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Van Welderenstraat 96, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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BulbaK - 1 month ago
I like this place. Really quality stuff and most of them costs 10 €
Emil Rębis - 8 months ago
Such a good stuff.. Chocolate cheese kush ., strawberry and blueberry- first class
Justyna Zych - 9 months ago
They have the best strawberry I have ever smoked ♥️
M A - 9 months ago
The strawberry kush is beautiful
Petr Kalvas - 11 months ago
Nice place. Good prices.
ayaaa liegeois - 11 months ago
Best Qualityyy blueberry straweberry haze Amazing !
Roszi - 11 months ago
Quality is amazing but personel can be nicer :)
Curtis J - 1 year ago
Untreated Lemon Haze with lots of kief on it. Very rare nowadays to see weed like that.
deadlift75 illegitimi non carborundum - 1 year ago
They have a good hash called Dbisla.
Piotr JP - 1 year ago
Good Home
Rudinko Sudy - 1 year ago
Hery good shop I like it
Viva Energia - 1 year ago
Simple same shop nothing extra
Kev Bayerl - 2 years ago
Chemically treated Blueberry Kush. Be careful
Kymoon - 2 years ago
Gave some weed to my grandma she died thanks!!❤❤ best fishes!!
cyprian draku - 2 years ago
I always buy the cheapest stuff when in new shop, and thirs mix was nice with just right curing, not too dry like most.
TheNewBeginning Love - 2 years ago
Unfriendly staff. Bad quality weed, full of chemical flavors. Avoid.
EYONPROJECT *YouTube* - 2 years ago
Unfriendly staff. Bad quality weed, full of chemical flavors. Avoid.
huba tohotom - 2 years ago
Nougat hash tastes really good .
Eyon Project - 2 years ago
During my sponsorised travel the worst experience in holland coffe shop! Bad quality weed! very unfriendly staff! i will write it in next book.
Karl Heinz - 2 years ago
Bluebeery Kush is best
CupRa 6K - 3 years ago
Quality 3/10 Prices 1/10 Service 0/10 Atmosphere 0/10
bandini31 - 3 years ago
I only tried a strawberry kush and it tasted like a chemical , probably laced with some fake taste....i wouldnt recommend this place. I have heard s5 is good , when i have visited the shop menu was pretty poor and since then i didnt visited this shop again
Timgo96 - 3 years ago
Weed sprayed with flavors. Unfriendly staff. Often enough some strains that are listed are not even available. The unsprayed weed is not bad but does not outweight the negativity that you may experience inside.
daniel buro - 3 years ago
Dark place, no tables, only some small cupboard at one side, unfriendly staff, when i entered the shop i noticed a real fruity smell, after buying the the blueberry kush i knew why. It has such a strong blueberry mentol smell that im almost feeling bad by the smell, its so intense. But i dont think they use spray, they just leave the weed next to water pipe tobacco with the certain flavour and the weed will smell like it really intense(happened to me once). Thats why the blueberry and strawberry smell so intense and e.g. lemon haze or jack herer smells like normal weed, because lemon haze tobacco doesnt exist, only blueberry and mentol. And everybody who smoked water pipe will recognize it.
Niklas Beyr - 3 years ago
Unfriendly staff, Sprayed Stuff with Strawberry and Blueberry Flavor. Buy quick and go policy!
Young Opa - 3 years ago
DO NOT smoke Strawberry Kush and Blueberry Kush. Theres fake aroma sprayed on it.

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