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Wittevrouwensingel 206, Utrecht (Noord-Oost)

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Cuba Libre - 6 days ago
Pretty good hashish. Buds no so good quality and pricy. But bud tenders are very rude. Especially the guy with glasses, very impolite and unprofessional. Now they expect you to take part in medical experiment if you want to smoke a joint on their premise. They want to know your medical record and if they don't like your medical status they will not let you to drink tea or coffee. Very disappointing. I hate all kind of discrimination.
Alessandro Santilli - 2 weeks ago
Very good shop, nice staff and affordable prices. Love the location and the fact the shop is an actual boat!
Marti Lang - 2 months ago
It is a "must see" on your holiday tour trough utrecht
Pascal Fischer - 3 months ago
Extraordinary! Never met such nice service. Everything is clean and you can easily relax there for a while
Sebas - 4 months ago
Nice location and good quality weed. Most of the staff are very friendly and helpful. There's one bald guy with glasses though who has treated me very rude on multiple occasions, bald with glasses. Very very rude and impatient. And looking at the comments here, I'm not the only one who got mistreated. So be aware, if he doesn't like your face, you are in for a treat!
Thanasis Tsia - 6 months ago
Probably the best coffeshop I've visited while I was in Holland!!!
Nathan Zedd - 1 year ago
Love the chill vibe, the kind staff and the scenery.
Jelle Zethof - 1 year ago
Awesome coffee shop, with good quality products and knowledgeable staff that's always ready to help. Though only remark, some of the guys get too distracted talking to each other and keeping customers waiting, this I don't like. I'm also impressed by the really friendly and competent security guard outside, I appreciate the efforts made to ensure a good relationship with the neighbourhood as well as managing the less friendly people that coffeeshops unfortunately also attract
Bence Bajcsay - 1 year ago
Great to chill
T Matsuo - 1 year ago
Awesome place
Mohammad Mohammad - 1 year ago
Was Luk
Michael Arbuck - 1 year ago
What an incredible coffee shop. Beautiful boat, friendly staff, nice selection of grass and juices.
Pjotr Snoeks - 1 year ago
Best coffee shop in Utrecht if you ask me. Really great vibe all around and the employees are always happy to help. They have a changing menu of different kinds of strains so you can always try something new
Isaac Zadoks - 1 year ago
The weed is always high quality, some might say it's a bit pricy but that's a bit subjective. The menu is always changing which is nice compared to other coffeeshops in Utrecht. The atmosphere is nice, although it is usually quite busy in the evenings, you might have to wait a bit to find a place to sit. The music is always a background vibe. They offer a variety of cold and hot drinks.
Laura Murillo - 1 year ago
So far I think this is the best coffee shop in the Netherlands. Good prices, good weed, excelent enviroment, great customer service. I love it.
SubCT - 1 year ago
Always full so very unlikely you will find a seat. But some of the best weed in Utrecht. They take VISA too!
Seamus Padraig - 1 year ago
This is the only coffee shop I found in Utrecht that sells pre-rolled joints with NO tobacco--that's very important to me, having quit smoking some years ago. It also had by far the best chill-out area of any of the other places I saw in town, with some great music, too! (Reggae, Classic Rock, etc.) If it's an Amsterdam-like weed experience you're after in Utrecht, this is the place.
JP Miller - 1 year ago
Very nice weed.. good prices too. It's ok for a short visit but way too smokey for stays longer than 30m
Toby Jones - 1 year ago
Best coffee shop in the Netherlands, hands down. Family run and dedicated to bringing the highest quality bud to you; this place offers information on all strains when scanning a QR code, through doing something you can find out about THC, CBD and other cannabinoid content, even what terpenes await you inside! An absolute must visit even if you're not staying in Utrecht. Oh, and it's on a freaking boat... What's not to love?
Anurag Borghetti - 1 year ago
My favorite coffeeshop in my favorite city, what else? Do you want to chill with your friends? This is the most perfect place fir this. Nice environment, it's a boat! The prices are a bit expensive but the quality is excellent. The staff is always ready to help you, they know everything about their stuff but even about all kind of weeds. Go check check it yourself, it's a must for my advise!
moop - 2 years ago
Person behind the counter initially accused me of under paying, but then quickly realized their mistake once he counted again. Selection of plants was OK and their rolling skills were a little to thick with tobacco for my taste but other than that, very nice atmosphere. People on the boat seemed friendly and there was even a dog that was either stoned or just very chilled. The boat could use more air.
Laura Florez - 2 years ago
The best marijuana you will try in Utrecht.... Excellent service!!! You'll always find a friendly smile.
Michael Todd - 2 years ago
The cannabis sold here was of the same quality as anywhere in Utrecht, but slightly more expensive. Maybe I was paying more to smoke on a converted houseboat? I don't know. The surroundings are a great spot to spark up. You can't argue it. Anyone would be hardpressed to find a better spot to smoke. A huge plus to me personally was how dog friendly it was. The people working were completely friendly. The one negative was the drink selection and the prices. When you're in the Netherlands and going to coffeeshops or to cafes in general, you grow to expect fresh mint tea. Culture Boat didn't offer this at all. What they offered was a very average prepackaged teabag. Also when I asked for a water, the only available one was their own brand of bottled water. Again, almost always in the Netherlands, free, clean, tasty water from the tap for free. I'd go back 100%, but the cost per gram was a bit more than normal, and their beverage game needs to come up a notch. Just cause your location is on a converted house boat, and unique doesn't mean the basics of cannabis culture in the Netherlands shouldn't be observed accordingly.
Jeet Biswas - 2 years ago
The concept of coffee shop inside a boat that's in the cannal simple unique idea and what a great idea. It would have been even better if the boat moved.
Damian S. - 2 years ago
Unreal atmosphere and cool vibes. The best place to spend 2 hours while in Utrecht. Highly recommended!
Elyes Sahli - 2 years ago
A good coffeshop, a small menu but the Milkshake strain is definitely worth a try.
Twan Jaarsveld - 2 years ago
Very nice place on the water, they sell hasj weed and seeds to grow your own, highly recommended. I drive weekly 20km just to go here.
Roland Topper - 2 years ago
Best coffeshop in NL! great service, clean coffeeshop with a great view of the canal. Nice and bright
Kraivin Chayangpath - 2 years ago
I rarely post anything online...and this is the first review I've ever written... But this place was so dope I have to write about it... I went in yesterday for 1.4g of the Milkshake for 15eur...not too expensive for Dutch prices imo... There's a sticker on the baggie that says how much thc n cbd percentage is in the bud...I thought that was cool (hope it's accurate) ... The budtender was super nice n helpful... He asked me a question no budtender has asked me before, which I thought was a really helpful question for me... "do u want weak or strong?"... The ambience of the place is super chill... And the view from the boat is also super mellow the bud was hella they sell seed!... And there's a cool little park like 5min from this place... I've done a bit of cannabis tourism myself and this is my favorite place so far... Dank u wel
George Vosdoganis - 2 years ago
very nice place! professional staff and good area
Alex Lesov - 2 years ago
The best coffeshop in town and one of the best in the whole NL. Its an actual boat, inside the room is very light and full of sunlight, with a view on a canal on one side and the street on another. The place set up in a way that make it easy to meet new people, as you'll probably be sitting at a table with other people. Prices are a bit higher than in other places though.
Alex Kharlampiev - 2 years ago
The best coffeshop in town and one of the best in the whole NL. Its an actual boat, inside the room is very light and full of sunlight, with a view on a canal on one side and the street on another. The place set up in a way that make it easy to meet new people, as you'll probably be sitting at a table with other people. Prices are a bit higher than in other places though.
Tommy TheYid - 2 years ago
Went back in November 2018 this is definitely my favourite coffeeshop in Utrecht & in my top 5 in The netherlands. Had the pleasure of visiting here in October 2017 on a lovely sunny day, the service & latte was superb & I think I had the pineapple haze if I remember correctly, very nice indeed. Would definitely visit again 10/10
Martin Prifti - 2 years ago
Good selection of weed the staff is very good and friendly and the atmosphere is great. Overall one of the best coffee shops in Utrecht.
Mohit Shetty - 2 years ago
Amazing coffee shop. Best quality stuff with all the details. Friendly and helpful staff.
Matteo Minola - 3 years ago
Professional people, they know what they are doing and some times it's hard to find quality and trustable weed even if in Netherlands. You can scan your bag of weed and check the all components in your buds. The boat is very long with 2 different sitting areas. Definitely will visit again in the future
Paul Moses - 3 years ago
Very nice coffeeshop, not as dark and uncomfortable as many of them are. Not overly priced. Nice vibes!
Susan Niven - 3 years ago
Great friendly and brilliant prices. Brilliant products well worth the money. Can't wait to visit again.
David Nabster - 3 years ago
Good weed, really friendly staff. Its a boat what else you need to be happy
Scott Pearson - 3 years ago
Generally good prices and fine people in an air conditioned boat on a canal. Perhaps the most comfortable smoke lounge in town.
Radion Barakov - 3 years ago
Great location, staff, coffee and merchandise. Very informed workers, can recommend based on request with a good outcome. Rotating menu based on season so every now and then something new is on the menu, the staff is keeping the atmosphere chill but are strict in case anything happens.
Bert Brekfust - 3 years ago
Easily the best coffee shop I know, so I always go out of my way to visit this one. Friendly staff, great atmosphere (even though I personally never take the time to sit down) and a large assortiment of weed + accessories. As some have already stated, the price is usually a little above average, but they have a great set of strains that changes from time to time and is always fantastic. I've been coming here for roughly three years now and I haven't felt dissapointed or ripped off even once. That's worth something.
judita nagyova - 3 years ago
Omg. Love at first sight. Beautiful place full of flowers and nice people and friendly staff. I stay at only weed smoking area and I loved it and come back again soon. Thank you for having me❤️
JsJ JsJ - 5 years ago
Great great staff...spacious seating isle area..nice coffee..and most importantly the weed was very nice..although a mate got some weed and it was not cured that well..still damp..cant remember what strains we got it was a long day.but i do remember it been a bit damp...not the boat..ha
Emil Rofors - 5 years ago
A bit smokey as expected. It's floating
חופית נבט - 6 years ago
A super super cute place!! Not small at all, great amount of sitting places. The staff is very nice. Not a big variety, but a good quality! Very Recommended :)
Mark Sawle - 6 years ago
happy vibes from this boat and abit sureal that its across from the prison. power plant is must from here one of the best ive had on my trip around holland.
Vincent Kranenburg - 8 years ago
Best coffee in utrecht. The green tea is great as well altought a little expensive.

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