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Chris Bennekerslaan 47, Rotterdam (Kralingen-Crooswijk)

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Trap Star - 2 weken geleden
How tf did this shop get 4stars on reviews
Bad Vibes - 2 maanden geleden
Not much variety. Very small shop and you can find better quality around the city
Tomas Ricardo Lang - 1 jaar geleden
The kush is bad. Not recommended. They told me was Og and it wasn’t. To dry, the hit never came. Should smoke more than 1g if you want to feel at least something. A little bit like a scam. Probably will chose other coffee shops next time.
Ricardo - 1 jaar geleden
It's free real estate
Mark Cavallaro - 1 jaar geleden
I have had great experiences every timein here. Nice, helpful staff.
Virgil Martin - 1 jaar geleden
As foreighner that works in Neatherlands is there any document besides ID card that i need, in order to buy?
Jamie Gilbert - 1 jaar geleden
I've gone here for years and they have good product and friendly, helpful staff.
Enjoy the Ride - 1 jaar geleden
Terrible. Supposed to be open till 8pm, they shut it at 7.55pm when I was next in line. Overpriced and bad service.
Osiem Tysięcy - 1 jaar geleden
Very good customer service. Helped me order a taxi :D
Alfredo Meireles - 1 jaar geleden
The staff is very polite and respectful. Good quality and variety.
Melody Waterworth - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly staff, well adapted to covid measures
Daniel Owen van Dommelen - 2 jaren geleden
Very friendly staff, and quality product.
Czaro Doro - 2 jaren geleden
the place is a small cube with the appearance of a hospital-airport, you need to show ligations in basically 2 times in one room, the herb is packed in hard plastic boxes with weird weights 1.2 or 0.6. herb in taste nothing special, action little beter, the seller was nice. This is my first and last visit, so far my least favorite cofeshop in Rotterdam
banana space - 2 jaren geleden
The age limit is 21 for this place somehow haha couldnt buy a joint for a night out.
babyrobot - 2 jaren geleden
Excellent pick up spot with friendly staff.
babyrobot . - 2 jaren geleden
Excellent pick up spot with friendly staff.
babyrob0t . - 2 jaren geleden
Excellent pick up spot with friendly staff.
babyrob0t - 2 jaren geleden
Excellent pick up spot with friendly staff.
Lesa Sawahata - 2 jaren geleden
Lovely bud tenders. Lovely bud.
Celion Vindicus - 2 jaren geleden
No smoking area and expensive
Eric Draven - 3 jaren geleden
Small place and very unfriendly, based on some of the other reviews glad to rather go somewhere else.
Andrew Novsky - 3 jaren geleden
Crystal Bud is not what you expect. Be careful!
Chris Ritter - 3 jaren geleden
Nice and friendly employees. There is no option to smoke inside. Only a take out booth and the prices are quite high.
Kevin Bone Sosa - 3 jaren geleden
If you are looking for a nice coffee shop with friendly staff that will recognise you straight off the bat. This is the place for you
Jamie Malorni - 4 jaren geleden
A rip off but they get away with because they are the only shop in the the neighborhood. The service has been nice but that’s about it.
leterjwz - 5 jaren geleden
Snel en simpel
Adidas - 5 jaren geleden
TheDutchcartel - 5 jaren geleden
niet goed koop maar wel netjes en goeie wiet
Yusuf Raage - 5 jaren geleden
Knecht Ruprect - 5 jaren geleden

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