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Westkolkstraat 30-32, Terneuzen

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  • Monday 12:00 - 22:00
    Tuesday 12:00 - 22:00
    Wednesday 12:00 - 22:00
    Thursday 12:00 - 22:00
    Friday 12:00 - 22:00
    Saturday 12:00 - 22:00
    Sunday 12:00 - 22:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • +31 6 13741229



Mantas Usinskis - 4 weeks ago

Very good service if you have all the documents needed to purchase. If you don't have proper documation don't even bother. Good people working there.

sixbrokeneggs - 2 months ago

Horrible experience. Dont go there.

pnmpetrica - 6 months ago

Do you need Dutch Id?

Mateusz Skowroński - 6 months ago

If You are not a Dutch person you don’t ever buy here. It’s xenophobic shop with xenophobic owners

Miriam Neves - 6 months ago

The worst coffeshop in netherlands Dont sell to tourist

Gabriella Olivier - 8 months ago

Newly moved to Terneuzen and wasn't sure what to expect of this shop based on the reviews but as long as you are friendly and willing to show ID - we had no problems getting in. The problem is the clerk was a bit dismissive. I asked for a joint without tobacco and he gave me one with tabacco anyway - €3 a joint which is pricey for what you get since it might as well have been a cigarette. Wish we got better service - felt like we weren't very welcome - but I'll give it another try since its my local spot.

Patrick Cekala - 1 year ago

All the other comments are absolutely right! This guy is the biggest dushbag on this planet and even one star is too much for this shop

Joao Oliveira - 1 year ago

This is for every coffeeshop. When you go to a restaurant, in most restaurants there is quality control. If not, people are eating cats or dogs thinking they are eating another animal. And in coffeeshops there should be a quality control in order for people not to be deceived. Yes mistaken, as they do not always sell what we ask for.

Komar - 1 year ago

Only with Dutch ID, max 2 grams

R. LLorente - 1 year ago

Open Doors for tourists.

Artur Cichy - 1 year ago

Didn't want to sell me...

Andrei Moaca - 1 year ago

It is not just the legal problem of. It selling weed to tourists but they are resist and bad intended sellers.

Holo 6g6ram - 2 years ago

I have been living and working here for 6 years. but I only have a zorg and sofi. is this enough to buy?

Vranceanu Ciprian Florin - 2 years ago

I would give it 0stars if I could because they wouldn't even talk to me because I am not dutch

Marcin Piszczek - 2 years ago

Its sad that its only three kinds of weed and two kinds of hash (and weed joints) and you can only buy 2 grams a day. You have to be also a Holland citizen but im sure all of that is law regulation fault. Favourite positions are Amnesia Haze and Miami special (hash) and that is something i would recommend.

Mantas Mantass - 2 years ago

Worst caffeshop in nl

Philippe Kervyn Faucon - 2 years ago

worst most grim and unwelcoming place in the netherlands ... RUN FROM IT ....there are so so many better places to go !!!!

Rokas Uzdavinys - 2 years ago

Worst coffeeshop experience so far in Netherlands.only selling to NL citizens.And owner is grim.

Christin Blackhouse - 2 years ago

Hello, today I want to buy a little green, but unfortunately the gentleman at the door is not allowed and I have a registered Nederland address, but he said that is no longer good but I do not understand since I registered in 2019 and still healthy

Jose - 3 years ago


Stephanie Nockemann - 3 years ago

Love it ❤

Alberto Oliver - 3 years ago

I love the place, the coffee, the cakes that are available in your coffee shop. I have been visiting your shop many times, but still, you didn't fail to change my impressions about your excellent services, guys. Your staves were so accomodating and friendly to the customers. For me, you are one of the best coffee shops here in our region!

WeehRT - 3 years ago

Top shop

Timo L - 3 years ago

Racist employee. Tried to enter, but Access was denied, because of my nationality

Patryk Mielewczyk - 3 years ago

they don't want to sell. maybe someone is and will help me?

Don Omar - 4 years ago

Fine Quality !! and Yes , it's not for Tourists unfortunately .. this is the Law of Legalization here in Zeeland .. for all tourists who wanna buy some kush , you can go further to Rotterdam or Amsterdam :)

Marius Boldu - 4 years ago

Good stuff,but not for tourist

Petr Zelios - 4 years ago

Do not event try, this place is terrible...

Emily Rathmill - 5 years ago

Very rude staff. Doesn't like tourists as wouldn't even tell us where to find a toilet.

Le Boucher Des Balkans - 5 years ago

worst coffeshop ever seen

Mustafa Osman - 5 years ago

Took me higher than I've ever been

Muzzie Breda - 5 years ago

Took me higher than I've ever been

Wuschel Ich - 6 years ago

You want to be treated as bad as possible ? Come here ! See the worst coffeshop in the Netherlands. The employees are impolite and unfriendly, they seem to smoke so much that they forgot how to be nice. Ok, they don't sell weed to people who are not from the Netherlands, but if they don't like your face they even don't sell it to natives. The shop is dirty and the ambiente is even worse. Don't go there if you want to give your money to anybody nice . I really can't recommend this shop to anybody !

Seb Seb - 8 years ago

Bonsoire es que les coffee shop a terneuze accepte toujours les français ? Merci

Baltazar Gąbka - 8 years ago

worst coffeshop in the Netherlands. they dont sell weed to people from outside of NL. crazy prices 12E/g

Sławomir Klocek - 8 years ago

waste of time. Sell only to dutch people, and only 3 kinds of weed

Bart Aeon - 8 years ago

- Such a poor offer .... - Ridiculously absurd prices, moreover nothing specia

Steve Richards - 11 years ago

Friendly and polite. Not that like those miserable bastards across the road....check point!


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