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Damsterdiep 5, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Ion Munteanu - 3 weeks ago
Good weed
Mateusz Nowicki - 11 months ago
Highly satisfied
Juka O - 1 year ago
Very unfriendly!!!!
Christian Möhrke - 1 year ago
Nice weed and nice Ladys
R P - 2 years ago
Most workers at this place are fine, but when I came here the other night, a new employee put the bag I was buying on top of the the counter and by the time I pay, the same bag had vanished. Now, since I know that I am a really distracted person, I went on the side of the counter to check numerous times if I had saved it on one of my pockets. I did not. When I ask the lady for the bag I just bought, she said I saved it and that it was with me. I disagree and said that I am pretty sure I do not have it with me. There were other people at the coffeeshop and she pretend for some seconds that she is not listening to me. I continue starring at her, looking for an explanation. From nothing, she changes her mind, takes another bag and gives it to me with a rude look. My question is, why would she give me another one if she did nothing wrong on the first place? This is the first time this happened to me after coming here other times, but you can be sure for the next time I’ll try to stay far away from this place.
Space Dog FPV - 2 years ago
Music was way too loud in the smoking room. Everyone was shouting and screaming to be heard. The prices are really really good. It might be best to pick up and go.
HW .M - 2 years ago
A fairly decent coffeeshop, improvements would make me frequent more regularly. It is open till late and does have good weed. Downsides is that the weight of the bags can vary a lot, nothing worse than getting a skimpy bag! Also, as mentioned in other reviews, the atmosphere can be intimidating, some staff friendly, some act as if it's a problem coming in there to buy weed. It's a hit or miss place.
Stefan Veselinov - 2 years ago
Thos place looks and feels shady. The only redeeming quality it has is the fact that they are open much later than any other coffeeshop in Groningen.
Radu Gheorghe - 3 years ago
Best place in town. A bag of snowwhite and a can of Fernandes Super Pinapple instantly makes your day better
alexbmx27 - 3 years ago
Best coffeeshop ever with the nicest doggo
Bartek Nowobogacki - 3 years ago
High quality Prima Sort very good Amnesia enjoy....
Tomasz C - 3 years ago
Fantastic place ;)
Jamil Nadour - 3 years ago
One of the worst coffeeshops you can try, rude people and low quality strains and hash, do yourselves a favor and try the other places
Tjerk Bos - 5 years ago
Als je hier langs loopt word je al vriendelijk aangekeken. Dus het kan niet anders dan dat je binnen ook keurig geholpen wordt.
Tizian Kraft - 8 years ago
Koray Baturay - 8 years ago
had gooood times
A Google User - 10 years ago
ten eerste, legalize marihuana voor 16+. ten tweede, karel is een zeikers, want oscar de vries vind die shizzla wel dope. met als argumentatie dat je gewoon veel uitzicht hebt over die schepen enzo. ten derde, blauwebankjes zijn in tha hood, dus na een minuutje kan de wiet ook nog in een fijn milieu geconsumeerd worden. louwigheeeid :D
A Google User - 11 years ago
De afgelopen 15 jaar is deze coffeeshop qua kwaliteit en vooral ook gezelligheid extreem achteruit gegaan. Voor de gezelligheid kwam ik hier al jaren niet meer maar de zakjes van 20 en 12 euro waren nog wel redelijk. De laatste weken is het zo ongelooflijk slecht dat ik mij gewoon opgelicht voel. De wiet is veel te droog en super kleine zakjes. Normaal kost een jointje mij ongeveer 2 euro, bij de happy kost het zeker 3 euro om dezelfde hoeveelheid erin te stoppen. Ik kom hier nooit meer! En dat na 15 jaar trouwe klant te zijn geweest! Mij kan je maar 1 keer oplichten, en dan zie je me nooit meer terug. Ik ga mooi naar The Glory, daar is het nooit super maar ten minste ook nooit super slecht. Bye Bye Happy!

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