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Coffeeshop The 4 Floors

Eendrachtsweg 29A, Rotterdam (Centrum)

Coffeeshop informatie



Joey Hoogerwerf - 2 maanden geleden
This shop has it all: * friendly personnel * 20+ choices of weed, gram or pre-roll * premium strains like wedding cake * product is packed in nice plastic boxes or tubes, collect 'em all! * you can buy drinks and smoke outside near the water ;)
James Ahmed - 8 maanden geleden
A very nice coffeeshop, upstairs has ventilation via windows nice breeze (feb2020) relaxed atmosphere good selections. It's my personal favourite so far in Rotterdam.
HuGGyBeaR tim - 9 maanden geleden
As a tourist the only shop I can recommend! In other shops they gave you too less or a cheaper strain and we're very unfriendly. Not the case in 4 floors! They always let me smell and then put it in a bag on scale. were friendly and gave papers. Sadly you mostly don't get a seat. Space Ghost OG was definitely the strain to pick now..
Dimitrios Prymidis - 9 maanden geleden
The people were not friendly at all and acted bossy. The line queue was a mess, like we ended up loosing our turn several times while people were yelling to move forward towards something. Also, they dont provide a herbal mix not even supplies to roll joints upstairs. One the other side they had place to buy cigarettes, coffee machine and the weed was good
Baby Gail - 10 maanden geleden
This shop is great!! Workers are friendly, bud quality is high and it’s a comfortable and relaxed environment. Stop in and enjoy!
Jessica Schmidt - 10 maanden geleden
More like two floors. The interior isn’t too pretty and the staff wasn’t very friendly. I was quite disappointed and won’t go again. Can’t recommend the place. There are lots of better places in the area. Better hang out by the canal nearby and enjoy the quietness.
Vera van Wolferen - 1 jaar geleden
NOTE: THE REVIEWS ABOUT RUDE STAFF ARE CORRECT. Arrived here just after half 10 (pm) on a Tuesday with three others. Nowhere does it mention that their upstairs seating area closes earlier than the ship itself. We made our purchases. Each of us held out our hand for change, as you do, and with all four of us, the cash was rudely chucked on the counter. When one of our party went to go up the stairs, one of the men behind the counter barked at him that it was closed. 10 minutes later, at 10:45, a man who was clearly mates with the shop guys (came in, jumped the queue to high five all of them, then immediately ordered) started walking up the stairs and was friendly informed that upstairs was closing in 15 minutes. If upstairs closes at 11, why are you barking at customers at ~10:35? We would've been out by 11. Other than rude staff (we should've taken the reviews on here more seriously) product was fine and prices were decent. Only reason for 2 stars.
Brenda Ramires - 1 jaar geleden
We bought a joint and when we tried to go upstairs (smoking area) they told us that we needed to buy a drink, when we asked why the answer was "you are in my establishment, so these are the rules, no questions asked". We didn't quite understand why. The plan was to stay there while my friend smoke, and if we had known before hand that we need to buy other things to be able to smoke, we wouldn't have entered nor brought it... I found it was an upsetting experience. Maybe there is something I am missing... Anyway, this is what we felt
Adam Pearce - 1 jaar geleden
2 members of staff were very rude to us, right after we made a purchase. We were very polite to them, they must have taken a dislike to us for some reason. There is an alternative coffeeshop 1 min away on Witte, hopefully they treat people decently there.
Blueberrycheesecake Grow-gott420 - 1 jaar geleden
One of the best i've visited ever. Lot of diffrent Strains....10 Points..Now Amsterdams definetly only #2 for me
Bluecheese-Only Grower - 1 jaar geleden
One of the best i've visited ever. Lot of diffrent Strains....10 Points..Now Amsterdams definetly only #2 for me
RollLike aStone - 1 jaar geleden
I am a tourist and I've only been here for a quick buy, get in get the stuff and get out. The place looked nice on the inside as for the staff the cashier and expecially the security guy were very helpful and gave a friendly Vibe. The weed is a little expensive compared to other places but I didn't encounter any major problems as other people stated. Next time maybe I'll have a little bit more time to fully check this place out.
Roberto Flores Meregote - 1 jaar geleden
On 26th of April 2019 the guy at the counter was super rude. Yelled "don't just stand there buy something to drink and go upstairs"
Bouvier Marc-Andrea - 1 jaar geleden
If there is no more room just roll one up and go chill outside near the river, you can sit and blaze on the colorful log statues
Nicol Drubay - 1 jaar geleden
Good service, but terrible quality weed. I've found spider mite webs, eggs, and human hairs in the buds. Also be aware they charge you for your weed bag (or in this case container). Not a big deal but I've never had to do this at any other coffee shop. Go to Tref coffeshop, better quality and less expensive. DISGUSTAANGGG
graham field - 1 jaar geleden
Great quality product and good selection. The service was pretty good. You need an ID to get in and purchase here.
Sander den Breejen - 1 jaar geleden
Only 1 Coffeeshop can be the best in the centre area of the beautiful Rotterdam City, first place goes to Coffeeagoo 4Floors. Their haze's and kushes are the best around here, amazing quality. Definitely will get you a awesome smoke! Workers at 4Floors has a lot of knowledge and are passionate people who are selling the weeds and hashes. Do you agree with this review, let Coffeeshop 4floors and me know by clicking the
Arron De - 2 jaren geleden
Been here a few times now, never had Any issues at all, guys have always been helpful. Weed n truffles were good too
Sun Shine - 2 jaren geleden
Good place - specially if you are looking for a place to smoke inside. Also good quality of a weed.
Bruno Henriques - 2 jaren geleden
Great place, they are very welcoming. We had suitcases from our trip and they gave us a space to keep the bags. Had an amazing "coffee" there lol.
Marry - 2 jaren geleden
Good experience. Nice service. Lots to choose from and good prices. Friendly staff. Asked for I.d and have to buy a drink to sit in.
Steven VDB - 2 jaren geleden
Good products. Beware closes at 11pm. Must buy a soft drink to stay in the smoking room
John Martin Olsen - 2 jaren geleden
Realy good weed. Bit expencive. Not so happy to pay to be able to smoke upstairs after shopping fore 50 euro...... not so charming place but ok. Some new paint and some pictures and maby a plant ore two would make big different. And sometimes the regulars might be alitle loud. But all in all ok place.
Paul Gill - 2 jaren geleden
Can't say enough good things about this place. Excellent, quality selection at reasonable prices. Cool staff if you repsect the rules. Visited on the recommendation of a Dutch friend and left as happy as a pig in the proverbial
Luca Grimaldi - 3 jaren geleden
We tried to get in with a group of 6 people. They were imediately not friendly. They made us buy drinks and weed, and then suddenly they said that there was not enough space for a big group. Never ever again.
Gabor Molnar - 3 jaren geleden
Rude staff. Cashier has numerical problem.
Cya Design - 3 jaren geleden
Good choice (when available) but not a good service at all.
Floris Thijssen - 3 jaren geleden
good weed for a good price. you're required to buy a beverage to smoke indoors
Manuel Mattarella - 4 jaren geleden
Many strain of weed/hash are good, the prices are OK. It is also a smart shop. You can smoke in it, but you must buy weed (and it's ok) and almost 1 drink. Dammit.
Luis Chacón - 4 jaren geleden
Friendly place, good coffee and a nice floor where having it, drawing, meeting people playing cards or just chilling. Next to bars area but not crowded with tourists all over. I had a good experience.
Joery Den Hollander - 4 jaren geleden
good "exclusive" weed , good and friendlly staff and indeed good coffee. prices are high but u get what u pay for thats 1 thing i can say with trust. only minus is that they look u down when u come in for 1 gram only .
Dennis Rudson - 4 jaren geleden
Please I will be in rotterdam on 25 december, and I want to know if the coffe are open, or they close for xmas???
della ugr - 4 jaren geleden
Good weed. The upstairs room is spacious and the atmosphere is cool
Deano machino - 5 jaren geleden
Doorman was helpful and they all speak english. I didn't feel welcome at first but after buying a drink and heading up the metal staircase the smoking room was basic but clean the clientele seemed friendly but I stood out like a sore thumb nice smoke too! Fair prices!

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