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Coffeeshop 't Nijmegen Wonder

Smetiusstraat 13, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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Szandra Tóth - 1 month ago

Very kind staff, they are always helpful

La Claqueta Trece - 1 month ago

One of the best coffeeshops in Holland

Ako Teraz - 3 months ago

One from the best. How is the opening time on christmas days? 24, 25, 26 dec. ??

Francisco Reis - 7 months ago

Really friendly staff you can ask them anything and they willl try to answer to their best efforts. They even recommend me the mixed weed instead of tabacos that I loved since I don't enjoy smoking taabco at all. The prices are fair, have a good selection and good weed most of the time so can't complain. The place is very nice looking and really chill inside. I also have to say their capuchinho tastes really damn great! Recommend visiting this shop

Filip Dmytrowski - 10 months ago

Very very nice coffeeshop and very polite seller, the fact that you can buy 0.5 bag to try different strains is a good option. Banana Kush is the bomb!!! 5/5

Neville Monteiro - 11 months ago

She explained the products to us very well and let us take our time to make a decision , it made the entire experience very lovely

Colin Ilott - 1 year ago

Very nice, helpful for advice, very safe, clean

loko scorpions - 1 year ago


Ember Ronas - 1 year ago

Always great staff

Krišjānis Chris “Kris” Pečats - 1 year ago

My experience says that women behind the counter. :*/:

Jaroslaw Ratuszynski - 2 years ago

Friendly staff, nice quality of weeds, bags are prepacked but good looking, prices starting from 5€/0.5g you can pay by card.

Krzysztof Szymanek - 2 years ago


adrian minoiu - 3 years ago


Space Dog FPV - 3 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff. Everything is priced at 0.5g. Had 6 different types.

Leon CH - 3 years ago

Nice place, friendly staff.

Jan Piechota - 4 years ago

Good service, atmospheric and favourite og kush for affordable price

Ariel Trząski - 4 years ago

Calm place. Air-conditioned. The toilets are closed and can not be used. At the bar you can meet a laid back alien who is a Rastafarian. Standard prices like everywhere. Good general merchandise. A big plus is that you can order toast or sandwitches.

Deivydas Grublys - 4 years ago

Verry good , best stuff in town

Andrei Luca - 4 years ago

Its a nice place, I would liked to have more kinds of weed

H Alcharif - 4 years ago

You won't find a smile. Just unpleasant faces.

Gil Oliveira - 4 years ago

Really loved the spot :) the service was pretty awesome ;) The barmaid is just lovely sozda (dunno if it is like the Right way to write it)

Haneef Cv - 6 years ago

You want to high fly go to this coffeeshop the best. Aka haneef hasj

Kordian Czachor - 7 years ago

Miła obsługa, przyjemne wnętrze, ceny dobre.. polecam. :)

randy sengers - 8 years ago

lekker chill daar

Marcin Doliński - 8 years ago

Quite nice coffeshop. Very nice service and good price. Only minus is small chose of weed and hash.

kutty milan - 9 years ago

So nice I was flying in happiness


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