouchikhi - 2 maanden geleden

The types of weed are okay but you have not much possibilities, why I have to buy 2grams if I want just one? That's expensive. This is a suggest ! The enviroment is not a vibe in which be comfortable and smoke in chill.. the music is awful and inappropriate, the lights and sits the same . You guys that work there, would you ever smoke there happily ? I don't think so ;)

Denaj Saciri - 3 maanden geleden

I asked for a 3x filtered hash , the lady doesn't know what is it . So i repeat my question , and she gave me just normal filters

J.L.A - 3 maanden geleden

Beautiful coffeeshop, great edibles, nice staff!

dragonlng - 4 maanden geleden

What to say...usually busy place, better walk than drive as there no easy to find a parking spot :) helpful and friendly staff, perfect location, good quality products to get it, prices are all right. Recommend to visit :)

David Zaki - 5 maanden geleden

In case you like to drink coffee with Cannabis and its derivative, you should have your id , nice staff.

craig patrick - 6 maanden geleden

Easy transaction. Friendly security and counter staff. Excellent product choice. With 5g purchase, free papers.

Karol Stawowy - 6 maanden geleden

Coffieshop recommendable, prices are rather average, a large selection of items. On the downside, the long queue for sure, the XL joint was very weak. The security guard checks the evidence so the minors will not come in.

Luke M - 6 maanden geleden

I live in Roermond and I travel around to search for good weed. Pink is in top 3 coffee shops of the south. But you should know that they also have their negatives. Yesterday I bought 3 kinds of weed. All very wet and rubbery. 24hrs later and 1g becomes 0.73g No surprise!

Lennart - 7 maanden geleden

Really good shop, you can see on the menu card if it's sativa/indica, what 2 strains are the ancestors of the strain, and when you look it up on Leafly for example it's accurate and the effects are as described aswell! Can recommend!

Auguste Rouflaquettes - 8 maanden geleden

Super helpful and polite staff. Chill space at the back with patio when the weather allows it. Good playlist ranging from house to hip-hop…. Prices are reasonable and quality is satisfactory! Definitely recommended

Radu E. Nutiu - 9 maanden geleden

Best coffee shop, this one also sells coffee not just nice dreams. 100% recommended

Nalan Aeon - 10 maanden geleden

Very friendly and informative security guard as well as customer service. Great edible products. But check your receipt, I got overcharged €15, but received a refund without any quarrels. Good customer service.

Aaron - 10 maanden geleden

Not a bad shop, there are edibles and some nice deco. But they did not update their menu on the google map, that’s a lil troublesome. The tobacco taste of “enemy of the state” joint is too heavy for me, would try something else next time.

yassine van tennenbron - 11 maanden geleden

The so called pink selection prerolled joint were amazing! It was my first time visiting this shop. I asked for a recommendation, and the pink selection was really worth it. If I would life in Eindhoven I would’ve definitely stopped by more often!!

mahmood choudhury - 11 maanden geleden

Great place decent selection amazing hash really busy

vivka - 11 maanden geleden

Everybody was kind and everything was explained in details! Great staff! There's a chill area to smoke and drink something. Edit: The lady today wasn't very helpful. She mocked us for not knowing what Chocomel was. Edit2: We tried the gummies and the cookie and I'd like to share that I didn't feel very different than smoking marijuana, but it was the first time for me so I don't know exactly what the effect should be.

pien - 1 jaar geleden

Amazing coffeshop. Always get my weed here. The staff is kind and amazing at helping you pick out a weed. Their edible section is amazing and gets you nice and high.

Sad Human - 1 jaar geleden

Loved the atmosphere in there. The staff is super kind and very courteous. The prerolls and buds there are top-notch. :) Will definitely come back.

STHEEN - 1 jaar geleden

Pleasant coffeeshop with friendly staff. Extra thank you for being so welcoming to dogs. Good range of products.

Ana V - 1 jaar geleden

Coffeeshop as it is. Choice is moderate, but good. You will be asked for an ID document at the entrance, proving your age. Guys are ready to help your with a choice if you have doubts or never tried. I was told this is one of the good choices in Eindhoven, it is also close to the center.

CHETAN BHALEKAR - 1 jaar geleden

Place has it's own charm. And you can make and maintain ur FAVOURITES here, as they have stable options which doesn't change so often. So that's kind of good thing in a way

Filip Dmytrowski - 1 jaar geleden

Pink is pink, they got their history and weed is always fresh, sticky and customer is well informed about the strain he's buying. THE PRICE IS HIGH. Thats the worst thing about it. Good atmosphere inside to sit and smoke. If you want to spend 50€ you will mostly get like 3g maybe 3,5g out of there so be aware.

Catalin Andrei - 1 jaar geleden

Sitting hier. Chilling in the best coffee shop I have ever been (never been into one

Pranesh Dewangan - 1 jaar geleden

As a foreigner it was cake walk to buy stuff here. The staff was helpful in deciding what to buy. The place looks shady from outside but it is as safe as any other place in Eindhoven. Must visit.

Kristina “krisseldoe” R - 1 jaar geleden

Good selection and friendly staff. Sometimes a little too busy. It’s a tad fancy and pricey but that’s a tag every place “downtown” comes with. Atmosphere has always been nice though and I’ve had some very intriguing conversations there. • • Update: make sure they don’t scam you like those bulldogs in Amsterdam

Raul cristian - 1 jaar geleden

If you want a beautiful experience even if it's only buying and not smoking there it's worth it. Amazing staff, quality herb and smiling faces. Best coffeshop in town.

Jakke Verwerft - 1 jaar geleden

The price of the weed is very high and the quality of weed is to soft, it should be just opposite…

B S - 1 jaar geleden

3 visits now and it's simply a quick, pleasant experience. This will be my regular spot I'm sure. They only allow a handful of people inside at a time but the line moves fast and the service and product are great.

Marc Vermeijlen - 1 jaar geleden

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs ... Not too expensive for being at that location. Also very honest people running this place

Stefano Usvardi - 1 jaar geleden

The best place in Eindhoven. There are plenty of tables to sit and relax. Good weed/hash and good menu. Recommend

Darren Mitchell - 1 jaar geleden

Expensive! They do not sell per gram, but per price (15€...) So the weight is always different. Making it confusing what it actually costs!! The cheapest I think was around 11€ per gram. Don't be a sheep, because you think it is cool to go there. Rip off. Plenty of other coffee shops in area, Google it!

Oddv!ous Tux - 1 jaar geleden

The most trustworthy coffeeshop when it comes to quality and consistency in the Eindhoven area! Friendly staff and a great looking design of the interior.

Nicolas Aubert - 1 jaar geleden

great place, not too overpriced for a coffeeshop next to the central station

Marc Iglesias Llaberia - 1 jaar geleden

First coffeshop I went in Eindhoven, quick service and good stuff

Manu Fernandez - 1 jaar geleden

Friendly shop assistants, price isn't too bad

Djamali Dollison - 1 jaar geleden

Great service clean and there is a bathroom ... hash seems to be great my boyfriend goes all the way to the city from valkenwaard to buy there hash super

James Kennerley - 1 jaar geleden

I went to Amsterdam for my birthday in august 2015 and could only fly back home from Eindhoven after a long coach ride from Amsterdam I Went here while waiting for a plane the weed quality is better then most of Amsterdam and the people are very friendly

trq kh - 1 jaar geleden

Good Variety, hazy sort, high prices.

Martynas Ramanauskas - 1 jaar geleden

Very friendly staff and good quality of stuff :)

Kestutis Litvinienko - 2 jaren geleden

Favorite shop in Eindhoven! Super friendly and professional staff. Prices are not low, but quality makes up for it! Most of the stuff have no dry mouth / eyes effect, only the positives of high.

Ahmad Maseeh - 2 jaren geleden

The Indian Coffeshop is better to buy. Here is not good weed, all types are weak in quality and more expensive. You have better options, coz you are in Eindhoven.

chicken 2437 - 2 jaren geleden

Lovely staff, great atmosphere and really cool place. But the cannabis is a bit overpriced

Jean-Pierre Claessens - 2 jaren geleden

Awesome shop, recently they've added more edibles to their assortment and I've been loving them! If you get the chance, please try the sleepy orange candy they sell. It's bliss in a bag. :) Always great service with a smile and the bouncers are friendly. Sometimes you get less than satisfactory weed when you buy it but if you mention it the next time there's usually a big chance they let you take a pick between different bags so you can see the product before you purchase it. All in all, I'm loving this shop and it deserves five out of five stars! :)

losba 88 - 2 jaren geleden

I've been going to Eindhoven for six months and go shopping every day. friendly and efficient staff. security at the entrance. kind and professional. excellent quality. 5 stars are few

Michal Kuchar - 2 jaren geleden

I've tried several different coffee shops in Eindhoven, and so far, I like this one the most. There is a wide selection of strains with indica and sativa percentages listed for each one. On top of that the personnel is friendly, and when I said it was my first time there, I got a free lighter and rolling papers with my purchase.

Thomas Hopwood - 2 jaren geleden

Amazing place lovely people such a shame you can't smoke inside due to covid-19

Mayt Doe - 2 jaren geleden

Staff are horrible in this place,especially the black haired girl with the tattoos..what a ignorant girl

Stijn De Clercq - 2 jaren geleden


Dj SDC - 2 jaren geleden


Matthew Doyle - 2 jaren geleden

Expensive, very rude staff, unhelpful and nothing to exciting about the menu... Just want your money.my advise is go somewhere else like upstairs

Krzysiek K - 2 jaren geleden

Good Staff im my opinion its great.

Rene Maquet - 2 jaren geleden

Excellent strains, but at a price...

Krystian Matyja - 2 jaren geleden

Just bought ready rolled joint and amnezia haze. Had 4 tokes of rolled joint for 3.50 and already stoned! Havent tried amnezia yet. Service was 100000% TOP CLASS! Young blond girl that served me was very polite and smiled all the time. Spoke very good english ! Had good knowledge about stuff they sell .

J Ee - 2 jaren geleden

They put weed spray on all of it. No doubt about. If they are talking nicely think twice

Ivaylo Valchanov - 2 jaren geleden

The first place in Eindhoven where I found weed in perfect humidity. Not too dry not too wet. They has a good variety of indica strains. But the prices are high

Peter Gustavo III - 2 jaren geleden

Good balans quality and price ,service very well, I recommend spot.

Arnis Samārins - 3 jaren geleden

Best in town. If not come find me, I’ll prove you wrong.

Jae S. - 3 jaren geleden

I love this place. I come to this shop maybe once or twice a month. They make me feel welcome even though I’m not Dutch. And I’ve never gotten anything I didn’t like. My favorites are the edible cookies and Pink Lemonade Haze. Everyone behind the counter is nice and helpful. The security man is handsome and polite. Oh and if you’re new to eating the cookies eat half and wait the full 30min to an hour before eating the other half. They are strong. I’ve never sat down inside so I can’t help with that.

asdf ghjk - 3 jaren geleden

After trying most of the coffee shops in Eindhoven, this one tops my list. Super cool staff, chill atmosphere and patrons. The kush was super dank and the guerilla glue hash blew my mind. Kudos pink!

Devin Roxbury - 3 jaren geleden

Super casual and friendly service! Banana juice is a plus! My only complaint is they should find a bigger place for more seating.

Kees Mes - 3 jaren geleden

well organized shop. the staff is friendly and will help you with your questions. my favourite here is their edibles.

Vikram Jani - 3 jaren geleden

One of the few coffee shops in Eindhoven Centrum. Visible from the road, it's a small shop with seating places inside. A lot of different strains of marijuana available here at nominal rates. People are advised to carry their valid id proofs, since they won't allow you in without that like in Amsterdam. Passport for foreigners and Driving License or RP for Dutch! Since we are not allowed to take pictures inside, no pictures!

Graham Power - 3 jaren geleden

Been a few times when in Eindhoven. Always a welcoming atmosphere. And the smokes not bad too

Big Mike Wise - 3 jaren geleden

This is a great coffee shop to visit in Eindhoven. I am a cannabis activist from the United States and felt right at home at this place. The staff was friendly, the selection was plentiful, and the atmosphere had a chill vibe. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody looking to have a good time.

Exalw X. G. W. - 3 jaren geleden

There's a menu on the side so you don't have to keep up the line to look up what you want and the stuff didn't seem as stressed to get the work done and friendly waited until I was ready, really enjoyed that for once! Also super nice inside, prices are good, quality is good, love it!

Alejandro Melian - 3 jaren geleden

Our trip was to Amsterdam but the flight was cheaper to Eindhoven. This was our first and last coffee, we loved it, great service, plenty of sitting places and great quality and variety. Definitely would come back.

Kirsty - 4 jaren geleden

Staff are very welcoming and friendly. Atmosphere is nice. Not too loud, bright or smokey. Very nice selection of smoke. Music is great and the seating is comfortable. The drink selection for both cold and hot are good. Definitely a good choice for a tourist. You won't feel out of place. Just make sure to take no photos or make calls whilst in the coffee shop

Leon Louw | Rescon - 4 jaren geleden

Good weed. Prices are good. Visited pink 6 times and it was always packed.

the Shultz - 4 jaren geleden

No point in discussing the "menu being projected on the counter", which makes it quite difficult to follow, especially if you just want to shop and go. The atmosphere seemed alright,not that big of a place though; but the prices a bit high - er than normal!

Earl Dexter Cruz - 4 jaren geleden

The assortment is a delight. Such is the quality of every bud. Although it's often crowded, it still gives a chill vibe. 10/10 would tap that shop.

Ali Vaqar - 4 jaren geleden

Very wonderful time to relax and catching up with nice friendly people. Staff are very nice, helpful and friendly.

Stavros Gee - 4 jaren geleden

I think this place is great. Everything is well laid out, area out back is nice. The people who work there are always nice to me, and the products are of good quality. Very easy to go back again and again

Adrian - 4 jaren geleden

Center location, great fast service. Offer is various, pre-rolled also good. Best in Eindhoven.

Just Kidding - 4 jaren geleden

Good quality, enjoyable atmosphere and still improving frequently. However, sometimes it's unclear whether you get tips and papers with 5 grams or with 60 euro spend. Dislike asking for it all the time especially as an frequent customer. I heard the phrase "alright, but this is the last time" a lot of times referring to the free tips and papers while spending 60 euro twice a week per person. But overall friendly and great customer service with accurate knowledge about their own products.

Michael Kalyaano - 5 jaren geleden

Potent cookies are sold here. One cookie per person is a happy dose. They were recently selling potent boiled candies. Customer service is helpful and efficient. The venue is spacious, comfortable and tidy. On one afternoon I smoked a potent premade joint inside. I sat with other smokers enjoying good vibes. Most times I smoked pure weed with a short pipe and drank tea or coffee near the front counter. Very good.

Tom Rambo - 6 jaren geleden

Rude staff. The door guy is your typical goon who doesn't understand the concept that he can ask for an ID without having to be a complete ass hole. The people inside weren't much better. Seemed to want me to make a decision in about 5 seconds flat. I don't understand what the rush was about, you work in a room full of mellowed people. I'll go somewhere else next time.

jan staken - 7 jaren geleden

the policy is fucked up there , never see such unfriendly and unprofessional staff as there

Lucy Tucker - 7 jaren geleden

OK but thought staff were not welcoming or friendly this is the same for all coffeeshops in eindhoven.

Adrianna Strzelecka - 7 jaren geleden

They have awsome cookies! Jummy and strong ???? the stuff is very helpfull and kind ????

Sell Wapp - 7 jaren geleden

Great climatic place. After checking id u can buy everything, hash and weed! They have quiet good coffee :) nice and cosy place

Nadine Glez Delgado - 7 jaren geleden

Cheater. Way too expensive. Columbian guy comes in and means to be boss of town and also saying so. Everyone else nice. But too expensive. Nothing bought there.


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