Atlas Café Coffeeshop
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Parlevinker 8, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Noord)

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Conor Davies - 1 week ago
Pre rolls are 80% tobacco!
Hux Trauma - 7 months ago
nice place
1997_Hans - 9 months ago
Very good price
saleh abdeh - 1 year ago
The worst coffee shop ever. Last time I was by it, they sell me 1 gram amnesia but without effect.
Rihards Strautmanis - 1 year ago
Best of the best
Nk St - 1 year ago
always top quality, always.
Daniel - 1 year ago
Super Lemon Haze
Alexandre Sibade - 2 years ago
Go there only if no other choise. Better place in city
Lu Brigante - 2 years ago
Friendly neighborhood Coffeeshop. Nit much choice but all good
Emma Shillam - 3 years ago
Reasonable prices and friendly staff. Not a place where you would want to stay to smoke and chill though, better as just a pick up point. No issues with how they treated me as a female, have seen other reviews saying otherwise but I have to disagree! They let us being the dog in as well which is a bonus from me!
David Hlavca - 3 years ago
Local place, friendly prices. A nice little place to relax in Amsterdam nord.
Geoffray Martin - 3 years ago
First time I was there I was visiting a good friend in adam nord. He told me to go to the atlas Coffeeshop . Well when I see the shop the first time I didn't know if it's really a coffeshop. We went inside and I tested the SHIVA for a top price of 8.50€. It was not bad at all for the price in relation to other shops in the city center :) the second weed I try was the LEMONHAZE for i think 10€ I got a nice little bud with a very nice taste and smell. Last thing I try was the atlas hash that was also very nice for the price. When I go to Amsterdam next time I will visit the atlas again ..
Prabodh Meshram - 3 years ago
This is good cafe serving variety of weeds in here. The hostess was very helpful and informative as I was very new to Amsterdam and wanted to know few places were I could go. Very much recommended place. Although there was nothing to eat, just sweets and stuff, so you might want to plan before heading. So we have to take the stuff and leave. One stop to all you need for going bonkers. You can sit there crush and smoke off :)
Leif Antonsen - 3 years ago
Market took all streets way long, maps coden't find the way out from stayokay hostel Harlem to Atlas cafe coffeshop
Jack Black - 3 years ago
Awesome downtown coffeeshop. Feel the difference compared to the big shops in City center and central Station
simona ghituran - 4 years ago
I local coffeeshop, where you can find decent cannabis, at a decent price.
TalynFilms - 4 years ago
lived across the road for 4 years.. Jimmy the hat is awesome host.
Jenny Wyrwiak - 4 years ago
Place was very crowded with only men. No place for girls! Weed and prices are okay, but there are nicer places.
Steve Millard - 5 years ago
Very friendly, good weed my favourite Hideaway

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