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Aagje Dekenstraat 7a, Vlissingen

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Brigitte Eylenbosch - 1 month ago
Great place . Love to visit here.
tytje “Tytje” - 1 month ago
✓ Super Kwaliteit ✓ Gezellig ✓ Goede Prijs ( 1.0 - 1.2gr = 10euro) ✓ Tropical en Critical zijn aanraders. EDIT [OLD READ EDIT 2]: To All The People that gets rejected This is the LAW. If you do not live in the Netherlands you're not allowed to buy from any coffeeshop. except In Amsterdam & Rotterdam. EDIT 2: People that do not live in the Netherlands are now allowed to buy from the coffeeshop
Danny Thiry - 1 month ago
This coffee shop is fantastic. The service is awesome
Stéphanie Henry - 1 month ago
This place is beautiful. Service is fast .love to visit here
Mad 2835 - 2 months ago
The best coffeeshop in Zeeland for sure
Moritz - 4 months ago
10/10 very nice weed
Davy Thiltgen Talhadas - 6 months ago
Nice service
MultiKawus - 7 months ago
Bought the BruceBanner for 20€ and what i got was a ok skunk. No Kush at all...everybody who knows the strains would say the same things. The Wiet was ok and clean but not what i have ordered. Second strain i bought was the Glueberry O.G.for 20€ also but it also wasn't. When there's wiet like the Glueberry O.G. that has no diesel aroma it's fake. No matter how bad you grow. That Diesel taste is always there....The Wiet was clean also....but not what i have ordered! I thought the lack of quality is just near the german border but unfortunately it's not! Pityful....
Abraham Matthew - 8 months ago
It was so lovely
Daniel Filipe - 8 months ago
Love the marvellous team.
BIG 84 - 10 months ago
Change this Pole and it will be better
Sjoerd Bodbijl (Short) - 10 months ago
Ask for a big bag of Kush. Use a grinder.
Alex - 11 months ago
The worst of the worst! This place has a big problem with foreingers who come to buy from them! I am already 2 years here and a very rude woman(cashier) rejected me already twice even though I had both times the BRP document and my identity card and she always acted like I was offending her just by entering. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL!
Céline Daelemans - 11 months ago
Very rude staff
Bart Tapijt Parket Projecten - 1 year ago
Top shop
Hannes Ye - 1 year ago
NONDUTCH? contact me
samui catamaran - 1 year ago
Best coffee shop by far Great service , high quality Smoking days burning nights Irie vibes and northern lights
Pablo Ramos - 1 year ago
Avoid this place at any cost! They didn't want to sell me anything even I proved my identity (18+) and I showed my registration in the Netherlands for years. Impolite, rude and I think that they're not even respecting the law. Horrible service, bad attitude. Luckily this is not the only coffeeshop in town.
Phil Allen - 2 years ago
Agree They seem to hate foreigners! I was asked to supply a piece of paper i had never heard of, looked it up when i got home, the piece of paper has not been issued in nl for 4 years But my clear documentation of residence was inadequate, plus the girl said: “can you not hear me? You need a GBA” Very rude and the gba is long gone! On the other hand she was very attractive, though at my age that means little Phil
dorprecio - 2 years ago
Nice people, but sometimes long waiting lines
DangerDan Odinson - 2 years ago
Slaves of the system. Burn it down to ashes. Hoe.
Mélanie Handt - 2 years ago
everything was very nice :-)
Gabriela Blanco Bobea - 3 years ago
Horrible service, would not recommend. Go to Aarden instead.
Rytis Skvarčius - 3 years ago
Great weed
Marius Boldu - 3 years ago
Good but only nederland
Felix Bechmann - 4 years ago
Not a nice place for foreign people. Dont go
tytje - 4 years ago
✓ Super Kwaliteit ✓ Gezellig ✓ Goede Prijs ( 1.0 - 1.2gr = 10euro) ✓ Tropical en Critical zijn aanraders. EDIT: To All The People that gets rejected This is the LAW. If you do not live in the Netherlands you're not allowed to buy from any coffeeshop. except In Amsterdam & Rotterdam.
costas voudouris - 4 years ago
Very bad service one day they let you in with the right documents and the next day not . They have no ideas what they are doing, looks like they need more training on how to handle customers. Really really bad and poor service and bad attitude. Never I Will go back there again .
Loco Jones - 5 years ago
WEEDPASS! WEEDPASS! WEEDPASS! Tourist? Forget it. Avoid at all opportunities. Owner is a twunt with attitude. One star only because I couldn't rate any lower. Coffeeshop Purple deserves to go out of business - if only to prove that the Weedpass is folly, and should be rescinded sooner rather than later.
jerome vet - 5 years ago
Zeer goede shop, er vriendelijk , sfeervol wel altijd erg druk. !
Pascal Pascal - 5 years ago
Naar mijn mening een van de beste shops van Nederland, old school, gezellige mensen, vriendelijk personeel en vooral altijd zeer goede wiet te verkrijgen.
Tim jwz - 5 years ago
Alle wiet soorten geprobeerd en allemaal zeer matige wiet. Ook deze shop doet soms 2 verschillende soorten in een zakje... Triest hoor
Javier Lumbreras - 5 years ago
This is a really bad place. We've gone just to take a cup of coffee and they rejected our visit just for NOT BEING DUTCH. (We live in Eindhoven). Don't go to this place.
corne nothome - 5 years ago
Als je als "coffeeshop" het verschil niet eens weet tussen Sativa en Indica, wat kun je dan verwachten. Op die manier is het lastig kiezen. Als slechts als eigenschap "lekker wietje" meegegeven kan worden. Ik vond het geen lekker wietje. Snel weer naar de randstad, daar zijn het ook klootzakken achter de balie, maar weten wel wat ze verkopen.
Fabio Melis - 6 years ago
Sehr unfreundlich her vom Personal und kein Verkauf an Menschen mit Wohnsitz außerhalb von NL
Rico Keizer - 6 years ago
Beste shop van Zeeland
Winnie Matty - 6 years ago
Drie keer geweest met 3 keer verschillend personeel. Twee dames waren bijzonder onbeschoft en verbaal agressief. Ik kom er nooit meer.
A Google User - 11 years ago
l'ambiente, la tranquillità, la gente, la pulizia...
A Google User - 11 years ago
is een super shop altijd top kwaliteit wietje..!!!

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