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Tweede Walstraat 108, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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M P F - 1 week ago
To bad the quality changes of the weed from time to time, good thing is that they stop selling it after alot complains. The people working there are okay, one girl is always super nice. After all I give it 4 stars out of 5 because sometimes you get the bad weed.. Their hash is good too, but only tried once. About the prices they are akay for me. You get for what you pay. Their menu of products change alot too. (which can be bad once you found your go to weed).
Mohammed Fadol - 1 month ago
They have good hash, only reason for 4stars is the pricing it's a little extra, but hey!totally worth it.
Harvey Williams - 2 months ago
In and out real fast. No seating during corona? Or maybe because it was a Sunday. They sell edibles.
Przemek Korcyl - 4 months ago
Good place to chill good weed to smoke, what can i say more
Malik Diestelhorst - 6 months ago
Very good quality for hash and Flower, drinks and snacks available. nice chillarea and friendly staff ❤️
Rafał Adaszyński - 8 months ago
Fine place, nice and helfpul staff. Large smoking room, but a bit cold inside. Rather high prices, but also good quality.
Edvinas Molis - 9 months ago
nice place to chill and relax. peace
christian Ahlheid - 9 months ago
The quality is ok but not good. there are better alternatives in Nijmegen with the Buggys, jetset/dreadlock and kronkel for weed and hash in kruidentun. Nice personel atmosphere and music is good if u want to make party. prices for drinks are ok
Frenzus Levente - 11 months ago
One of the best coffee shops in all Netherlands, i have a few friends who recomended me this coffee shop and damn i was satisfied once i got there, good price, cool place, friendly staff. Simply best!
Anisha Sinha - 1 year ago
Good weed. Plus the grilled cheese was excellent. Loved their hash muffin.
Jan Piechota - 1 year ago
Perfect koffie shop. A proper choice of weed as well hashish. A lot of space inside. Moody and quiet place. Quality of weed usually excellent
Vincent Venhuizen - 1 year ago
Good weed. Nice people. Chill place to hang out
huba tohotom - 1 year ago
I liked it, kandy kush hash tastes really good
Wolak PL - 1 year ago
I like it and good climate Weed good and personel also Kisses for tattoo girl with angry face
Felix Nutter - 1 year ago
Regular customer there, good shop, decent prices, nice staff.
Ramis Valukonis - 1 year ago
I can't give a 5stars, because they need working more professional than now. Like example prerool joints quality 1/5 . A staff what they selling from my opinion, sometimes the quality it's 5stars sometime 4stars you can give it. T kunsje have two types of space cakes, one with weed and other with hash. The first one with weed 3/5 . Anr second cakes with hash, that's the real space cake :D 5/5 , i love it those cakes ✌
Jelle de Vries - 2 years ago
Fine coffee shop, fast service, good quality produce, good lounging options, resemblent of a club with game-tables and more.
Arctic Demon - 2 years ago
The casheer didnt say anything and waited until I talk to her. Not friendly , didnt say Hello, thank you or goodbye. 2 g means here 1.8
Vicente Hernández Illán - 2 years ago
I haves tried only two different weeds but I have found very good. I always has got really big bunts.
A Google User - 2 years ago
Nice personnel and a lot gadgets in stock. Also price changes per quantity. Ga zo door
Michael Wend - 2 years ago
Nice personnel and a lot gadgets in stock. Also price changes per quantity. Ga zo door
Ernest Gołębiowski - 2 years ago
I enjoy the quality of products and employees. It could be crowdy sometimes and queues are long.
christopher rehm - 2 years ago
really nice place. they have amazing smoothies. the guests are all nice people, polite, its clean bright cheery and had comfortable charis inside, the staff is very friendly and helpful. and the better quality weed is excellent. highly recommended
bandini31 - 2 years ago
Nice place with solid weed. Sometimes not properly dried but quality is ok. Some sorts are top quality and and some are average. You must be careful what you buy
Joseph C - 4 years ago
This is hands down the best coffeeshop in the area. While nearby shops sell dirty hash and generally improperly cared for weed (for example 'T Wonder, Jamaica and Kronkel), T'Kunsje has absolutely genuine, properly extracted hash that gives a full bubble under flame and, for the most part, retains the original terpenes from the plant (but you must spend €10 on the caramel, as the €9 primers is considerably less aromatic). Their best two or three strains of weed are always very dry and properly cured, though I did find spider mites once on their cheaper B-52 - but to be fair, I take that as an indication that their sources are not using heavy pesticides. There are a few complaints I have but they are not huge. There are some really nice clerks there, but some just seem to have a strange attitude. The woman with dreadlocks acts like she's always suspicious or something. Friendly enough but suspicious, but considering the gray area of the law coffeeshops operate in I think it's justified. Other than that, the music is always far too loud but the lobby is very comfortable and they have a chessboard. Until further notice my favorite shop in the city.
Desiree Peeters - 4 years ago
Alberto Lopez - 5 years ago
John Max Mustermann-Doe - 5 years ago
Esmiralda Melchels - 7 years ago

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