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Coffeeshop Dreadlock & Jetset
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Vlaamsegas 9-15, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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  • Monday 09:00 - 01:00
    Tuesday 09:00 - 01:00
    Wednesday 09:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 09:00 - 01:00
    Friday 09:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 09:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 10:00 - 00:00
  • This coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis in the future. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • https://dreadlock-jetset.nl/
  • +31 24 388 8517



Tim Hardy - 4 weeks ago

Good atmosphere, nice people, really reommanded by the Germans ✌️

Niklas Lap - 1 month ago

Smoking area in the back is big and clean, nice place to sit.

Rene Z. - 1 month ago

Nice atmosphere and good chilled music. The area where you can sit is also big and you have enough place for private talks. Also the Personal is very kind and is there for your wishes.

mahasiidda - 3 months ago

Great place, I love the lighter!

DMR - 5 months ago

Very nice people and Newbie friendly :)

László Richárd Nagy - 7 months ago

My favorite place in the whole country. I have lived in many parts of the Netherlands, but I always found my way back here to get my weed. They are chill, the prices are fair, the weed is weighed front of you, and the place is clean. I don’t care I have to travel two hours here, I will always prefer dreadlocks.

Daniel Adamczyk - 8 months ago

Best team do great weed and good price

pamela luini - 9 months ago

The Best in Nijmegen Staff and stuff are top and dogs can be enter! Nice place where you can stay quite!

Justas Ja - 9 months ago

Nice girls works there, good service

Sarah Jennifer - 10 months ago

The lady with blue hair was lovely to be served by! Weed is really good and good prices the place was spotless. Good selection of munch if you get the munchies! The seating area is stunning with all the Flowers! :)

Chrysa Nikolaidou - 10 months ago

Cozy atmosphere,good weed and nice games

Howrora - 1 year ago

Made this one my personal coffeeshop. Worth the 20km drive, weed's good, staff is awesome and the lounge is very cozy.

Alen ASlan - 1 year ago

Nice vibe and good music, smoking area in the back, sweet experience.

Wahl berliner - 1 year ago

A very clean, lush place to chill. The coffee mashine could be a little better.

Sebas Carvajal - 1 year ago

Nice place. A bit small, but it looks really cool.

Bartosz Ryterski - 1 year ago

Great place to sit and relax after Work

Tobia Marzari - 1 year ago

The service is good, the selection is great, and the consumption area is a bit rustic, which I liked a lot

Beats By Jingyi - 1 year ago

Very nice coffe shop

Colin Ilott - 1 year ago

Great staff very helpful and willing to give advice on products

Krys Copeland - 1 year ago

The Kronkel and Dreadlock are right next to each other. The experience inside each is a bit different, with the Kronkel being more posh in its lounge decor, while Dreadlock reminds me of an American cafeteria/truckstop, but in a good way. Lots of great memories hanging out with friends in America at 2 am in those places, so the nostalgic atmosphere is nice. And the American ones didn't have weed, so once again, the Dutch, Moroccans, and Turkish do it better.

Toni Riss - 1 year ago

Awsome place! Great staff!

Kamil Daciuk - 1 year ago

The best coffeshop in Nijmegen

Faraaz Shaikh - 1 year ago

Very friendly people and quality shop. Would recommend.

Jorge Guetto - 1 year ago

Good weed , good service and always u get the best quality in the city

Артём Строганов - 1 year ago

Was my first coffee shop when I came to Netherlands, store clerk even helped picked a strain for me

Ivan Sihelsky - 1 year ago

One of the best coffeeshops ever same like Empire

Daily Stuff - 1 year ago

Good weed shop, i could even say one of the best in town BUT, one thing (picture - this is how you lose clients because no one likes big sticks), otherwise Ak47 Aaalll day.

Lars Goldberg - 1 year ago

WARNING! Chemical grass. Jack herer and AK-47 are both spice.

K 1 - 1 year ago

Had a pleasant stay in the new xl lounge! Friendly staff and weed and prices are the best in town! Also the new headshop inside is awesome, bought allot of great usa candy there and a bong. Keep up the great work guys!

Ваня Гутник - 1 year ago

Always good quality

Tim Koene - 1 year ago

DON'T GO HERE. I went here after drinking a few beers. They took advantage of that. Dont buy your weed here. Any orher coffeeshop is better

Yannik Villalobos - 1 year ago

Dread Haze ♥️

Yannick Br - 2 years ago

Some staff is really friendly, some are just friendly. Often go here specifically for the Silver and the Dread hazes. Highly recommend.

Wepsel W - 2 years ago

only positive preroll experience ever! also the asian looking lady gives good recommendations

David - 2 years ago

so far the best shop in Nijmegen

ricardo moerlie - 2 years ago

youre welcome have a great joint

Kai Dilthey - 2 years ago

Nice for a Break

Lukas Zagorski - 2 years ago

✌️ Top

Robert F - 2 years ago

This shop has some of the most unfriendly, uninformative staff of all the shops in Nijmegen. They have a person at the door now that barks out their “corona rules” at you, If you ask them to see the product it’s mostly met with a sigh. Shop is dirty and dusty in every corner. Good thing there are plenty of other better shops right next door to this one so it’s avoidable.

Curtis J - 2 years ago

Treated Super Silver Haze and Ak 47. They used to be good 2-3 years ago. Avoid this place.

Tommy Martens - 3 years ago

I've been coming here for years, they have always had the best weed and the staff is always nice. Recently, they rebuilt the interior which really improved the aesthetics of the place. Would recommend to anyone looking for quality weed!

Romaniuc Sergiu Elisei - 3 years ago

Oh oh ooo is in seim I liket

Saulius Vitas - 3 years ago

Very nice staff,good atmosphere.

Arek S - 3 years ago

This place is a special value for the quality, atmosphere, prices, championships, 100% recommend

Emilian Razvan - 3 years ago

They used to be amazing, now with renovation it's a mess. Vaporizer bongs are gone. If Kronkel gets a no tobacco area for people who aren't into cancer. It's game over for D.L.

K. Šopis - 4 years ago

Good stuff, nice service and definitely best pre-rolled joints! Highly recommended

Steve Mecinski - 4 years ago

Good service, these are the most popular shops in town. I do however feel the quality of all the coffee shops not only in Nijmegen but Arnhem and even Amsterdam have lost a lot of passion to grow good or great weed. Most of these guys are businesses oriented only and cash is the point of the game. But from this shop I had some OK haze, the kush wasn't so great.

Farouk Ashour - 4 years ago


Radcial Glitch{NL} - 4 years ago

This is my number 1 coffeeshop in Nijmegen. I always get my AK47 here. Very satisfied with the quallity and prices.

Hans Sarpei - 4 years ago

My favorite shop in Nijmegen. Friendly and the weed and hash is good.Try the Casablanca :)

Tuko Tukitto - 4 years ago

so far the best shop on Nijmegen

iLLEGALIZE - 4 years ago

Price way to much, not the best place to chill. Go on the opposite Shop (Kronkel) to chillout

CupRa 6K - 4 years ago

Quality 10/10 Prices 7/10 Service 7/10 Atmosphere 5/10 Best Coffeeshops in Nijmegen!

Mar VD - 4 years ago

A really good shop with everything you'll need in really good prices. The cake is a must and you should definitely try it out!

Wizzle 47 - 4 years ago

Years ago it was definetly the best Shop in Nijmwegen. But the quality got lower and lower. I went to Jetset & Dreadlock for the LAST TIME last week. I bought Kush and AK. Both strains were full of seeds. Taste is very bad because of this! When I crushed a bud (0,3g) there were around 20-30 „mini seeds“ in it. This is not the quality I expect from a coffeeshop! Every Homegrower can get better results than that! The Coffeeshop Jetset & Dreadlock is an perfect example for what happens, if you put profit maximization over quality. A Note for the owners: Go back to better quality and raise the prices. This would be better than the Sh** you sell right now!

Dome H. - 4 years ago

Was about a week ago the first time in the dreadlock and had the opportunity to test the hashish. Unfortunately, I do not remember how the varieties were called. But the quality was extremely good and priced completely acceptable :-) I was served by a nice lady, was not treated funny or otherwise weird. I felt in good hands and looking forward to the next visit :-).

A Google User - 4 years ago

Was about a week ago the first time in the dreadlock and had the opportunity to test the hashish. Unfortunately, I do not remember how the varieties were called. But the quality was extremely good and priced completely acceptable :-) I was served by a nice lady, was not treated funny or otherwise weird. I felt in good hands and looking forward to the next visit :-).

Bobby.420 - 4 years ago

Was about a week ago the first time in the dreadlock and had the opportunity to test the hashish. Unfortunately, I do not remember how the varieties were called. But the quality was extremely good and priced completely acceptable :-) I was served by a nice lady, was not treated funny or otherwise weird. I felt in good hands and looking forward to the next visit :-).

Gordon A - 5 years ago

Best coffeeshop in Nijmegen and always top quality weed with best prices in the area. Friendly staff also

Larissa Hofmann - 5 years ago

In one of the two shops the staff is very unfriendly. We didn't felt welcome there. Weed was nice.

Mo Tahoon - 5 years ago

i wish i can put 5 as i used to buy the best weed there copmared to other top stores ; used to have the STRONGEST Dread Haze ever; but i do not know what wrong last 2 months, now i have to have look else where. But still they deserve 4 for the high quality i used to get in the past. For the buy & go thing .. it's on their website so i don't understand why people complain about that !!

Joseph C - 6 years ago

One week ago I would have given five stars, but I had a horrible experience the last time I shopped here. The clerks were usually quite nice to me in the past, but last time the clerk was rude, condescending, and hatefully xenophobic. I walked up to the counter and asked "how are you doing?" to which I received a cold glare. Then I asked to see and compare a couple types of weed. The woman says to me "can you be less American?", quite angrily, acting as if inspecting the weed before i purchased it wad such a huge imposition. I was so taken aback I laughed, and I did not want to get into a petty argument so I told her " hope you have a nice day ", paid for my weed and left. I used to go to dreadlock for the customer service and friendly employees but I will be taking all of my business down the street to T'Kunsje (whose weed and hash are better and cheaper anyway). A coffeeshop is no place for hostile xenophobes and I am disappointed that the owners made such a mistake in hiring

Joris Achter - 7 years ago

Ook ik vind deze 2 shops één van de betere in ons land. Denk wel dat ik het tot nu toe zelfs wel de beste shop wil noemen. Jammer alleen dat je er niet zo relaxt kan zitten als bij de Kronkel... maar ja de prijs/kwaliteit verhouding is bij mij dan toch belangrijker dan een relaxte zit hok.

G ROCKET - 7 years ago

Momika Ruda - 7 years ago

Sven Gorbatschow - 8 years ago

Carina P - 9 years ago

War bis jetzt nur schnell drin eben was holen. Quali ist 1a! Holt euch Big Buddha Cheese. Sehr geil!

Annelien van de kamp - 10 years ago

beste shop ever =P


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