Coffeeshop The Freak Brothers

Westeinde 86, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Laura Reeves - vor 2 Jahren
Cool kids
eriklynden1 - vor 2 Jahren
Intelligent young man good prices safe neighborhood
Bader ouled - vor 2 Jahren
Good quality weed, friendly staff, Recommended
Actionless Loveless - vor 2 Jahren
Nice stuff and prices. Have cozy lounge for smoking.
Kim Kosakowsky - vor 2 Jahren
Nice little Shop with a good service and a nice card
V Z - vor 3 Jahren
When it was K&D it was great, not so anymore, their weed is now medium quality at best and some kinds are polluted with pieces of foil, coconut grow medium and something they say are husks of biological pest control. I know for a fact the grow medium and metal foil are poisonous when burned and smoked, the insect husks I don't know but this is a risk with customers health you do not take if you have any pride in what you do and the product you sell. When I confronted them with a bag of this pollution I was I was rudely told "nothing we can do about it" and "that is how we get it from the grower", when I replied you can do something about it if you care, you can not buy and sell this particular kind from this grower untill he gets his act together I was accused of trying to make problems and kicked out. Do not go to this shop if you hold your health dear or want quality weed grown and treated with love and care.
Taylor Winston - vor 4 Jahren
I have seen many beautiful girls in my life, but I have not seen such a beauty as the shop assistant girl *.* *_* *__*

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