Coffeeshop Sky High
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Nieuwe Binnenweg 59-B, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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Anton Tkachenko - 4 maanden geleden
very nice place, fast service, good available choice
Дмитрий Токмин - 6 maanden geleden
Offered pre rolled haze. It was no cheap but very weak. Mostly tobacco. I didn't try weed here, but after this story with the joint I don't want to try second time. Then I bought another haze in smile and got very strong effect.
Shantanu Khandelwal - 6 maanden geleden
Can't sit and smoke at the coffee shop. only take aways
Vid Alia - 8 maanden geleden
They've been closed twice now in the last few weeks I've gone. Even though online it says they're open. Don't rely on them, they seemingly open and close shop whenever they feel like it.
Gordon A - 1 jaar geleden
Great choice of strains at good prices .
SMIMOON - 1 jaar geleden
TheKid Keller - 1 jaar geleden
The best
Lb Swervin - 1 jaar geleden
I've followed the advice of another coffee shop to go to sky high because they do accept Visa , mastercard and close at 00.00 . I had some good haze kush compared to the other coffee shops I ve been to during my last twenty days
Donovan I. - 2 jaren geleden
Best weed in 010
Yung Venuz - 2 jaren geleden
Very good shop, prices are average, selection is nice, bouncer is a nice guy, shops looks a bit pauper on the inside.
Courtney Susalka - 2 jaren geleden
My first day in Rotterdam, got myself two pre-rolls for after dinner. Smoked half of one, all the while only tasting tobacco. I cut it open - all tobacco. The second one has bits of green but mostly, again, tobacco. Not going back.
Julian Murończyk - 2 jaren geleden
Best fuc*ing weeed, Best guys there
Redouan Alaoui - 2 jaren geleden
Great weed. Can't stay to sit and smoke. Pickup only.
Bo Canits - 3 jaren geleden
The hash tastes like old barbeque meat, and it definitely smells like it too plus very overpriced. Got an insignificant to small high off it, you should never buy here, and I sure as hell and wont anymore either.
Calogero Tascone - 3 jaren geleden
Best quality of rotterdam for the haze!
Jef Adriaenssens - 3 jaren geleden
My go to coffee in Rotterdam, this is definitely the highest quality weed you will find in the whole city of lack lustering marijuana. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of the herbs and although staff might not seem friendly they can be very helpful when it comes to your questions.
Katrin Drebinski - 3 jaren geleden
The best Coffeeshop in Rotterdam. ❤️ Nice guy on the door. See you soon.
Eric Marcel - 3 jaren geleden
Only cash and I got disappointed with the muffins. The strain selection is pretty good though.
Marry - 3 jaren geleden
Not that great... overpriced and not so polite staff. Couldn't tell you what it was like to sit in as we weren't allowed to experience that..... stick to the 4 floors.
Jonathan Garrido - 3 jaren geleden
Amnezia hash is the best!!
Evan Cunningham - 4 jaren geleden
Great place to smoke, play pool and have refreshing beverages.
Curts Enterprise - 4 jaren geleden
Great furniture, Reasonable prices however some strange people inside
Jason Vaughan - 4 jaren geleden
Enemy of the state very nice! Ran out of purple cheese. only prerolled joints left. No room to smoke.
Grant Paterson - 5 jaren geleden
didnt like many of the coffeshops in Rotterdam as they are just basically dispensaries. this one falls into that bracket there is no place to sit and take it easy
Scott H - 6 jaren geleden
like most coffee shops outside of Amsterdam, this is take away only. no issue with foreigners buying. Staff (inc doorman) happy to advise on product. Good selection, good quality.
Kirsty Harris - 6 jaren geleden
Purple cheese to die for sadly know where to chill staff are friendly even they're bouncer pointed us the direction of somewhere to chill
s t zwiastowansky - 6 jaren geleden
????best in Town , real stuff and good personnel
John Smith - 9 jaren geleden
Cannot smoke at all, only buy. Average quality.
scruff mcgruff - 9 jaren geleden
out of all the coffeeshops in rotterdam this one actually has real bubblegum the guys their told me its the same strain theyve been using for many years and kudos on the amnesia very funky good prices too, big smokin area and they also have blunts which is a big plus for me so yeah good job

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