Coffeeshop De Groene Gaper
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Graftermeerstraat 10, Hoofddorp

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Charles Rupert - 3 maanden geleden
Couldnt stay not allowed due to covid, not as good as i was expecting to be honest.
Marcin Wlodar s.p z.o.o - 5 maanden geleden
I recommend cool and cheap accessories. Regards
Dan Andrei Čšilea (Matli) - 8 maanden geleden
A good place to go for a short visit and then after just...chill out
Rogério Teixeira - 8 maanden geleden
Nice coffeeshop in Hoofddorp. They also sell vaporizers with a good price.
Christiaan Erkelens - 9 maanden geleden
Super friendly staff, excellent quality herbs! I recommend this place.
Kornel Skorek - 11 maanden geleden
G8 spot also as a Crew thaat works there
radi kaczi - 1 jaar geleden
So today as I was walking inside security guy was rude. I did tell him that little dosage of culture would be nice. I heard in response if You don't like it go some were else. I mean do You have too many customers? I want to insist, this is nice coffee shop, quality and prices. But I cannot face abuse from security worker.
tommy k - 1 jaar geleden
finally had a chance to try GSC and i was not let down.. very nice and the staff also extremely cool friendly and knows there products..
LavishMcTavish - 1 jaar geleden
Great service every time. Good quality products.
Zam H - 1 jaar geleden
Incredibly strict via lockdown rules which made the qeues considerably large but was worth it for the products. Service could be improved. Thanks.
Caeli Ashbourne - 1 jaar geleden
Very well organised in regards to hygiene, etc, I usually only pass through/go by so am not familiar with the amenities. Very friendly staff, sells paraphernalia as well.
William Doreste Santana - 1 jaar geleden
Good weed, good prices
Lil Whale 49 - 1 jaar geleden
Great Weed and even greater personel make this place the best coffeeshop you can visit in Hoopfsdorp
Andrea Clarke - 2 jaren geleden
Plenty of seating, nice atmosphere and good mix if music types in both English and Dutch! Nice big table for large groups but also tables for 4 or 2 as well. Something for everyone here! Don't forget your ID!!
Justinas Limontas - 2 jaren geleden
Great shop with decent selection of products, very friendly staff,cozy place to grab a coffee and relax.
Craig MVP - 2 jaren geleden
Great coffeeshop, awesome staff, free wifi and a really good menu. Quality of product is always high. Shout out the security guys there, always friendly and welcoming.
Davis Russell - 2 jaren geleden
Super nice staff and great selection. Let us hangout for a long time while we waited for a friend and even let us share some music.
Super Sayam - 2 jaren geleden
Nice place hidden in an industrial estate with lots of locals
Marian Wielkopolski - 2 jaren geleden
Great coffeeshop, Lot of kinds MJ.
JW Kleijer - 2 jaren geleden
Nice interior with a lot of natural light, good selection for a good price. However when I asked if they knew the CBD % of their 0,2% THC strain, I was jokingly told that it must be 99,8% if it only contains 0,2% thc. This is simply impossible because it's a plant... It should have fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Because it's a plant.
Diego Iván Flores López - 2 jaren geleden
It is nice for taking a seat, good music, good prices. But I got pure weed joints and they are so tight that are almost unsmokable. Good option close to Schiphol.
Andrzej Kalitowski - 3 jaren geleden
Wide range of choice, prices are average. Place is not crowded. It's nice to take a sit, order a coffee and smoke. I'll come back there for sure. Thanks.
Daniel Bokma - 3 jaren geleden
Menu never changes, good weed
Eduard Stefan - 3 jaren geleden
always happy here. good budz and try the lemonesia
A Google user - 3 jaren geleden
Ongetwijfeld de beste coffeeshop van Nederland. Without a doubt the best coffeeshop in Holland.
Marcin Majewski - 3 jaren geleden
This bodyguard everyday on entrance asking that same person for id sometimes is little noing. But when you look from another position you have really restricted coffeshop and one of cheapest one for a Afghan hashish.
Joe - 3 jaren geleden
Great location, very friendly staff always welcoming. A really cosy and relaxed place with style to have a good and nice relaxing time. Plenty of specious room for the customers unlike many other coffeeshops, and the quality of their products are top notch, cannot get any better than this.
David Moynes - 3 jaren geleden
Friendly and helpful, good atmosphere.
A Google User - 3 jaren geleden
Decent place to sit down and relax, Good selection and topi prices. My favourite Lemonesia
Kamil Iciek - 3 jaren geleden
Decent place to sit down and relax, Good selection and topi prices. My favourite Lemonesia
Dave Rayner - 4 jaren geleden
Lovely coffeeshop outside of Amsterdam, friendly staff and nice selection, good prices
Azamat Taskynbekov - 4 jaren geleden
Nice place to spend a time. It's my pleasure to meet guys who work there. Thank you for everything!
James Waite - 5 jaren geleden
Nice atmosphere, friendly and made to feel very welcome by staff
Andreas Brockly - 5 jaren geleden
Bad coffeeshop and bad weed...white widdow,amnezia and vanilla haze are not clean !!!
Preston Denney - 5 jaren geleden
Easy in, easy out. Knowledgeable. Staff. Fast easy
Marcel Beitelbeck - 5 jaren geleden
Perfect deduction, good prices
Mae Shamir - 5 jaren geleden
Nice vibe, friendly workers. Free WiFi and outlets for your phone or laptop.

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