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Sint Antoniesbreestraat 77, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Jason Ludlow - vor 2 Monaten
Real friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and good view of the plaza, average weed prices and strong bud, would go again
Bones Gaming - vor 4 Monaten
Nice and friendly coffeeshop, good strains and nice pre-rolled
Adrian Furman - vor 4 Monaten
Loukalicious “Locally Louke” - vor 5 Monaten
Nice place ,great coffee, awesome decor
Ben Tushaw - vor 6 Monaten
staff were slow and probably stoned lol but the Coco loco smoothy was amazing and the space cake messed me up big time
have no name - vor 8 Monaten
I went here in Oct 2019, beautiful place, the shop itself being underneath the street level it gives a funny vibe to it, the copper tree is super duper cool, varieties where very good, 100% recommend, they are super nice
Julien Hirt - vor 9 Monaten
Very nice stuff and nice staff. Let me have a whiff of everything, so they're pretty nice with picky people. Would recomend
Miss X - vor 10 Monaten
Awesome spacecake ❤
Joseph Page - vor 1 Jahr
Great coffeeshop
Luiz Kottas - vor 1 Jahr
Good weed. Bit pricey though
Golden Guide - vor 1 Jahr
Nice friendly staff. Got some gelato. It's very good. Nice dence nuggie and my latte was perfect. Will be back in for sure.
Danny Gooyer - vor 1 Jahr
Billy North - vor 2 Jahren
Decent enough. Can get better weed in england than you can in dam. Cheaper too. The view outside the shop is agood one.
Rick Heinsman - vor 2 Jahren
Space cake was delicious and they have an extensive menu for all your hash and marijuana needs.
ROBERT RAYMOND - vor 2 Jahren
Outstanding in every way. I feel blessed to have met the old school values of Adam again in these testing times. Brother and Sister hood of the weed lives on.
Juliet Thompson - vor 2 Jahren
Nice place staff friendly and helpful. My husband pulled a whitey and the staff were great giving him drinks and making sure he was OK. Thanks guys.
Chan Tak Sum - vor 2 Jahren
Small coffeeshop , but you can buy and smoke there. The staffs are helpful. Also, you can order drinks. Come and try.
Blitz - vor 2 Jahren
Not a bad coffeeshop by any means, the positives are the staff are friendly and informative, the products are reasonably priced especially for the location, however the chairs in the upper smoking area were in a right state when I visited, bare cushion with the leather ripped off and the music often got way to loud up there.
Darren Williamson - vor 2 Jahren
Staff were very helpful and friendly, custimers were local and mixed all very nice and great selection of cannabis... Agent orange... Yes!
Robin Wardley - vor 2 Jahren
Nice relaxed place compared to most I've tried.. good weed and good coffee too
M Ash - vor 4 Jahren
One of the few coffee shops that I visited in Amsterdam that allowed you to buy and consume on the location. It is located right next to the canal and has nice seating. It is on the small side so does get packed quickly. This is also one of the few places with a decent variety of product, what bumped this place up and making nearly hit 5 stars is that it had califonia product which is one of the best in the world IMO.

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