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Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop

Nieuwmarkt 14, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Kimi W - 6 days ago

Updating my rating because the new renovations are amazing. Such a chill vibe, this is always the first stop off the plane for us and been coming since way back in the HSB On The Market days. The staff are always fantastic and friendly, huge shoutout to Adrien for giving me the warmest welcome to the city this time too

Robel Dawit - 3 weeks ago

An all around great experience. The location, the coffee, and more. But above all, the service was very warm and friendly

D3l3t3d - 3 weeks ago

If you want a good coffee with amazing service come to this place. The Lady makes an amazing coffee to start your day, the gentleman behind the counter really know his stuff so his recomendations are on point. Also the bar is really clean

Jasper Grant - 1 month ago

Came to this coffee shop and spent nearly 50 euros on merchandise. One of the things I bought was a pre rolled joint. I bought a “mixed” meaning herb and tobacco. I lit it and smoked on it and realised it tasted just like a cigarette. I complained to the small woman with glasses behind the register who was extremely rude , she was very hostile, cursing at me and accusing me of bringing the joint in myself, she asked to see the container it came in I showed her I had ripped the joint open in the ashtray as proof and too no one’s surprise there was only tobacco inside. I was refused a refund I want to attach the picture of ashtray but unfortunately can’t on google browser. Worst experience in Amsterdam. Scammers. Arrogant and nasty staff. Avoid at all costs!

Kilian Pavec-Burke - 1 month ago

This coffee shop is very nice vibe and very warm welcoming from Mo. they have a very nice J’s and hot chocolate selection and excellent service. Recommend 100%

wolfiemarsha - 2 months ago

The shop was cute and the staff was very friendly, happy and helpful. We bought the pre made patisserie cakes one red velvet and one chocolate and they were really tasty and good quality. We also bought some pre rolled cigs that were also good. We went there twice.

Stephen A - 4 months ago

Went in yesterday and mo helped us out it’s our first time in Amsterdam and he was so friendly with us and had great customer service he went through everything with us and explained it to us and made It a great experience id recommend anyone this shop to go to amazing quality products as well

Iam Gracida - 4 months ago

Mo is the man! The Greenhouse Effect has best the best gas in Amsterdam, in our week trip we walked into many different coffee shops but Mo’s shop is the best around great prices, amazing quality and a lot of options! Mo guided us thru his amazing menu and options and we left more than satisfied! Great staff and shop, highly recommended!

Adrian Brandrick - 5 months ago

Nice place, sound friendly staff and the carrot spacecake does the job, tastes good as well,

Lorenzo M - 5 months ago

Very friendly shop, they take a lot of care of their costumers and take the time to help them. One of the better cs experiences in Amsterdam. Their red velvet cake was very good and strong and their buds tasty. Only downside is that most of the time it's very busy and it's hard to find a place to sit... Would visit again tho!

Lauren H - 5 months ago

Fantastic service! We had a great time, it was very chilled and relaxed, can get busy at times. Highly recommend

Charlie Weisler - 5 months ago

My wife just went here yesterday and the service was amazing! We were waited on by Mo who was extremely helpful and patient, along with another lovely lady who helped her set up their gravity water pipe. Very welcoming and helpful. You felt like you were the only person there they were so attentive (which it was a busy night).

Keesha Johnson - 5 months ago

This is hands down the best experience I’ve ever had ANYWHERE, and that can attributed to two things: (1) the amazing gravity bong, and (2) the employee Mo, who literally went above and beyond! I will be back, and recommend you check it out!

Elena Bozzone - 6 months ago

Staff is extremely rude if you don’t have your id card in your hand while you’re walking in. The small woman behind the counter is a bad saleswoman, she doesn’t care when a client goes out of the shop. Anyways, there’s millions of better coffee shops to find in Amsterdam where the service is friendly. I do not recommend this awful place.

Vando Alberto Rosa - 6 months ago

Awesome experience with the cakes!! A huge thank you to Gian for his kindness and advice In my next trip I will definetely be back!

Iris Homer - 7 months ago

Love the strains here. Not sure if it's always worth the price though. Definitely good but not too far from others so hard to say

Dmitry Kaizer - 8 months ago

My first time in a coffeeshop and it was great! A very friendly and beautiful girl helped me make the right choice! I thought that in such places the atmosphere is not very friendly, but I was wrong! Great service, great stuff. Thanks a lot!

clode simon - 9 months ago

not on the side of the better cannabis stores. Welcomed at the counter,the choice is broad,on the more expensive side. The terrace is overlooking part of a canal and a flower stand, plenty space for people watching. Then on conveniences, the broken toilet door handle, I got caught out closing the door and almost locked in, leading to an uncomfortably small loo, no soap at the sink, didn't impress much. Then there is a little too much forceful upselling. The space cake, lauded as the preferred one from the team member behind the counter, was not up to scratch, with poor taste and crumbliness, and definitely not the best or strongest in Amsterdam. It's hard serving tourists, we get it, even more so when these are stoned, but pls make an effort for your place to be more comfortable and friendlier.

Sarina Schenk - 9 months ago

The serving girls are very Nice and friendly! Love this shop, good coffee good greens and good sound!

Karolis Tiškinas - 10 months ago

Nice place, good vibes only. Great hip hop music blasting through the speakers. Also a really friendly and nice girl working at the counter. Recommend.

Théophile Poumaëre - 10 months ago

Simply my favorite coffee, always first and last of any weekend I spent in Amsterdam

Yegor Yefimchyk - 10 months ago

Clean coffeeshop with good and kind service. However, the space cakeblock didn't work for me at all...:( Took red velvet.

David Lee - 10 months ago

Really good staff. Particularly enjoyed talking to the young lady who served me who came from America and in particular had grown up in Oregon state. The other gentleman who served me was very helpful in giving directions to the market. The double espresso was also one of the best I had recently. Therefore, I can highly recommend the coffee.

Mr Oranje - 10 months ago

Loved the cat!! Good product. Friendly ladies smiling whilst working.

Iain Mc Girr - 10 months ago

Nice friendly relaxed vibe easy to chill ...good Coffey too actually

Sebastian “Burkie” - 11 months ago

Pretty the best prices and quality in range of the centraal Station.. Others are bit farer ..the Weed ist Cereal Milk 16€ per Gramm (bit more indica than sativa) Cheers 5 of 5 stars.. the single super macro picture ist from the Weed "Blue Dream"... ( Thanks to the owner reacting here ) ..

gemini 0906 - 11 months ago

great place, staff is explaining well and therefore had a good experience

Ondrej Faragó - 11 months ago

This was my first coffee shop, the staff were really friendly and helped me pick. Prices were really good and quality, oh boy, tip notch. Definitely recommend to newcomers.

Allison “The Allison Jones” Jones - 1 year ago

This experience was wonderful!!! Better than I could have imagined. This quaint and oftentimes packed little slice of heaven is precisely the vibe you want when you are chilling and feeling a deep high. My beautiful and amazing budtendress Lisa made the visit even better by making great recommendations for the high I wanted. I came back for another of the same and they were out so she called their sister shop De Kroon (I think that's the name) and had them hold it for me. How dope is that?! You've got to stop in and check it out. It's a whole vibe. Thank you Lisa!!!

Toni Oates - 1 year ago

Had a great smoke & coffee here, staff very welcoming & informative.

greta berta - 1 year ago

Loved this place, very quiet and good for eating a piece of cake and smoking in peace

Jamie Bunazoot - 1 year ago

This was the first coffeeshop I had ever been to. The menu did not mention how many grams of flower were in the edibles so I asked the woman working there how many grams and she told me 1 gram. I bought the red velvet cake under this assumption. It was not until I had left the store and begun eating the cake that I read the package (which is given after you buy) which said 0.3 grams. Not only had I been lied to, but the price of their cake was 12 euros, compared to the average price of other coffeeshops which is around 7 euros for the same amount of flower. The cake was the nicest edible I had eaten in Amsterdam to be fair. Staff: 3.5/10 Edible: 9/10 Value for money: 5/10

Michael Yang - 1 year ago

Ivanna and Kalina were amazing, they were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Great music and vibes

Alex Petrovi - 1 year ago

That was literally the first coffee shop I visited in Amsterdam, it's absolutely great!! The atmosphere and the staff are great too, very welcoming

la socia - 1 year ago

Amazing place! Lovely strain ❤️

Night Angel - 1 year ago

Nice style, best carrot cake and good prices.

Kit McCann - 1 year ago

Stayed in Amsterdam for 6 days and tried a wide variety of coffeeshops to fully explore the culture of smoking in Amsterdam. I think this coffeeshop best pairs the late night energy some coffeeshops bring with the relaxing morning you can spend in other ones. I highly recommend coming here at any time of day. Wether you're looking to chill or chat it's the perfect spot. Cant wait to come back.

Gemma Hilton - 1 year ago

Excellent selection of weed and space cookies along with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Bex Mcsweeney - 1 year ago

Lovely staff! One of the friendliest in Amsterdam. They are happy to go through the different strains. Loads of varity with weed, edibles , moonrocks and shatters. Coffee is really good too

Katia Flores - 1 year ago

For sure one of my favorites coffee shops in Amsterdam, lovely staff, nice coffee, and very good products

chris rosario - 1 year ago

Very knowledgeable people who work there explain in every way possible.

Always High - 1 year ago

Loved it, top quality products throughout. Tried multiple strains, all good and the red velvet cake was delicious

Alvin Ert - 1 year ago

The staff is very kind and helpful i had a great time and i Will comeback soon

alan wrld - 1 year ago

Warm. You can drink chocolate while smoking your weed. Also a classic of this street.

Tunio Nguyen - 1 year ago

Beautiful place with nice people. Close to all the attractions Amsterdam has to offer. Best Space cakes ever

Fiona - 1 year ago

Nice small coffeeshop with a nice seating area inside and outside . Friendly staff. Good variety of weed and good tunes.

Karolin W - 1 year ago

We had the chocolate cake and it was amazing! Also, the cake felt homemade which is an extra plus :) We were pleasantly suprised!!

Filip - 1 year ago

Nice place, nice staff, pre-rolled with tobacco nothing special

Norbert Slw - 1 year ago

Good, but nothing more

Alleta1ko - 2 years ago

It's a little small, tho very friendly and decent prices

A Chiwred - 2 years ago

Good weed in nice price. SSHaze od great

Daniela Romero - 2 years ago

Good environment to hang out with your friends and good products.

Volkan - 2 years ago

Its the best coffeshop in Amsterdam. High quality products and always friendly environment. If you like sativa seeds, you should give a change to Super Lemon Haze..

Agim - 2 years ago

First coffeeshop visited on my trip. You can't go wrong the greenhouse.

Bas Maanen Van - 2 years ago

Nice place, good to go.

Tim Ringdal - 2 years ago

Respekt back for sure;)) ! Greenhouse is pr d.d the best shop in the centrum. G.House, has BEST prizes, and I go there for 5 gr deals! Never stop those..36 Euro for 5 amnesia is a senseble price And if it's little left etc..they always help to put together a nice bag . Like it SHOULD be

Jon David - 2 years ago

Amazing place friendly staff for sure Will be back

Sabryna Waldorf - 2 years ago

Very nice place and very good quality. Is very famous for the name but you can found same products in town for a better price, is anyway a must to visit

pierre-olivier compas - 2 years ago

Great place for a good moment with very good stuff

Irina Lukienko - 3 years ago

One of the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! highly recommended

Eduardo Guimarães - 3 years ago

I would like to tell you about my experience in this place, but unfortunately I do not remember many details (if you know what I mean). For this reason, I believe I can say that the quality of the products offered here is top notch. Don't waste your time thinking if you're still in doubt whether or not to visit this coffeeshop. Just go pay a visit, you won't regret for sure.

Duds Duds - 3 years ago

I would like to tell you about my experience in this place, but unfortunately I do not remember many details (if you know what I mean). For this reason, I believe I can say that the quality of the products offered here is top notch. Don't waste your time thinking if you're still in doubt whether or not to visit this coffeeshop. Just go pay a visit, you won't regret for sure.

Edu OG - 3 years ago

I would like to tell you about my experience in this place, but unfortunately I do not remember many details (if you know what I mean). For this reason, I believe I can say that the quality of the products offered here is top notch. Don't waste your time thinking if you're still in doubt whether or not to visit this coffeeshop. Just go pay a visit, you won't regret for sure.

Hans Andersen - 3 years ago

Great see "cafe" where the staff were helpful, knowledgeable and ensured you get the best deal. Prices are reasonable. Nice selection.

Stephen Holmes - 3 years ago

Nice chilled place with nice people! Good selection of stuff available and good service. Highly recommend stopping by.

Mark Marsters - 3 years ago

Could be a one off but I experienced rude staff who unfortunately didn't want to help more inexperienced clientele. He refused to give any advice and I was just told "Look, here's the menu, what do you want?" Maybe it's a great if you know exactly what you want but it seems to be one to miss if you don't.

L. - 3 years ago

Very good, prices are alright. The space cakes are really good. For women who don’t smoke a lot normally: be smarter, eat a quarter. Because the strong cake WAS strong! It kicked in about 1,5h after eating it.

Hatem Al Khdour - 3 years ago

A perfect place to smoke in. I was personally totally new to weed and it was my first time there. The staff were super friendly and talented, they showed a lot of care and advised me about how to start. The prices were adequate and the variety was enormous. I'll definitely go there again upon my next visit to Amsterdam.

Alex Rudavin - 4 years ago

Nice place for a smoke. Visited a couple of times during our Amsterdam visit. Good selection and prices. Good selection of drinks. Space to sit outside and inside smoking room available. Recommend.

David Holman - 4 years ago

A great place, friendly and helpful staff. Drinks are a good price. A good selection of smoke. Thoroughly recommended

Calvin Au-duong - 4 years ago

Had to come here on my last day after trying their buds earlier in the week. Good choices with good quality. Finished off with some Buddha Cheese and Amnesia Haze. Both very nice smell and look, pretty dank fire. Nice local strains seem to hold a high standard of quality here in AMS

Colleen - 4 years ago

Awesome place to visit. Friendly staffs and very informative. I highly recommend this place when in Amsterdam. You can also get munchies and the best coffee ever. You can sit outside or inside. Even in the winter. GREAT PLACE!! THEY MADE I IS FEEL VERY WELCOME!!!

Sophie Morelli - 4 years ago

Best coffeeshop in town! Friendly staff, good drinks! Chilled atmosphere, you can enjoy a great street view from the window! Enjoyable music - only good vibes here!

Charli Hudson - 4 years ago

Great coffee shop, their banana space cakes are also worth dying for, so tasty and moist, much nicer than the dry crumbly chocolate option! They're also great for suggestions on what to buy if you haven't been to Amsterdam before. They're also very knowledgeable about the different strains of cannabis and their effects

Markos Moreno - 4 years ago

If you are looking for a coffeeshop that is both welcoming for newcomers and just all around pleasant, look no further. The staff are knowledgeable and will patiently assist their customers in answering any inquiries and addressing any concerns that may come when visiting such an establishment. The products are pleasing to all the senses, and the atmosphere is relaxing and not stressful in the slightest (as it should be). I highly recommend paying these guys a visit if you are in the neighborhood, you won't be disappointed.

Jirajkhun Apitanapont - 4 years ago

I love it. I spent 3 hours in this coffee shop. Staff are very helpful . Quality of the product is awesome. I definitely come back again for sure.

Ethan Duggan - 4 years ago

Absolutely horrible bar staff - Condescending & rude. Went here on our last day & he spoilt my whole opinion of Amsterdam. I never write reviews on here but I can’t stress enough how bad this member of staff was. Dreadful service. STAY AWAY.

Petraki Maria - 4 years ago

I love that place... In four years I've been there eight times.... and of course different seasons.... I m looking forward to visit it again...

Arun Langley - 4 years ago

Great little shop not far from Dam centraal. Fantastic menu as the good stuff is sold by the gram and also by the price (e.g. €15 for 1.6g). Indoor and outdoor seating is nice. Had a good time, definitely worth a visit.

Gregory Drinkwater - 4 years ago

My favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam. It has the best quality. Outdoor seating on nice days.


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