Coffeeshop de Muze Tilburg
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Tuinstraat 43, Tilburg (Centrum)

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Camilla - 4 weken geleden
Nice place with great service!
Daniel Zarzycki - 2 maanden geleden
Friendly place with good quality strains and good Music. No visa/mastercard
Zoe Bonte - 2 maanden geleden
Best shop EVERRRR
Robert Svanigs - 3 maanden geleden
They are selling items of wich, they have little to no understanding of, absolutely unbelievable,morrocan rats. fluent dutch speakers probably get the normal treatment, stay away from this shop.
Vasiliu Florin - 5 maanden geleden
It was my Best experiențe so far and i tested a looooot of coffeshops,IT was a girl there verry friendly and verry patient and with a great vibe.They Have a big list of things and the most important the MoonRoocks and joints with them. I will sure come back anytime.
Tomáš Mikula - 5 maanden geleden
Joints and hash muffins are extremely good, rather powerful hehe but overall nice place and customer friendly. Would go again
Gabriel Gosa - 6 maanden geleden
Good products.
Jan Aerts - 7 maanden geleden
Topshop !!
DuKe - 11 maanden geleden
Not all but some of the weed they have is different then rest of tilburg - strawberry lemon does the job very well
Leo Kvesa - 1 jaar geleden
Very bad product that looks like leftovers I felt robbed
M. S. - 1 jaar geleden
really bad qualitiy! (White Hash)
hans wurst - 1 jaar geleden
asked for the critical cream offer and without any information he gave me white hash. i never saw something like this and asked what is this and the guy starten telling me about how good and full of cbd it is and its the future of hash and whatever..i should have said no thanks... this stuff is the worst hash i ever bought. its not even burning and if, the taste is like burning wood and zero effects. there are two scenarios: 1. i just got ripped off . 2. the people who run this shop really think this is something you could sell for 8 euro per gramm. both scenarios are pretty sad for a coffeshop and i would never go there again! there are some good shops in the city so yeah..
Chris “T. J. N” Sullivan - 1 jaar geleden
Second visit to this coffeeshop in around two months. It's a small mainly local pick up place in a busy town street. I bought the gruis again and off I went to discover Pasja and Crackers. Not a bad place but not the most exciting of places. Friendly staff helps and they seemed smiley people.
Chris Sullivan - 1 jaar geleden
I was at a loose end waiting for the Toremalijn to open so I found this place thanks to Google Maps. I had intended to buy the superior jar-presented mixed weed @ €40 for 5gram there but De Muz was actually open and so I asked to see the gruis. It was a bit branchy kooking but for €30 for 5gram I thought why not. Very good choice as it turned out! Quite potent. Toremalijn is far superior for their mixed weed but it's honest enough. De Muz is very friendly, mostly local Dutch customers close by to Tilburg Centraal Station. The weed menu is very good too. Thanks De Muz! I will spend more time here next time I visit Tilburg and tell all my Dutch and English friends about it.
Dangiris - 2 jaren geleden
Best joints and hash in town, tasty tea and friendly crew!
Mark Hoofwijk - 2 jaren geleden
Cheap-ish stuff. Friendly staff
Klandox - 3 jaren geleden
Best priced hash in Tilburg, also offers great advice if needed. One of the few suppliers of medical grade weed (CBD focussed)
Artur Dębowy - 3 jaren geleden
good place for coffee in the morning
Frederick Huyghe - 3 jaren geleden
Great shop but a bit too much security
Htuasgsheriend 45 - 3 jaren geleden
Alejandro Condu - 3 jaren geleden
Goed place good experience, Good atention and above all full kindness.
Marcel Van de ven - 4 jaren geleden
De shop heeft goede pesoneel en de sevice is topie
David Lozano - 4 jaren geleden
At what time is open this place?
Marcos Iñiguez - 5 jaren geleden

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