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Coffeeshop 't Nijmegen Wonder

Smetiusstraat 13, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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Pyro TV - vor 4 Wochen

Very good Stuff and nice People there!!!

Aaron Hinkle - vor 1 Monat

This used to be one of my favorite places to hang out in Nijmegen. Unfortunately, these days I think it should stop calling itself a coffeeshop, because it isn't one anymore. You can't smoke there anymore. I don't even know if they still sell consumables because nobody wants to hang out there to consume them. Even the toilets are off limits to customers. Now it's just a place that sells weed; like a drive-through. Decent product at average prices...but not the kind of place to take your friends anymore. The staff are mostly friendly and the music is mostly good; I just miss the old days when this was the best coffeeshop in town. :(

Szandra Tóth - vor 3 Monaten

Very kind staff, they are always helpful

La Claqueta Trece - vor 3 Monaten

One of the best coffeeshops in Holland

Ako Teraz - vor 5 Monaten

One from the best. How is the opening time on christmas days? 24, 25, 26 dec. ??

Francisco Reis - vor 9 Monaten

Really friendly staff you can ask them anything and they willl try to answer to their best efforts. They even recommend me the mixed weed instead of tabacos that I loved since I don't enjoy smoking taabco at all. The prices are fair, have a good selection and good weed most of the time so can't complain. The place is very nice looking and really chill inside. I also have to say their capuchinho tastes really damn great! Recommend visiting this shop

Filip Dmytrowski - vor 1 Jahr

Very very nice coffeeshop and very polite seller, the fact that you can buy 0.5 bag to try different strains is a good option. Banana Kush is the bomb!!! 5/5

Neville Monteiro - vor 1 Jahr

She explained the products to us very well and let us take our time to make a decision , it made the entire experience very lovely

Colin Ilott - vor 1 Jahr

Very nice, helpful for advice, very safe, clean

loko scorpions - vor 1 Jahr


Ember Ronas - vor 1 Jahr

Always great staff

Krišjānis Chris “Kris” Pečats - vor 2 Jahren

My experience says that women behind the counter. :*/:

Jaroslaw Ratuszynski - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly staff, nice quality of weeds, bags are prepacked but good looking, prices starting from 5€/0.5g you can pay by card.

Krzysztof Szymanek - vor 2 Jahren


adrian minoiu - vor 3 Jahren


Space Dog FPV - vor 3 Jahren

Very friendly and helpful staff. Everything is priced at 0.5g. Had 6 different types.

Leon CH - vor 3 Jahren

Nice place, friendly staff.

Jan Piechota - vor 4 Jahren

Good service, atmospheric and favourite og kush for affordable price

Ariel Trząski - vor 4 Jahren

Calm place. Air-conditioned. The toilets are closed and can not be used. At the bar you can meet a laid back alien who is a Rastafarian. Standard prices like everywhere. Good general merchandise. A big plus is that you can order toast or sandwitches.

Deivydas Grublys - vor 4 Jahren

Verry good , best stuff in town

Andrei Luca - vor 4 Jahren

Its a nice place, I would liked to have more kinds of weed

H Alcharif - vor 5 Jahren

You won't find a smile. Just unpleasant faces.

Gil Oliveira - vor 5 Jahren

Really loved the spot :) the service was pretty awesome ;) The barmaid is just lovely sozda (dunno if it is like the Right way to write it)

Haneef Cv - vor 7 Jahren

You want to high fly go to this coffeeshop the best. Aka haneef hasj

Kordian Czachor - vor 7 Jahren

Miła obsługa, przyjemne wnętrze, ceny dobre.. polecam. :)

randy sengers - vor 8 Jahren

lekker chill daar

Marcin Doliński - vor 8 Jahren

Quite nice coffeshop. Very nice service and good price. Only minus is small chose of weed and hash.

kutty milan - vor 9 Jahren

So nice I was flying in happiness


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