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Vof. 'The Wall'

Marconilaan 23C, Eindhoven (Woensel-Zuid)

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  • Monday 08:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday 08:00 - 00:00
    Wednesday 08:00 - 00:00
    Thursday 08:00 - 00:00
    Friday 08:00 - 00:00
    Saturday 08:00 - 00:00
    Sunday 08:00 - 00:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • +31 40 243 6362



Paweł Bielat - 2 months ago

Very good coffeeshop, fine quality and well service. Definitely i recommend, for everyone who wanna smoke something better than amnesia or white widow.

kamila kamila (kamila) - 3 months ago

Good quality stuff but customer service --- 0 points !

Marco Lorenzetti - 4 months ago

Strawberry haze was unique, I live in NYC, smoked everything great from the east to west coast… used to grow for medical program in Detroit… wall is only smoke shop in Eindhoven I go to. Real ones know

Maciej Krawczyk - 4 months ago

Really nice place! Descent weed plus all the fruity flavours are really fruity and sweet. Strawberry and Diamond haze are top. Girls working over there are Gorgeous and friendly. 6 stars.

Montassir Achir - 6 months ago

The scam don’t buy joint they give me just tabac

Alexandre TOUZE - 6 months ago

Very good strains, the strawberry haze was very tasty!

Rybson Furiosa - 7 months ago

Really nice coffe shop. Not to many strains, but good one. I recommended you to try Jack herrer, almost psychodelic feelings

Ant Hoyle - 7 months ago

Always good quality cannibis, sometimes prices can be on the higher side, especially if you want the heavy stuff. They got edibles too. However I picked up 5g's of super silver haze for €50. First time i've ever got home and weighed it from The Wall and it weighed in at 5.3g.. Soo yeah, this is a 5* post

пчёла GameBreaking - 7 months ago

Wondering around Eidhoven, this was best place found for cannabis ✓

Oddv!ous Tux - 8 months ago

Very good and proper quality of weed Especially the Strawberry, Lemon Haze and P Destroyer are highly recommended. Like the shop; good things come in small packages!

Ivaylo Pankin - 9 months ago

Decent strains. Price is not the best . Good location. + atm inside

Adam Klimek - 9 months ago

High Claas cofeeshop, expensive but they have very good stuff :)

Miroslav Peychev - 10 months ago

Slowly going down. Don't even have the security guard anymore. The weed is way too expensive for its quality.

Filip Dmytrowski - 11 months ago

This coffeeshop is best if you are looking for tasty fruity weed! Blueberry, Strawberry Haze, Lemon Haze all of this taste & smell AMAZING!

Danny BEATSTRIKE - 1 year ago

I used to like to visit the shop, but recently a totally unfriendly and racist staff has been serving there. No more The Wall.

Dumitrascu Iulian - 1 year ago

The best coffeshop from Eindhoven , strong weed , quality it s at high level , ;)

Robert N - 1 year ago

Perfect quality and chill place. They have an ATM in there, I don't know how frequent is that in coffeeshops tho.

Majkel 95 - 1 year ago

Nice place good weed 5

Maxim Shubin (SimBeSim) - 1 year ago

Good shop selling real brand marked joints

Filip Piotrowski - 1 year ago

Products are really really good but the price is just a little bit too high ;) Great place

Khurram Tirmezi - 1 year ago

Friendly staff and good products. Highly recommended

Rui Guimaraes - 2 years ago

For me is the best place in endohoven... Happy new year guys

Paula Kowalska - 2 years ago

This women cheating and lying. I ask for this weed for 25 euro and should be 1,6 gram and she made less than 1 gram I never go there again, guys if you dont have skill at home better dont go there, my friend was next to me and has same situation

Sebastian Z - 2 years ago

Pretty expensive but nice sort of weed and hash . I can recommend it easly

Biff - 2 years ago

Good stuff..all haze's ist briliant

Mariusz - 2 years ago

Nice selection of weed there, but ladies on the till are sometimes careless lol

Sander Dapperens - 2 years ago

My go to cofeeshop, tho they've been getting worse. I always get the same weeds a nice haze and a good kush, but since a couple of months they regularly remove any kush on their list and only sell super kush wich is 25 euros a gram. I buy here almost every 3 days a good amount of weed and its driving me crazy they do this stuff and screw over regulars. Weed is already pretty expensive and just doubling the price almost on weed will make me go bankrupt.

Mellow - 2 years ago

They sell the best haze in eindhoven

DR SAL - 3 years ago

Behind the counter are always women who are annoyed at their vjs, lame ppl

Tommy TheYid - 3 years ago

Opens at 8am, friendly coffeeshop with a small selection, the SSH was a nice morning smoke

Lukasz Demich - 3 years ago

Friendly staff, nice choice of weed that change every Thursday. My favourite one.

Be Ba - 3 years ago

Good quality but expensive, not comfortable for smoking.

Marek Gagat - 3 years ago

It's not a really nice and safe area , I was afraid about myself anyway helpful personnel but You can’t pay using Visa card. ✌️

KACPER ciAPALA - 3 years ago

Menu changed periodically, very nice service and stuff

lazy G - 3 years ago

Great place. Excellent weed at an affordable price with a very polite personnel.

Peter Walkley - 3 years ago

Have been using this place for 18 years. Thought it was good but last week was accused of lying by some immature new girl. I had just paid €70 for dope. The girl asked me ( standard ) if I wanted papers/lighter. As I vape I explained that didn't need either. When I told her I was usually given a drink instead, I was called a liar. Needless to say that unless I get an apology I will not be going back.

Syd B. - 4 years ago

Oldschool strains also appear, Really good Hymalaya..

Юрий Мартыненко - 4 years ago

Very uncomfortable seats in pretty small room. Quality of marijuana - the best in city.

paul tomus - 4 years ago

Think it was better before it was closed ,because of the hotter girls that worked there.now I just go to coffeeshop cool cuz their super palm is cheaper

ustoopia - 4 years ago

When I was living in Eindhoven I very often visited this shop. Their products are amazingly good. If you're looking for a shop that sells the best product in Eindhoven this is where you should go. It is visited by a lot of local people who just want to get their product and leave a.s.a.p. This doesn't mean you have to wait in line because they help customers really fast. You don't want to go their to hang out with friends because there are hardly any places to sit. Also because it's a really small place, like a regular dutch living room, it is not encouraged to hang out there. Due to recent changes in the law You're not allowed to smoke inside anymore. Because of their location parking is not possible in front of the door so you need to park nearby. Watch out closely for sings that say it's not allowed to park because the police won't hesitate to write you a ticket. I rate this shop 5 stars for their product.

Mitchsy Ballantine - 6 years ago

Is een toffe shop✅

stonie monie - 6 years ago

Een woord, KUT nee DUUR, ach twee woorden dan, KUT en DUUR

Ferit Yalcin - 6 years ago

Matys Zet - 7 years ago


P notyabizniz - 7 years ago

Aydin Minchev - 7 years ago

A Google User - 11 years ago

ils ont une bonne amnesia et une "sugar brown" que je vous conseil..coffee de quartier...ils ont refais la déco ^^


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