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Iulia Popa - 1 month ago
Did not seem like a friendly place, the person selling looked like he seriously hated us for some reason. We wanted to maybe stay but… didn’t feel welcome. Weird. We bought some pre-rolled but they weren’t some nice quality. There are better choices elsewhere.
William Sceferin - 2 months ago
This place is beautiful and highly managed
Sylvie D'hondt - 2 months ago
Nice place . Great service
Olaf den Besten - 9 months ago
Pleasant place, good assortment of hasj and weeds. Quality vs pricing is good, friendly staff and service.
Mo Green - 9 months ago
A little bit hard to find but there was a very friendly employe and a good card. The prices was normal for the mostly american breeds. I wish it wasn't a take away Shop because of corona. I will come back when the pandemic is over.
Ionut Obreja - 9 months ago
Serious like Death itself.Job done.
ESPY Holrol - 9 months ago
Very friendly. Nice weed and since august 1 2021 tourist can also buy here.
sergio leone - 9 months ago
quick and easy service. gentleman at the store was nice polite and explained everything to us.
Dark NeS - 11 months ago
not worth it. The "Purple" Shop is much more better!!
Michał Cybulski - 1 year ago
I recommend, You must have a GBA
Dawn Hitchings - 1 year ago
Well, since sooo many people decided to give a one star review for a place they weren’t even legally allowed into, I figured I would offset it with my 5-star review containing some common sense. Each province in the Netherlands decides whether it allows tourists to legally buy weed. Zeeland, North Brabant and Limburg have made it illegal. If a coffee shop is found to have been selling weed to tourists in these areas, they can be shut down. Your sense of entitlement and ignorance of these laws does not change this fact. In the Information Age where almost everyone owns a smartphone, there’s no excuse for not knowing that really. “Oh! I can’t come in because I’m a tourist? *does quick Google search on weed laws in Netherlands*. Oh, I see why. Thanks! Have a nice day.” Or you can be a douche. *shrugs*
Sean Patton - 1 year ago
Only sells to dutch residents which never heard from a coffee shop before I believe he said it was law which I doubt maybe more their own house rules. Staff was unpleasant and not very helpful to my dutch friends and try to take advantage of them. Would never recommend and advise go elsewhere
Kamil Szczekot - 1 year ago
Great place with lovely people. 10/10 would recommend
Wojtek Ooo - 1 year ago
Who can help me to buy a weed ?
N R - 2 years ago
Creepy man working this afternoon, looking for a document for me, and if I shop there all the time because I speak English ... of course I didn't have a document with me, especially not now ... For other employees, just praise...
Nihad Pido - 2 years ago
Top 10
Gijs Vanbe - 2 years ago
High quality products and nice place to sit and enjoy
Piotr Peregonczuk - 2 years ago
Nice staff, however selling only to residents of Netherlands, so bring your BRP registration or Uitreksel BRP no older then 3 months.
Vladimir Poetin - 3 years ago
Redelijke amnesia alleen wel heel weining, door jou ga ik denken dat zeeuwen heel gierig zijn. Ik weet dat jij jezelf ook een ruig persoon vind maar jij voelt je heel breed door die trappen die jij elke dag naar boven moet lopen. Ik hoop dat de buitenlander voor wie ik wiet heb gehaald wel blij was met zijn medicatie.
Jesse Mulder - 3 years ago
Superleuke winkel nooit problemen kan altijd rustig winkelen, altijf goeie producte.
TheOiesNyctalope78 - 3 years ago
Attention il a l'air vraiment bien et davoir de la bonne qualité mais refuse les touriste.
Cash Bricks - 3 years ago
Schäbiger kleiner Shop. Keine Auswahl. Shop betreibt Geoblocking! Es ist nicht zulässig, dass der Verkauf nur an Einheimische ist. Das widerspricht den Gesetzen auf freien Handel innerhalb der EU.
evgen evgen - 3 years ago
Очень хорошое место для ночлега.
geert Bos - 3 years ago
Zwakke vertoning....hopelijk wordt dit beter
Mark Keer - 3 years ago
Francis Miltiade - 3 years ago

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