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Besterdring 187, Tilburg (Oud-Noord)

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Chim's Thoughts - 1 week geleden
Best shop, friendly people working there and great security.
Florian Holtgen - 2 weken geleden
COVID-19 rules are well applied and enforced. Nice shop, friendly people and good products
Adrian Farmas - 2 maanden geleden
Made 100km to hear coffeeshop in NL only to get know that it's closed. Is it so difficult to put information on internet? Not recommended.
Chris Sullivan - 2 maanden geleden
My second visit in about a year. Good quality products and very friendly, knowledgeable staff. It's the opposite of a tourist trap. I had the pre-ground mix in a 5g jar for €40 and it was both potent and good qualiy. It seems better than standard gruis mix. Very happy, greetings from England Toremalijn!
Nick grogengrate - 3 maanden geleden
Good prices, best weed and hasj definitely in tilburg possibly in brabant and the people working there are always friendly and give great advice.
Bart - 4 maanden geleden
Always friendly and proce/quality. My favorite in Tilburg.
Edgar Garfunkel - 4 maanden geleden
Bought a gram of Zombie Kush and after trimming the leaves, i had 0,5 gram left, the leaves i had to throw away.. Not acceptable for weed that costs 12 euro a gram. Would expect a proper trimjob before selling.
Dirk van de Kerkhof - 6 maanden geleden
Always cosy and nice people inside. Staff is great, shop menu even greater.
Sandro Ferari - 7 maanden geleden
amazing choice of weed. nice outdoor space to chill and smoke
Nikolay Spasov - 10 maanden geleden
The coffee shop is great great buds. The setting also is great !
Martin Bachvarov - 10 maanden geleden
Great place! The best shop in Tilburg! I loved it 5 years ago and now it's even better! Big choice and various options B Totally recommend it!
Andis Savickis - 11 maanden geleden
Big selection of best weed which you can smoke inside in their inside open garden!
Vladut Cabiniuc - 1 jaar geleden
Nice place if you buy more then 30 euro you get a joint/lighter/paper+filters at your choice. Hash is okay. Still wait to try those jars of weed. Weed mix it s alsso a good deal
Erwin Douwes - 1 jaar geleden
The best of the province, by far. Outstanding variety, great prices and some real exclusive high-shelf products as well. Highly recommended.
Sean Richards - 1 jaar geleden
Garden state chill. This place is pretty popular. A nice garden to sit in and relax. Can be very busy from time to time, so choose your visit wisely. I think they're a little on the pricey range, still they have an amazing assortment, which doesn't seem to run out. A well organised team. No edibles though.
Moumen Hamid - 1 jaar geleden
There is a wide collection of strains in offering, prices are reasonable and the outside chilling area is very nice and relaxed! People there are nice, you do however have to purchase something from the bar to be able to use the seating areas.
Chris J. - 1 jaar geleden
Old style with good stuff and also a coffeebar.
Charles Brick - 1 jaar geleden
Quite busy there on evenings but love it!
Mace Windu - 1 jaar geleden
Has good quality stuff, friendly and fast. Also one of the cheaper shops if you ask me. They have a garden in the back, very lovely in summer
Tomasz Wróbel - 1 jaar geleden
The beast place to spending your time in good atmosphere and high quality weed. I would recommend this.
Steven C - 1 jaar geleden
By far the best #cannabis shop in Tilburg. The weed and hasj is always a good quality, although a little more pricey compared to other shops, but more than worth it. They have "special” jars of 3.5 gram, which contain very tasty weed, but for a pretty steep price I must say. This weed seems well cured and smokes soft and tasty, but at almost EUR 20 per gram and up, definitely only for the fine tasters under us.
Daan De Weerdt - 4 jaren geleden
One of the best shops in the country
Jesse van de sande - 4 jaren geleden
Hmmm okeee
Sebastian Green - 4 jaren geleden
One of the best Coffe Shops.Good weed, and a verry nice place to stay and chill.Peace
Chris Broers - 5 jaren geleden
Mijn vaste shop =D
A Google User - 9 jaren geleden
Mooie plekje om een jointje te roken:-)

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