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Rozengracht 90, Zaandam

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Erik _ - 2 maanden geleden
Best Coffeeshop in Zaandam. Always there when you need them most!
Tynu Costea - 2 maanden geleden
Best boss ever , best pac man ! Love and peace !!
Amir Luzon - 2 maanden geleden
But and go coffeeshop. Staff is very robotic. Weed quality is good.
Melih Yılmaz - 4 maanden geleden
What a good quality weed from this place. And the staff who also can speak Turkish, was very kind and smiling..) they call it ‘Ghost haze’
Gopikrishna S - 6 maanden geleden
Good quality of Weed is available and we can fly high with the stuff. Located at the dead end of the street, feeling like a remote locality during night.Atmosphere inside the shop is not pleasent and it needs to be improved.
Mazen MK - 7 maanden geleden
Good stuff and Nice service always
Mirek B. - 10 maanden geleden
Poor quality weed. Doesn't get you high. Bad service also. I DO NOT RECOMMEND
Tugce Bayramoglu - 10 maanden geleden
Perfect location, great quality and fair prices! And they get better and better with their modern looks!
Piotr Kłodkowski - 11 maanden geleden
Weed not bad but Masterkush it's not a kush...
B.H. Vo - 1 jaar geleden
Amazing, friendly shop owner. I went there for the first time to pick up some weed and got a major discount, since I didn't bring any cash. Clean, good vibe coffee shop. They don't take pin so bring your cash!
Michal Bosch - 1 jaar geleden
Good coffeshop but always the same menu and you cannot pay by credit card. Only cash. Rest is ok !
Mattia Rubeca - 1 jaar geleden
This coffeeshop just got restored, much better than before I have to say but sadly the people working there are still the same. Very rude employees, they look always grumpy and sloppy, they never say “hello”, “thank you” or “goodbye”. They always have the same kind of weed and hash since almost 7 years and you can only pay cash. I go there only when I have no other choices. However the quality isn’t that bad and the promos are convenient.
Tom L - 1 jaar geleden
Always friendly people and top products. Peace ✌️
McKenzie Donald - 1 jaar geleden
Had a great time here friendly place! Can't wait for my next visit.
Zack Battey - 1 jaar geleden
Good staff and place. Clean indoor environment. Will definitely drop by if I’m around there.
Emil Gil - 1 jaar geleden
Good prices. Not many sorts. Cash only.
Hosam Lakouidi - 1 jaar geleden
So far after 4 years, still going to the same coffeeshop, good stuff and good people, from top to bottom.
Lopatin Vladimir - 1 jaar geleden
Cash only
Javier galvan hernando - 1 jaar geleden
Really nice stuff
Mezar mo - 1 jaar geleden
I liked this coffeeshop,
Jack hawin Pinzon gonzalez - 1 jaar geleden
Good precis like
BunnyB Th3Produc3r - 2 jaren geleden
Love this coffeshop. Love the haze and kush they got.. Great staff and a nice place to hang out and smoke
Richard Lawrence-Day - 2 jaren geleden
Great Coffeeshop selling quality product - the Twizzler hash was excellent. Probably not a great place for first timers but a fantastic find for the seasoned toker.
Andrew Kouniakis - 2 jaren geleden
A regular coffeeshop of the neighborhood, nothing special. Reasonable prices and friendly staff. You have to get a drink in order to sit and smoke inside.
Jamie Strickland - 2 jaren geleden
Excellent weed, helpful staff but the atmosphere felt weird
Tommy TheYid - 2 jaren geleden
I liked this coffeeshop, had a nice menu, friendly budtender & chilled out smoking room. Can’t recall the strain, but was 10/10
Brendan Power - 2 jaren geleden
The staff were friendly, the locals not so much. It kinda felt like visiting a strangers house and accidentally using their favourite cup. Not relaxing to smoke in. However it has a busy takeaway, so watch out for the scooters flying around this cul de sac.
itss jonas - 3 jaren geleden
Very good coffeeshop. You can smoke everything inside from bong to vaporizer or a joint. The weed quality is also very good and i can recommend you Ghost for 14€.
Feras Smadi - 3 jaren geleden
If you are staying in zaandam then this is the easiest coffeshop to locate as it is located in the center but in a small dodgy looking street off main street. Trust me it's not only the location that is dodgy, the local people inside feel as if they hate you for being there. Which creates this negative atmosphere as all the locals keep staring at you and this feeling you get as soon as you walk in and try to speak to the bartender. Bad vibes at a coffeshop is a very bad sign. Also they don't offer great choice of "merchandise" stay away from it unless you didn't get the chance to go to Amsterdam which is 10 minutes away using the train from the nearby station.
Jim Hagon - 3 jaren geleden
Good place to chill and play backgammon
We Do Film - 3 jaren geleden
Best coffeeshop in Zaandam. You can even smoke inside and get a bevarage. They have great Holland weed and has and they do a discount at 5 grams.
Minc of Bane - 3 jaren geleden
Good quality, friendly staff
Joseph Threapleton - 3 jaren geleden
hidden in the back streets of zaandam a very lively coffeeshop has a nice atmosphire and good weed very busy though cant really smoke inside lack of space and to many people
Nacho Mendez - 3 jaren geleden
Weed good, i love big buddha, staff not so friendly, small coffeelounge
Dingle Berry - 6 jaren geleden
I used to come here all the time, but lately most the personell give you a stink-eyed look and pretend to be all that great, but one guy is nice and his name is jannen or something like that, he's casual and nice to people, so shout out to jannen!!! he the cool guy over there!!! JANNENN!!!!! Edit: They got great deals though, worth a visit!
Adrian Wałasiński - 6 jaren geleden
super weed, cheapest at town. 42eur for 5g really strong lemon haze. good deal!
patrick felter - 7 jaren geleden
Geven je toeristenwiet als je niet uitkijkt.. grote topjes, geen thc... maar San ook echt niets.... weggegooid geld dus.. never ging back there.
can koc - 8 jaren geleden
The shop was a while take away but is has changed you can buy your cannabis smoke it inside at a nice sphere ,music, watching Tv with privacy ,no annoying people... believe it has good quality with weed and hasj would prefere it. By the way the place is central but it on a blind alley way behind the shopping center if you enter the street only coffeeshop headlines is there at the end no other shops.
Cannabis Around Nations - non profit - 9 jaren geleden
It jused to be a good and busy shop, nice owners, with the best prices and good afgane. Today the afgane is uselly very bad, and taste like handcream. Still they can have good products, if they just kept the dogs away from weeds. Sometimes the service was lousy, especially with the counterservant with th playstation, he kept you waiting for minutes. The old cafe sphere is gone, now you just can buy at a window, but not smoke or sit down with a cup of coffee. To bad...

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