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3 Floors Coffeeshop

Halvemaansteeg 1, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Harry - vor 3 Monaten

My favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam! Definitely recommend, Excellent menu and super amazing staff and also relatively cheap! Definitely heading here next time

Daniel Benson - vor 3 Monaten

This place was freezing cold, I'd have been as well standing outside. Also it can't be that expensive to reupholster the furniture surely?

filippo di lauro - vor 4 Monaten

GOOGLE please cancel this account of Andalucia 3 floors. this company is not open anymore!!! Is another shop now and a new owner. Please remove this page so it s more easy to find the new shop on google maps. THANKS

Adrian Brandrick - vor 4 Monaten

Nice place, friendly, helpful staff, good selection of weed/hash, the vegan spaecake was sound and did the job, also had plenty of large sreen TV's, good for those who's phones are not an extension of their arms.

Ren Dubz - vor 7 Monaten

One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. The staff recognised us, and also where all really friendly, I always buy the special amnesia and a brownie, both full of flavour and pack a punch. 10 out of 10 must try if ever near renbrant Square!

Elaina Poh - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff. Old building, narrow stairway up to 2nd and third level. Toilet located at the top floor. The space muffin and brownie are interesting. The smoke is all in the tube so kind of them. So if you wanna take it away and keep it in your pocket or bag, it won't be squeezed flat. Interesting experience

Domina Mia Wallace - vor 1 Jahr

Nice and chill place

Kajetan Kociański - vor 1 Jahr

I’ve been in every coffeeshop in Amsterdam and I find it as the worst. Weed is so expensive and I have never seen worse quality for this price. Sorry, but i prefer to buy spices in the store. Don’t overpay for it!

SelectedGenetics IG - vor 2 Jahren

Brilliant coffeeshop on 3 floors, indoor seating ,great selection of weed, hash and cakes, lovely landscape, great music&tv, free toilet and great staff, Enjoy

linus fluck - vor 2 Jahren

The weed selection was nothing special but the smoke rooms are nice, calm and comfortable.

Reverend Muffington - vor 3 Jahren

Love this place. It's great to relax & burn some herb..... Great Bud.... Great Staff... Prices are reasonable... Three Floors is def one of my favorites. There are 3 levels... A great place to spend some time... yeah... everyplace is in levels... this one is really nice... If you get a chance to visit Amsterdam... Make this joint a priority!!! Enjoy!!!!!


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