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Barrierweg 229, Eindhoven (Woensel-Zuid)

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Matt - 2 months ago
Old school Coffee shop
Liam Coetzee - 3 months ago
Yeah the "Weed" joints are just tabacco. This is not an exageration. I took this joint or more accurately cigarette apart and could not see any green.
Gintaras Vlasovas - 5 months ago
The worst quality weed and even more bad pre-rolled joints. Only tabacco inside, for a 50 cent more in any other coffeeshop you can get like 3 times better joints. If you buy in COOL, you throw your money AWAY!
Hassan Hagi - 6 months ago
Good place to meet up, chill and socialize
Maximiliaan Einerhand - 8 months ago
Good weed, good price. Nice sitting area and good drinking prices. 4/5 because the weed is not the strongest but the upside is that you can buy a small bag (5 euros) wich isnt possible in many other shops
Arthur van LV - 8 months ago
Good stuff, and you kan buy also 5€ :) its Cool
Klāvs Cepurnieks - 9 months ago
Chill atmosphere, freandly staff. The weed is good, I recommend the K2
Andrzej Lorens - 10 months ago
Only First Class Weed and I realy enjoy to smoke inside ;)
Be Ba - 10 months ago
Best place to sit in.Sometimes you ask for K2 but you get haze. Not the best quality but fair price.
Lucyfer Fenrir - 1 year ago
Joints hits much better than they smell
ding dong - 1 year ago
Friendly staff, music not too loud. Football games are shown on the big screen during champions league. Could use some more spaces.
Sebastiaan Laffeber - 1 year ago
Nice shop and nice staff especially Marc the security!!
Paul Andrei Popescu - 1 year ago
Friendly staff and fast serving
Malosh Rozmyschwanz - 1 year ago
Not so big choice of strains, but quality is pretty decent. Charming and gorgeous staff is the biggest advantage ;)
ThaGoldenWhale - 1 year ago
A good shop just a little bit of the centrum in Eindhoven. There is a nice vibe in the smoking areas with some music and a Tv. They have good kinds of weed and hasj, available for some realy soft prices. They are one of the cheepest shops there are in Eindhoven. You can get your grams for 2/3 the price that you normaly pay in a shop.
Dirty Samo - 1 year ago
He have good staf
Pierre Minker - 2 years ago
Not the best ib town, noneless weed is cheap and good, decent NL Light
Kieran Horner - 2 years ago
Cheap enough, not the best menu.
Łukasz Koziej - 2 years ago
Very nice coffeeshop with super friendly service.
José Sousa - 2 years ago
Gaaaame table :D
steve pyle - 2 years ago
the worst in town,,, it amazes me that people still go there ! Often they have weed that does nothing at all. They don't take it as a loss, noooo, they grind it up, rebag it and still sell it under the name gekruimeled (crumbled). Total rip off. Go the the meet Point... it's a two minute walk, friendly staff and top notch smoke EVERY time.
Phil Müller - 2 years ago
Nice people nice quality. The best in Eindhoven!
wtk rbl - 2 years ago
Good place but the strains doesnt change.
Dominik G - 4 years ago
You can't choose haze strains there is only "haze" to choice
stonie monie - 4 years ago
Snap niet dat somige mensen meer als 1 ster geven. Als je ooit een goeie shop hebt gezien moet je deze echt haten. 1 Verschrikkelijke mensen achter de balie 2 oneerlijke zakkies (nagewogen, 1,8 gr terwijl er 2,2 in zou moeten zitten) AFZETTERS! En al zouden ze er wel eerlijk genoeg in doen, is het nog te duur.
Sven Engelmann - 4 years ago
jeremy moermans - 4 years ago
Hitler is my bruh, bruh. - 5 years ago
buen ciego
Spook Koda - 5 years ago
Wat een kutshop. Ze flikken het gewoon om de K2 (hun goedkoopste wiet) te verkopen als White Widow en Northernlight. Ik vraag 3 verschillende soorten wiet te zien, en krijg vervolgens 3 PRECIES dezelfde wietsoorten voor me neus. Ze roken hetzelfde en zagen er hetzelfde uit. En dan zeg je er iets van, krijg je nog een grote bek ook van de eigenaar. Goeie manier om je shop te runnen kerel. Hoop voor je dat de keuringsdienst van waarden even snel bij je naar binnen komt want op deze manier zaken doen is echt vies. Laatste keer dat ik ooit naar de Cool ga. Mijn advies; ga naar elke andere shop in Eindhoven want dit is rotzooi.
Zaeed A V - 5 years ago
De k2 is goed

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