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Meet Point
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Edisonstraat 91, Eindhoven (Woensel-Zuid)

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  • Monday 09:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday 09:00 - 00:00
    Wednesday 09:00 - 00:00
    Thursday 09:00 - 00:00
    Friday 09:00 - 00:00
    Saturday 09:00 - 00:00
    Sunday 09:00 - 00:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.coffeeshopmeetpoint.nl/
  • +31 40 244 0122



Donald - 2 weeks ago

Very friendly staff and really good selection

Barosz Ziczek - 2 weeks ago

Nice place, near airport, easy parking, good stuff, especially one at the end of the shop. Unfortunetlly max 20% thc which is probably some law restricted. Bought Purple Gelatio, White Widow and Wedding Cake

Jimmy Villers - 2 weeks ago

Nice shop with excellent service. Super friendly guy who took the time to explain their selection and the strains, all with a smile which really made our day!

Domenico Bifolco - 3 weeks ago

I don't know what happened to this coffeshop, it was really pleasant to come here and the staff was very nice. today i can say that everything has changed even the staff are now very rude. there are other coffeshops in Eindhoven where you can still find the quality and excellent service. my friend, you can also close now.

Jokez - 1 month ago

Good shop for German tourists. Bought white widow (rating 7.5/10) And sweet bubble (8.5/10) yesterday. I liked it, went to pink shop after and got scammed lmao. Prefer this shop.

Nikola Georgiev (ngeorgiev99) - 1 month ago

Great shop, amazing service,fantastic weed 10/10 will come here again

Martins Krumins - 3 months ago

Best coffe-shop around here with various change. Just depends on time you go there, you have to know when 2nd kassa is open for best stuff

Patriek Nijssen - 4 months ago

at meetpoint always good quality and price nice clerk at the cash registers and I always walk out the door satisfied ID is always required, as it should be, a blow in the morning is a day without worries✌️

Darragh - 5 months ago

I cycled half way across the city to have a smoke inside here. There was several people already sitting down, one was eating food from a takeaway. I sat down and was told that I cannot sit down and must leave after buying the weed. Very unfriendly service, I will not be returning.

Svetozar Stoev - 7 months ago

Nice place, but they don't sell beer.

Allura Ann - 7 months ago

It's a perfect place for have a break. The employees are very nice and friendly. We come back every time we go to Eindhoven.

iNTIX - 9 months ago

Good stuff(speacials in the back), good prices comfortable, perfect for chilling a little bit

The Machine - 1 year ago

Nice and smooth operation during corona lock. Everyone is respectful and have a decent price offer. Pretty neat way to start the day.

Steeve Sandias - 1 year ago

Good place. One of the last place where you can sit and enjoy. They also have some product from America. The quality is good. Highly recommended.

Rüzgar Eserol - 1 year ago

Been there two times. The security guy(was there in my first visit) did not know any english and he was very grumpy to do such a business. When you get past him, the place is very nice. Good selection also.

Kevin Cerny - 1 year ago

I had a great first cofeeshop experience here. The staff is friendly and helpful. Enemy of the State was the best weed I had in a long time. I recommend a visit.

Dave Leyton - 2 years ago

Friendly on the door, friendly and helpful service inside. I recommend the Amnesia. Good smoke for a reasonable price.

Sebastian Z - 2 years ago

That's how the coffeshop should looks like! Few couches and sits, space for every table. Nice sort of weed.

Biff - 2 years ago

Good quality and price✌️

Andrei Filip - 2 years ago

My go to, good quality.

Martin Tanevski - 2 years ago

Of course, sorry i didn't left a review sooner. Thank you as well for the great service and excellent goods.

Kaspars Ie - 2 years ago

The weed is grate just like the girls who works there

Mr.K - 2 years ago

The weed is grate just like the girls who works there

Mariusz Endler - 2 years ago

More choices then pink very nice place

Spandauer Soldat - 2 years ago

Beste Yes haha gonna come again in 30 Minuten Just need some food.

Maryam - 2 years ago

Such a good atmosphere with good strains for under €10 for a g. Went three days in a row, staff very friendly and lots of board games and other electronic table games. Very clean, good layout, good drinks, highly recommend. Way better than Amsterdam.

Vortek Hesoun - 2 years ago

Great coffee shop. Nice people. Need just your ID to proove you are over 18.

Rakel Levi - 2 years ago

It's good but don't expect to sit for long or you will be asked to move, etc. Otherwise great stuff, atmosphere, entertainment and price. Very comfortable.

Paul Davinci - 3 years ago

One of the best places in Eindhoven , always good quality stuff and lots of thinks to do

Branimir Angelov - 3 years ago

Definitely best one in Eindhoven . The one place where you can actually sit and chill in a nice , cozy atmosphere . Nice weed , decent prices .

Andis Savickis - 3 years ago

Cosy and nice smoking area. Selection is okay for average joe

BLACK MIRROR - 3 years ago

nice place, chilled atmosphere. needed to add few new strains

Aztamindenit Winchenso - 3 years ago

From the airport, directly to there, it was good to arrive to Netherland like this. The kindness of the staff, the quality of the products, the taste of the coffee, made my day.

Herr Ich - 3 years ago

Nice Shop with a good design. Its chic and clean and the workers are friendly mostly . Short card and a litte expensive. But fantastic products. Two tables with touch and games. And several to use. Not allowed to smoke with tabacco inside. But no pipes or e smoke sticks for smoking . Little place in front of the shop. Id Check before you could go in. Many locals use the shop. Nice friendly atmosphere and good air but not cold or noisy air condition. The shop has a lounge character and is open from 9 to 24 o clock. Check out St Maria and the Brabants Wit. Haze and Cristal Hash was also good but all expensive. Pollum had normal price and Quality. Cristal wasn't as good and strong as expected cause of the price. But weed was cleaned well. No coughing and i have to if it's not done well. Papes and Tips free, but no service at the table. You have to order at the bar and take it from there also. There is a Tv and you could buy cigarettes . Music was also good and not to loud so you could talk. For a short stop not to bad, but there are cheaper ones if u count on that.

Cyryl Dziewanowski - 3 years ago

Good weed and nice atmosphere

Alex Savage Roar - 3 years ago

Bad if compare with Den Bosch coffeeshop

Mladen Novak - 3 years ago

Cool place to relax!

JG Burlet - 3 years ago

Friendly staff, best sellers, convenient location. Shame they don't sell edibles and won't take VISA cards.

Rafal Avalon - 4 years ago

The place is Just very bad. Weed is expensive as in whole Eindhoven (12/g), but their Amnesia is not even close to be good. I got better weed in Rotterdam for 5euro (haze or kush). Whole this place is fullyfied with bad behaviour. Old guests are Talking about newcomers, with one of women behind the bar. The one in dark, long hairs. She acts like most important person in this place. I was in this shop, a few Times only due they got coffe in long Glass. This the only one positive thing there. This lady called security, cuz ive asked where can i charge my Phone. She is not normal. And this weak security Brown cookie boy, did threaten me, if he would throw Just a one punch in my side ... I had accidently 30cm knife with me. So next time this Brown sugar boy better keep respect for customers. U never know with who u talking.

Rene Maquet - 4 years ago

The best in eindhoven.

Etienne Harhuis - 6 years ago

Goeie shop

jasper Schmitz - 7 years ago

A Google User - 11 years ago


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