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Indea Indeowich - 3 months ago
Bad coffee shop.
Akumo Akumo - 11 months ago
I got robbed in this coffeeshop, avoid it. I bought 3 g of the white widow, and the seller(asian woman) told me: thirteen euros, that was right, but at the time I heard wrong I heard: 30 euros. We were talking in English. I actually paid this amount (10 gr) in other coffeshops, so I paid. But it was her duty to charge me the price they were actually charging, 13 and not 30. Very dishonest, I don't go there anymore and I recommend doing the same. BTW, the product is the so lower and poor quality.
flo_ryan smith - 1 year ago
Simple nice
Alayos Ruben Joachim “psuhchluhcuhluyhs” Fluit - 1 year ago
smoking the joint on the water was amazing next to that the guy who helped me was also very kind and helpfull
ByeByeKansas - 1 year ago
good coffeeshop with proper cannabis!!
Cătă 420 - 1 year ago
Hello! if I am a foreigner living in the Netherlands can I buy?
Maurice Inigo-Jones - 1 year ago
Very unfriendly staff, the woman behind the counter was very stubborn when it got to asking about the quality and sativa-indica ratio. She was clearly not in the mood to work and gave off a very bad attitude. I have been smoking for over 4 years in the Netherlands and never have I come across such an unfriendly employee.
Jonas Überlackner - 1 year ago
Looks nice but doesn't sell to foreigners.
Richard Dekker - 1 year ago
Very friendly staff with knowledge about their products. Worthy prices for good buds.
Codreanu alexandru daniel - 2 years ago
Good coffeeshop, the quality of the weed it's ok ... Recommend ...... Not friendly with tourists.
Mateusz Esz - 2 years ago
Great coffeeshop. Best haze in Zeeland. F... People's who give rate 1/5 only because they are not register by city hall. Poor Poolse mansen
Marius Boldu - 3 years ago
Not for tourist only nederland,straingers not accept
Sander Gleijm - 3 years ago
Jack that wasn't Jack..
Code Greywater - 3 years ago
Had the most stylish and relaxed smoke in town, with a freshly grinded cup of coffee and a baking show on tv!
Spaarkamus Prime - 3 years ago
Only Local People.
Jean Luc Picasso - 4 years ago
Best ganja in the whole town pay 20 euros for a big nugget that crumbles beautifully in your grinder friendly employees has toilet and live sports on tv
Camille Collard - 4 years ago
Such a nice place with nice people but not allowed to sell to tourists :(
Andy Puhl - 7 years ago
thomas de vos - 8 years ago
Zeer lekkere wiet voor een zeer schappelijke prijs. Beetje jammer dat de parkeer gelegenheid slecht geregeld is en er savond's een broekkie buiten staat welke op school te veel is gepest die je komt vermelden dat wanneer je je auto niet netjes parkeert je ook niets mee krijgt. Parkeer je hem een straat verder op is het nog niet goed.. Nee want hij stond niet netjes in een vak. Dan toch lekker niet. Dan maar naar de concurrent. Help je zelf maar naar de kl.... Van vaste klant naar geen klant meer. Top!
Baggert Nitram - 8 years ago
Nice !! Weed haha
A Google User - 10 years ago

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